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Hi guys. I am Ronny from Jodhpur rajasthan .I started reading iss 2 years ago. I liked this site very much & now I am a regular visitor of this site. I am a 5’6 average build 20 years old guy & my tool size is 6 inch. Here I am going to tell you the real incident of my life that happened last year. Guys this is my first story on iss .pls forgive me for the mistakes made by me while writing this story as you all know beginner make mistakes & learn from them .So feedbacks are welcomed. .this story is slow but a real one.

I am studying in Jodhpur & live in a hired room. I have many girl frnds but they are only frnds you all can understand guys what I want to say. Soon as I came to that room I saw that the daughter of my landlord always keeps eyes on me .I was very surprised & eager to know that what she wants from me. Soon her staring turned into smile. Whenever we see each other we share smile. Her name was rimpy.

She is fair in color, well shaped, 5’5inch maintained figure. Her size may be 32-30-34.she was 19years old that time. I always want to talk her but never got a single chance. Then one lucky day we had over first conversation as she was starting her scooty but due to battery problem scooty was not started. I was returning from collage as I reached there, she told me ronit can u pls start it? I kick the paddle & scooty started. She thanked me smiling & went off.

Next day we saw each other early in the morning. When, I was coming from Jim. What a day it was, a beautiful girl next to you with lovely smile. I asked her how you know my name then too my surprise she said that she know very much about me. She said that her friends is in my collage & in same batch of mine & she told her all about me. I said ok that means you were following me. To which she said that you live in our house & now a days you can’t trust on any guy so I should know all about you. Then I asked her that’s fine what you concluded which type of person I am?? She gave me a smile & went away saying “nice “.

That whole day guys I was thinking about her. About her beauty her gorgeous figure 32-30-34. Guys what to say about her .her lips are like sweet juice of rasgulla totally red ohhhhhhhhhh…… her butt is well shaped that every man will love to bang that. Her breast always tries to come out from her top. That day I was so excited that I masturbate twice after that.

Next day I searched her on facebook & sent friend request to her. She accepted that within few minutes .soon we start talking like good friends. We started online chatting. She asked me about my family, study etc….. then about my gf. I told her that many girl friends but not gf type. I also asked her about her bf to which she said that I am the first guy she talks except her relatives. I became very happy to hear that. We remain facebook friends for almost 1-1.5 months.

Her birthday was coming as I know through her facebook profile. I decided a plan for her & demanded a party to which she said any time when you want. So we decided to meet at temrine on her birthday .I gave her a white top of half slaves as her gift the day before her birthday & asked her to wear this on tomorrow. To which she said no first than after my many requests she accepted.

On her birthday I reached at the place half an hour before. Guys what I say I can’t forget that day. She came at the right time which we decided as we both bunked our collage. She was looking gorgeous in blue jean & white top. I was looking at her upper body, she said me what are you watching .I said nothing you are looking very beautiful & we went into the restaurant where we cut cake first & ordered pizza. She thanked me for top. We had enough time as we bunked collage so we decided to watch movie.

Guys can you believe we were friends for almost 2 months & on over 1st date but still didn’t exchange over cell phone number. When I told this to her she laughed & we exchanged our number. Then we went glimpse & saw rockstar & came back home safely.

We started chatting on phone instead of facebook now. One day she asked me which type of girl you want as a girlfriend to which I replied like you rimy .she laughed & are you serious. Guys I don’t know what happened to me that time & I told her that I love her. To my surprise she got angry & blocked me from face book & also black listed my number. I sent her many massages but no reply from her.

After 5 days she sends me a message that she wants to meet me. I replied when? Then she said right now. I said how this is possible. It is 10p.m. she said I don’t know Ronny I want to meet u right now. I said ok but how? She said come in my room through balcony gate. Her room was near balcony which is just besides my room .so any man can easily go there inside her room through balcony. I did same & went to her room. She was crying, I asked her what happened she said hugging me that she loves me. I was bit surprised. I asked her than why you blocked me. To which she told that she was shocked by my straight action & had lost sense what to do.

Then I cleaned her tears from her eyes. She said sorry for hurting me .we again locked in each other’s arms & that whole night I was in her room. Don’t worry guys that day we didn’t do anything. We just slept hugging each other .can u believe that night we didn’t lock our lips too with each other. She was weeping since from morning (as she told me later) so when I laid her on bed she slept with in no time. That night was the longest & sweetest night of my life. My sweet lover was in my arms for whole night her face was looking like an innocent child. I too got sleep after some time.Next day at almost 5a.m I woke up. I woke her up too. we hugged again saying good morning .I kissed her on her right chick & came to my room saying “ham hai rahi pya ke phir milenge chlte chlte ” as I had to go Jim

Guys this is a real story. I will tell you what happened between us next but after your comments & feedback. Any girl or bhabhi near Jodhpur wants any help from my side can contact me my email id is [email protected]

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