First Night With My Second Wife

Hello friends. This is Sam and I am back with another part of the story. I received much positive feedback for my previous stories. I truly appreciate your responses.

I and Rani returned to Bhubaneswar. As decided, Vaishali and kids along with rani’s kids stayed back in the village for a few days. During the bus journey, Rani was very silent and sad. I bought some snacks for the journey. But throughout the journey, she did not speak much.

I felt sorry for her but could not do much. We reached Bhubaneswar in the early hours. In spite of being married, we were not comfortable with each other as a couple. I liked her and was also physically attracted. But no love yet. I wanted to give ourselves time as the way marriage happened was totally awkward.

I asked her to sleep in the kids’ bedroom. It had been two weeks since I had gone to the shop. I left around 9:00 am. Rani was still sleeping when I left. She called me around 11 am asking why I did not wake her. I told her it was okay as she was very tired and was sleeping like a baby.

I did not want to disturb her sleep. She asked me what time I will come home in the evening. I told her I should be coming around 8 pm. I came back home around 10:30 pm as I had to do accounts for the last 2 weeks. Rani had prepared dinner (dal, rice, and roti with some sabji).

She was waiting for me without eating. I asked her why she did not eat. She said it’s the wife’s duty to wait for her husband to come home and eat only after he eats. Her words made me feel something for her and it was the beginning of love. I smiled and told her to give me a few minutes to get refreshed.

I came back and she served me dinner. I asked her to join me. She has refused and said she will only eat after eat. I told her I will not eat on this she joins me and now she was forced to eat along with me. We had dinner. I asked her how was the day that she was quite silent throughout the dinner.

After dinner, we went into separate rooms and slept. Life went on for a few days and one night during dinner I asked her how is finding city life. She said it is boring with no want to talk the whole day. I suggested I will take leave on Saturday.

We will go out for some shopping, have lunch outside and watch a movie. On Saturday we went to a nearby mall. She was dressed in a sari and was looking beautiful even though not much makeup. We did some shopping for her and bought some salwars for her.

She was not used to these types of dresses but I forced her to buy. For the first time, I could see a smile on her face. After shopping, I took her to a nice restaurant and had a good lunch. I booked the evening ticket with a corner seat for a movie.

It was a new Hindi movie and she liked it. During the movie or arms were touching each other. Occasionally my hands were touching her. I decided to make my first move and held her hand. Both of our fingers were interlocked. I applied some pressure and was holding her hand.

She after some time held my hands hard and rested her head on my shoulders. Even though the movie was going on with so many people around both of us were in our own world. After finishing the movie I suggested if we can spend some time going to a park before going home.

She agreed and we went to a nearby park. We sat on a bench and I was holding her hand. She rested her head on my shoulder and for the first time started talking. She said she had a wonderful day and one of the best in your life. Her previous husband never treated her like this.

He was always dominating and ordering. I was very kind to her. This was something special for her and she was being treated like a woman. I expressed my feelings to words her. I said that I have started to like her and have fallen in love with her. She had tears in her eyes when I said this.

I put my hands over her shoulder and hugged her. She was breathing heavily and was also crying. I told her. I will treat her like a queen and she does not have to worry anymore as long as I am there. It was getting late and we decided to return home. Once we reached home, I said good night to her.

But she said she does not want to sleep alone and will sleep is the same bedroom as me. She asked me to go to sleep and she will join me soon as she had some work in the kitchen. I was not sure what will happen but was excited. I switched off all the lights but kept the night lamp.

It must have been 15 to 20 minutes she came to the room and slept beside me with the sari. Our backs were facing each other. After 30 minutes, I turned towards her and could see her backside. At the age of 38, she had a perfect figure (38:32:42). Her assets were hot.

I was turned on and lund was hard. I went near her and my chest touching her back. My lund touching her bum. I put my hand on her stomach. As soon as I touched. Her body shivered and I knew she was awake. She was feeling my hard-on. I slowly turned her and made her sleep on her back.

She was breathing heavily with eyes closed. I kissed her forehead for a min and slowly moved to her right eye. Kissed it gently and then left one. Her breathing had increased. And now I went near her lips and bought my lips very close to hers. I could see her lips vibrating in anticipation of my kisses.

When I did not kiss she opened her eye to check what happened. I smiled and placed my lips on her lovely red lips. It was one of the best moments. I started to kiss her. She was responding by kissing back. Our lips were interlocked. I inserted my tongue and she started to suck it.

We were kissing like 10 minutes. I slowly moved my face to her breast which was bigger than my first wife. I kissed her breast on top of the blouse. She was enjoying and could hear her moan. I remove her blouse and her sari. Now she was only on petticoat and bra.

She was shy and was closing her eyes whenever I looked into her eyes. I wanted to see her breasts and suck those nipples. I tried to remove her bra but was finding it difficult. She smiled and help me remove it. When she removed her bra. The sight of her breast was so sexy and beautiful.

I just could not wait and started to suck her breasts. My teeth bit her breast and she made some pain sound. I was so tempted that I could not stop. Her areola was big and her nipples we thick. I just jumped onto them as I started sucking like a baby. She was enjoying it and pushed my face further to suck hard.

For the first time, she said, “Dear, suck them and suck it hard. It is so so nice.” I kept on sucking for a few minutes for one breast to another and one nipple to others. I was also biting her breast and she was totally enjoying it. My lund was dripping with precum. I wanted to fuck her soon and moved down to her chut.

I made her nude and become nude as well. She looked at my lund which was hard and smiled. Her chut was bushy as she did not have a practice of shaving. I went down on her and started licking it. My tongue started to deep fuck her chut. And I could taste her pre-cum which was tasting so sweet.

She went out of control and started making a loud noise and pushing my face further deep. She was holding the bed sheet cover very hard and in a few minutes. Her body started to vibrate badly and I knew she was cumming. She made making moaning sounds.

After a few minutes, she came hard and I started licking her cum. After a few minutes, she was exhausted and went dead for a few minutes. I went on top of her. She opened her eyes and for the first time looked into my eyes and said, “I love you,” and kissed. We kissed like 5 minutes.

Then I was not able to control anymore. I asked her to spread her legs and slowly inserted my lund tip into her chut. It was a bit tight. I came to know later that she was not having sex much. She made a small sound of pain and I slowly started inserted further.

In 4 pushes it went fully in and she was having a bit of pain. I slowly started to fuck her and the pain disappeared and she started enjoying. Now I was fucking at full speed. She was making a lot of noise. I fucked her like 10 minutes. I could not control anymore and started to pour my load.

She also came with me hard. I put all my seeds inside her and we both enjoyed a lot. I just hugged her tightly. Still my lund inside her chut and slept on top of her. After a few minutes. She said, “I love you and I am so happy I married you. I never expected I will get such pleasure in life,” and thanked me.

Both were tired and just slept hugging each other nude. One of the best nights of my life.

Next episode. How we continued our honeymoon and once my first wife returned. How we had a threesome. Please continue to send your valuable feedback/suggestions to [email protected]. I am eagerly waiting for suggestions. Any interesting episodes you have to share and comments.

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