First Time Being Dominated By Two Godesses

Hello, everyone.My name is Belliappa and this is my second story on this site.I am from Bangalore and am studying engineering in a reputed college when these incidents took place.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.Please read till the end and then give feedback.

Women of all ages in Bangalore(I’m a bit partial to older ladies) please contact or inbox me at [email protected] for safe and discreet sex encounters.

As always the names of the teachers have been changed for privacy.The body measurements ​of each character in the story have been given at the end.

Loosely based on a true encounter.

I am 19 years old and studying engineering in a class composed mainly of girls.Plenty of eye candy to look at but I like looking at the teachers who come to teach us more.If you have read my previous story then you will know my HOD Miss Reanna.I was introduced to her through another teacher and I kept going back to her.She was instrumental in teaching me a lot of ways in pleasuring a woman.She was a dominatrix as well.Of late she had been calling me to her cabin in college and cock-teasing me over there as well.Each night was spent in her room feverishly pleasuring her while trying to orgasm myself.

Coming to the basis of this story, one night after a rather pleasurable time she told me that her cousin would visit tomorrow and I should keep myself immaculately groomed down there.Naturally, my dick went back to attention hearing this.It had been almost a month since I had my last threesome, and if her cousin was anything like Reanna then I was in for a treat.

The next night full of anticipation , I neatly trimmed my bush and wearing only shorts and a sleeveless shirt as was my usual , I made my way to her room.

Upon reaching the door I could already hear moans of pleasure and ecstasy.I pushed the door open, made my way inside remembering to lock the door behind me.The sight that greeted me when I entered the bedroom was nothing short of heavenly.

Two female bodies intertwined in a mix of sweat and pussy juices.The air was hot with the scent of arousal.Previous readers will know that Reanna was a little on the well-endowed side with a nice rack.Her cousin was nothing short of an Indian goddess.She had that hourglass figure to which I had spent countless hours jerking off to in porn movies.

My shorts immediately tented.I coughed a little to get their attention.When that didn’t seem to work, I did what I knew best , started licking the closest available hole which in this case was Priya’s asshole.A louder moan, a mix of surprise and pleasure greeted me.She was so lost in her arousal she did not even open her eyes to see to whom the other mouth belonged to.After about 5 minutes in this position with my mouth on Priya’s ass and Reanna’s on her pussy, her body started shivering which signaled the arrival of an orgasm.Contrary to my expectations she didn’t make as a lot of noise as her cousin when she orgasmed.She was more of the quiet kind.

After the orgasm passed both of them stood up and surveyed my sweat covered clothes.This also allowed me my first good look at Priya.The tightness of her buttocks and stomach indicated she kept in good shape despite her age.Her boobs also had very little sag.Generally, the norm was for me to pleasure Reanna and then depending on her mood she would let me orgasm or not.I had no clue of what was coming for me today.

The two aroused women ripped me out of clothes and made me lie down.Priya then proceeded to start on my cock while Reanna disappeared inside.Priya was very vocal about how good my cock was and how jealous she was of her cousin for not telling her before.I told her to give me a chance to use it and you will never forget it.Oh don’t worry, we have something special planned for you today was her reply which came with a sexy smile.I didn’t give a second thought to this and she started to give me a blowjob.About two minutes in I felt a finger push into my virgin ass.I opened my eyes in surprise to see Reanna slowly pushing one lube coated finger into my ass.

In her dominatrix role now she told Priya to tie me to the bed.Meekly Priya obeyed and proceeded to tie me there.I won’t lie.This proceeded to make me even harder as the idea of my asshole being finger fucked as I was getting a blowjob was awesome.

Reanna slowly pushed and inserted her finger the whole way while Priya continued with the blowjob. The next was two lube coated fingers as she slowly stretched my asshole.Then three.At three it was evident no more would go in.This combined with the blowjob made me to into seventh heaven.

Sensing I was close to cumming, Reanna removed her fingers and told Priya also to stop.Now as Reanna stood up, I could see what she in mind for my asshole.A nice purple strap on.About 7 inches long and not too wide.My mouth opened in surprise which was when the dildo went in.I could taste pussy juice in it which I recognized as Reanna’s.She slowly fucked my mouth while sucking on Priya’s tits.We formed a kind of a sex train.

Soon she tired of this and realizing that my orgasm should have passed , she said now the main show starts.

She told Priya to lie down on the bed.I was untied and made to insert my cock into her in the missionary style.My ass was facing upwards which was soon covered by Reanna.Liberally coating the strap on with lube she slowly eased it into my dick inserting it more and more with each stroke.Each stroke of hers also made me go into Priya’s pussy which was like sopping wet by now.As my ass got used to the dildo she started fucking me harder and harder.She was in effect controlling the whole sex here.Unable to take the pleasure from my asshole and dick I orgasmed, shooting an amount of cum I thought myself unable of producing.Reanna coming closer and closer to her orgasm refused to slide out.After two more pleasure filled minutes, both the cousins orgasmed together and we collapsed in a contented heap.

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