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Hi all, this is Karthik from the city of destiny. As this is my first story I am sorry for any grammatical mistakes.Any girl from vizag want to hang up kindly contact my mail [email protected] and discretion is absolutely guaranteed. Guys this is a romantic and a soft-core story so dont expect big things at the initial story itself and I am sure this story will make u cum.

Now coming back to the story this is about Deepthi whom I met on facebook.I was a regular use of facebook I saw her on db fb and I gave her a request which she accepted and then our conversations began. She is 18 and I am 20 at that time it happened 3 years back our conversations started to develop slowly and we at a stage we became good friends and finally I proposed her she took some time and then it all started.

She accepted my proposal and I was on cloud9.The intimacy between us increased and we started to talk about sex, periods etc gradually and slowly these conversations had developed in to sex chat.I never forced her to meet her as I dont want to make her in an uncomfortable zone. We used to have very bad sex chats on whats app but never exchanged any photos. Once she called me and told to meet in a park.I happily accepted the proposal and we decided to meet at 6pm

I went there at 6 then I saw deepthi for the first time she is absolutely gorgeous with the exact curves that are needed her stats are 34-28-32 and got a beautiful body not pure white bt she looked absolutely beautiful. I said hi to her we went to a lonely place and sat there we just had a casual conversation until the day light fades. Then after some time I caught her and kept my hand on her waist she did not say anything I caught her waist tightly and kissed on her ears and neck she started to feel the heat and then slowly I kissed her lips woww that was the best feeling I had ever felt we had a deep french kiss for 5 minutes. I can see the lust in her eyes. We then went thought it is not safe to continue there.

I took my bike and we went to a the city outskirts and found a suitable place for us. While travelling deepthi hugged me tight and my cock was damn hard.

We went to the remote place I hugged deepthi very tightly and started to give a French kiss she responded very well. She was wearing a red churidar. While kissing I started to move my hands towards her beautiful breasts and started to press them slowly she is becoming very very horny and I can feel that in her breath. I made her stand up I kneeled down behind her just moved her top a bit up and I started to hold her tight and kissed her waist

I started kissing her waist slowly she then started to respond with slight moans. I kept my tongue inside her navel and I am licking navel for some time she became very very horny and held me tight. I removed her top completely and now she is in her bra unable to control I removed her bra hook and that was the first time I saw her beautiful breasts she is a bit shy and closed her eyes I kept her left breast inside my mouth and I sucked the nipple for long time while pressing the other breast that continued for 20 long minutes.

I then lifted her made her to position on my bike and I removed her bottom and panties wow thats a fantastic scene she has a beautiful pussy with few hairs and her ass was absolutely the best I spread her legs and kept my tongue inside her pussy and started to lick it slowly and increased the speed and I licked her for about ten minutes both of us are virgins guys she cummed and exploded in my mouth and I was very happy for that.I then asked for a blow job she neeled down I opened my jeans and she kept my dick inside her mouth and started to suck slowly even though its first time she had done it absolutely well she even kissed my penis balls and she sucked my cock deep throat and I cummed inside her.

I love her ass I made her stand up and I kissed and licked her ass cheeks for some time and I loved her ass. I spread her ass and I started to lick her ass I really enjoyed it and she started to moan I licked her ass deep with my tongue and she was very happy with that.

I took a condom from my pocket and I spread her legs and I started to finger fuck her and lick her cunt initially I started with one finger and then finally with 3 fingers and licking simultaneously which expanded her vagina and she is giving very loud moans.

I kept my dick at her vagina and started to insert slowly its paining for her I handled it with care and after some struggle my penis went inside her vagina a bit of blood oozed from her and I started to fuck her slowly her pain became pleasure and then I started to fuck her hard she was moaning like she was in heaven and I came inside her.She again gave me a blow job and made my cock very hard.

I then made her bend down and finger fucked her ass it started paining initially but later she enjoyed. I slowly kept my penis inside the ass she started shouting with pain and I made her relax and inserted my cock slowly I fucked her anally and both of us enjoyed a lot. we were very satisfied and I dropped her

Guys and girls feedback pls..Any girl interested kindly mail me [email protected] promise you absolute privacy and I’ll treat you the best.Thanks for reading my story and kindly give a feed back to my story.

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