First Experience With Bus Colleague – Part 2

I already described about myself in first part of my story “First experience with bus colleague” but for new readers I am kranthi 28 years with fair colour from andhra

Now we will go to the story.As I already told that in bus she used to touch my cock and myself played with her boobs as days are going on as I am govt emplayee she asked me about my leave details how many leaves I have when can apply like…Then I asked y you are asking leave she had a naughty smile on face and told plane one day that we can meet in my house this made my cock to grow strong although my cock is in her hand.

She asked me to intimate 2 days before for applying leave so that he can clear things in her home as her husband is a teacher and she had a son too accordingly I applied leave and intimated to jyothy the same she is very happy and she told one bus stop place after reaching there asked me call so that she can explain how to reach her house

Finally the day came. I started at 10am from my house and reached to the bus stop in 45mins as said by jyothi before only.

After reaching there I called her and asked address. She is on call and telling address as it is little confusion roads and accordingly I am following in 10 mins I reached her house. She is also standing outside and waiting for me.She invited me into house.House was well furnished and decorated.She asked me to sit ,went into kitchen brought and brought to glasses of maza and sat beside me we are having drink and talking about her husband and son, she told husband went to school and come in the evening only, son went to Hyderabad 2days back with his friends.

Now the main action starts..She is in nighty and we are talking bla blaa.. I put my hand on her shoulders and touched her breast and pressing it over nity though she is talking

Now she slowly enjoying it . I am pressing her nipple she is moaning with pain and pleasure..I grabbed close to me and started lip kiss she also responded with in seconds and we are playing with tongue. I kept my tongue inside her mouth she is tasting and playing meanwhile I lifted her nighty to her knees and kept my hand on her pussy.God her pussy is already wet with some juice over it. I am rubbing her pussy with hand and still kissing is going..

After 10mins she broke kiss and breathing heavily. I asked to c in saree for that she stood up and removed nity in from of me and went to master bedroom. Seeing her buts I shocked.. Her butts are moving in rhythm of song. I sat in soffa and she went inside and locked door.

After 5mins she called me into master bedroom. God she is looking sexy she wore blue colour saree with low cut blouse.. I hugged her without wasting time as it is already 12noon again started kissing. Now she kept her hand on my cock over phant and rubbing it.I am pressing her butts from back.This continued for 5 mins and mean time her pallu fall down here her 33″ breast with low cut blouse pooping out

I started pressing over blouse. She removed my pant took out my cock and playing with it.The kiss was broken I am hungry to suck her boobs so I started sucking her boobs over her blouse she is enjoying it and pressed my head into boobs . Without removing hooks of blouse I pulled forcely and tore her blouse now she is in black transparent bra which her erected nipples trying to come out from the jail. I removed her saree and my shirt. I am in underwear she is with bra and petticoat.

Again started kissing and now I am pressing her two boobs she is moaning in kissing.This happened for 2mins and I asked her to suck my cock. She came on her knees and remover my undi and kept my cock into mouth and sucking it..I slowly sat on the bed unhooked her bra and pressing nipples hardly. She is enjoying pain as I saw in her eyes she cannot moan also..

I am about to cum asked to stop and remover her petty and kept thrown on bed and came to pussy its wet and cleaned with bed sheet and started sucking pussy lips

She is making hhhhaa .. Hhuuuu hmm sounds which made me more eager …. She I kept middle finger in to pussy and sucking it.. She is asking me who told to do like this.. I am busy in sucking I didn’t reply to it.

She is enjoying it and asking me to scold like anything (in telugu buthulu thitamani).. She started talking like dengara nenu agalenuu..(fuck me I cant wait enalaki anubavisthunanu..(enjoying after a long time_)

This sucking continued for 5 mins she is moaning loud making intimation that she is about to cum..Within seconds she cummed and I drink it.. Its little salty..I kept littel in my mouth and put it in her mouth. She tasted her own cum..

Now the main course started…I rubbing my cock on her pussy and teasing her as she is very hungry for fucking she is moaning.. Ra dengu ra dengu..(come fuck me come fuck me)

Slowly I inserted my cock inside.. God her pussy lips and inside is very hot..I kept my full cock inside and laid on her.She hugged me tightly and telling dengu..Dengu ra(fuck me…

I started pumping cock and she is moaning..Slowly increasing speed with that she also increasing moaning…

Now I want to change position into doggy as I like fucking in this position..And started fucking she released fist cum in 3mins and I keep on fucking she started using abusive words and asked to do same with he(bothulu tiduthumdhi and tanani kuda titamantumdhi)..

I am about to cum and removed my cock from pussy and kept in her mouth and started mouth fucking within two mins I cummed in her mouth, she cleaned my pussy, we both are tired and slept on the bed after 25mins we got up and went to bathroom for cleaning and there we enjoyed foreplay for 10mins came out dressed and had lunch after that we small and quick session in hall….

Time is almost 3pm so it is time to leave as her hubby will come at 5pm she also clean room so with final hug I left her home still we are in contact over mobile and whenever chance comes we are enjoying

Friends send you are comments and suggestion to [email protected]. Any one interested in friendship I am always open.. Will meet you soon with next experience.. Bye take care… Good day

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