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Hi all ISS readers .. Myself desidude from Punjab 18 years old .I am very thankful to ISS which created a spot for sharing life incidents of fun . I am regular on ISS since 3-4 years and to be loyal I masturbated a lot by reading stories and I was always thinking that will I get chance to write my story but it was only possible if would have sex…Now without wasting your time I want to come to story ..I m interested in sex from very young age and I always wanted to have sex but I was very unlucky till I got a gf ..

Her name is Seema(changed for privacy) we met on social site and firstly we were just friends than as I told I feel very horny most of time and one day I was on peak of horny feeling and fortunately I was chatting with Seema and I proposed her and luckily she accepted my proposal and we became in relationship at first for 2 days we were on normal chat like up to hugs and kisses than we proceeded to the main climax..Sex..And then sex chat started taking place between us..During which we used to share our nude pics and when the water of horniness over followed I asked her to meet.. To which she also agreed..

And we decided to meet at her house when her family members went for attending party of their relatives and the day came I was very keen to meet because I was going to see a nude girl for the first time in my real life..And when her parents went she informed me and I went her home and she welcomed me with a great smile and she immediately closed the door and I settled down on sofa and then she came with a glass of water and while drinking we started talking about here and there and which our eye contact matched and we became near to each other and while talking I hold her hand ..

Then slowly after some time I kissed on her cheeks and she kept quiet and again I did same and again did nothing after which I told her that she should also put initiative to which she become near me and kissed on my lips…Which turned into lip lock and sucking each other’s lips madly..

During kiss we hug each other very tight and continued kissing and then I kept my hand on her right boob in response she took a deep breath and I started firstly massaging softly than started rubbing hard and she started moaning which aroused my feeling .

After a sucking and biting on lips for 15 mins I started kissing on her neck and give some love bites which made her more crazy..Slowly I put my hands in her top and started pressing boobs over bra her size was nearly 30-28-32 it is a guess ..

Then she pulled her top and became in her bra and she started rubbing my dick over my jeans which was resisting her and she. Asked to remove my jeans when I stood up for removing my jeans she immediately removed my underwear also and she started rubbing my dick by holding tight and I removed my t shirt and became totally nude..

She started kissing me again on lips face and slowly started coming down and licked my nipples and then kissed my cock and started teasing me by rubbing her lips over it then with my force I put it in her mouth and she started sucking ahh what a feeling it was for very first time for me due to which I cummed in 5 mins only and she licked my cum even a small drop then it was my turn and I lifted her my arms and took to her bedroom where I kissed her and pressed her boobs and kept one of my hand on her pussy over her legging as I kept hand on her pussy her body started shivering and she started moaning loud

Then she removed her bra and I kissed her boobs and I sucked her boobs like I m a baby and she is feeding me..

Then I removed her legging and panty collectively on which noticed that she is in her periods I was dumbstruck because I thought its unsafe but dirty mind wasn’t in any mood to miss opportunity and I started rubbing her pussy which made her go crazy and she went out of control started moaning like ohhh fuckk aaaahh ssshhh and she started pleading me to put my dick in her pussy

Then went between her legs and parts and her legs and tried to put my dick inside after rubbing on her pussy lips and started to peal inside but as it was my first time I haven’t got the point to which she helped by setting on the wall and I pushed it in with one push I was half in and she was forcing my backside but I remained same and she then calm down

I started fucking her in out during which I banged full and a tear started flowing out her eye but she wasn’t virgin ..

And I started fucking her while kissing on lips and sucking her boobs then she started supporting me by lifting her ass and tightening her pussy to which I guess she was on her climax and she came but I was fucking with high speed and she was moaning like hell than we changed our position and she sat on me started riding me

Tthen I was near to cum and I said her said keep it up so I continued and then we cummed together and I was feeling very good after fucking a pussy and then we laid for some time and clean our self and after ten mins of kisses I left and we haven’t got chance to fuck again now she went Singapore last month and stopped contacting me..Now again m starving for pussy

Sorry for mistakes because it was my first and real story.. If you liked my story please give your comments on [email protected] I will wait for your comments

And any girl bhabhi or aunty interested to have chat or secret relationship from Punjab can contact at [email protected]

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