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Hi, iss readers ….I am very much interested to read the stories. And will masturbate myself now it’s the time for you to do so… Comments send me to [email protected] ….Coming to the story …It happened really…Myself srinu and the heroine in this story is mouni…With beautiful structure 36 28 38 …You can imagine how she looks like wow damn sexy to a boy who loves to play with boobies…Not told to you I am good boobs sucker…Entering into the story …I and she Facebook friends in 2014 ….

And we chat everyday general way but I always used to flirt her …One day she asked me weekend plans …I said no one is there to plan so shall we I asked and she said ok and first time right so I am in Chennai and I planned to a movie vanakam Chennai in escape mall ..We met and went to hall …The movie started and I am a week in Tamil and she knows Tamil may be she is from Telugu but she speaks Tamil due to her father ..And then after some time watching movie I feel nothing is understood nd boom struck and later I saw her she is laughing at the scenes and ac temperature too high …I am getting hot..And she suddenly held my hand and she said your shivering I guess she asked and I told you to have chunni to safeguard but I am in a t-shirt so only…And she said ok and she held my hand and she smooches my hand and she touched me very closely and waves passed to me …She asked now ok to you …

I said nothing just seeing her eyes ..And slowly I touched breast with elbow small push and rubbed her hand and she feels heat and me also full heat up….And went near to her and asked how u feel but she said you making me heat now ..I just kissed her cheeks …And said I am feeling somewhat horny yar …And she said I want to go time up ..Warden will not allow me like that she said and went away….I pinged her and she said why you touched me at that place …I asked where…She asked there ra monkey …Ho ya because you made me tempting so only I did like that and said actually first time so only not go head or else I will make your hole wet…She said will kill you….And I said ok kill me but once I want to lick and suck then you kill me, dear…..And then planned another movie this time and I do feel her all body parts and even she also did the same…We went to another movie this time I planned in chetpet eaaga theater..

Reached to corner seats and I made her sit last and hall is empty slowly filled and after some time I went out and unloaded my bladder and came back then watched couple there they are lip locking and he is pressing her very hard and she is begging him to do slow with that inspiration I fixed this time I want to make a move to make her my slut I planned myself and went near to her cheeks and asked her how you feel is it cool or not and she said. I am feeling cool but this time I won’t touch you …But within this conversation, I kissed her cheeks and see her feelings she seeing me in shock mode and I smiled and ask her to watch a movie and after 15 min I called her again and asked today we will see the full movie right? Ya, we will like that she said and I asked to turn this side and tell me..

She turned and I kissed instantly her lips for 2 min …She asked me to leave and I kept quiet..Slowly to make her horny I rubbed her hand and with my palm suddenly I pressed her boobs and left her to give me a reaction but guys believe me if you press once her private part she cannot withstand calmy even may get into the wild reaction.She showed me full horny lust in her eyes and I am feeling her heavy hot breath coming out ..And I went near her this time and asked why your too hot and she said you don’t know ok see what I will do and she directly put her fingers on my zip area and opened zip and she pressed my tool with her hand on my under ware may be having other protection like things but imagine ac and girl touching wildly to make me horny wow stunned and she removed and said this is my situation because of you..I told her ok if I touch your love hole area what you will do then?She said ok try dear …

I this time kissed her lips and bite her lower lip and pressed her boobs and another hand on love hole I dug her hole very strongly she jumped there itself…I told her today I will make you my slave and 15 min I did lip lock and pressed her nipple till it become strong means she is horny too much .. Then I rubbed her love hole and asked her you have not removed your hairs it’s hurting but it is rough to sense so I am too wild to make it to cum and rubbed and pinched it hard and she screamed lovely and no time she handed my tool and make it salute to her 6 inches it changed to after getting fine strokes from her wow what a situation ..I asked her to come outside and went to washroom and I removed her chunni and moved her churidar upwards and saw her boobs wow big one it looks like and then I pinched her nipples and sucked her fully ..Give… Comments …My first story ….Girls and Aunty, now I am experienced guy staying in Hyderabad….Want any sex to ping me to my mail…I will continue in my next part……

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