First Time With Office Colleague In Car Near Beach In Chennai

Hi, Guys, this is my first true story in Indian Sex Stories, however, have been a regular reader for a very long time. I live in Chennai and if ladies wanna get in touch with me, you can always contact me on [email protected]. Before I start the story, a little background about myself and the queen of this story.

I am Vicki born and brought up in Chennai, however, doesn’t look like one. I have always been mistaken for a north Indian right from a local vendor to traffic cops who pull me over to show my documents. I have always been this shy introvert kind of person who never used to speak to anyone immediately and taken my own time to open up. However, to my fair complexion, I have been able to speak to females with ease when needed and they also don’t hesitate in talking to me.

The leading lady of this story is Priya (duh, name changed) who is a local chennaiite, however, is fair in her complexion.

Now to the story, this all started when Priya joined my office and instantly the entire unit was mad behind her. She wasn’t the usual girl on our team and she always used to dress pretty well. Her greatest asset would be his sexy round ass, which I have ridden and tasted a lot, more about it in the future.

I took a good 6 months to first talk to Priya and from the moment I spoke to her, I immediately got to know that she is unlike any other girl I had spoken to before. She was this mix of best friend plus girlfriend plus fuck buddy. We were pretty open in talking about our day to day life, what clothes that we wear at home and if we have got laid. While she had some experience with her ex-boyfriends at that time, I was still a virgin.

Then after 3 months of talking and “sexting”, I got the courage to ask her if I can take her out at night if she is alright. She was hesitant at first however later agreed. We decided on a Friday night after work and as planned, we saw a movie and headed out to dinner. Post dinner, Priya said that she didn’t wanna go home and hence we started roaming around Chennai in my car. Post 2 A.M when the streets are mostly deserted, she wanted me to drive to besant Nagar beach. Upon reaching the beach, we noticed the police barricade on the beach road and hence started to retreat.

That’s when I got this weird idea on the road and decided to park my car in a small street which had no street light and under a tree. My car was practically invisible in that location and since it was a dead end with only high walls on either side, it was the perfect place to have some fun. I switched off the vehicle and lowered the window just enough for the air to circulate. Priya immediately moved to the back seat and looking at this as a sign of confirmation, I hopped on within no time.

This is where the fun begins, I started talking about however my ex-girlfriend had ditched my and left to the US the minute she got an onsite opportunity and she was sharing her story about how her ex-boyfriend wanted only sex from her and nothing else. Then all of a sudden, I mustered up my courage and placed a smooch on her lips. I could see it caught her by surprise and a few seconds later, she moved forward for another kiss and we started smooching in the car for a good 5 mins. Our hand started exploring each other back and she had put her hands inside my t-shirt and started caressing my back. The minute we broke our kiss to catch our breath, she removed my t-shirt in 1 swift move and was heading to my belt and pants. Well, I couldn’t stop now and hence started removing her top and pants. Within the next minute, I was completely naked and she was in her bra and panties. (Yeah, thanks to my lack of experience, I had difficulty in removing her bra strap). Then she immediately removed her bra and I lifted her a little bit and removed her panty.

Now, this is the 1st time in my life, I have been naked with another girl and I could literally feel the pheromones rising. my pre-cum had started flowing and she was wet down there as well. We started smooching once again and our bodies started rubbing against each others. I could feel her tummy, her nipples and boobs rubbing against my body. my dick started rubbing against her thighs and freshly shaved pussy. Then I broke the kiss and started moving down.I kissed her neck and gently pressing her boobs. Then immediately took a nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. Simultaneously, I was rubbing and pinching her other nipple. Priya got immediately aroused and held my hair and started pushing me more towards her breast. Her other hand was scratching my back making me even hornier.

After a good 10 mins of sucking both her nipples, I moved further down towards her naval. I put my tongue in her naval and was sucking it and placed my left hand on one of her boob and right hand on her pussy. I was wet as hell and my middle finger slipped in immediately. As soon as I put my finger in her pussy, she jumped a bit and started scratching more and playing with my hair. I slowly started stroking her pussy with my middle finger and I could feel the wetness and her liquids dripping down my hands. Then gently I inserted another finger along and now I was stroking her with 2 fingers, sucking her naval and pinching her nipples. After few mins of doing this, she pulls me up and gives me a long kiss on my lips. I dick was a stiff as an iron rod by now and she realized this as soon as she took hold of it. She started stroking it slowly and since it was my first time, I was in heaven.She immediately took my dick in her mouth and started giving this amazing blowjob. Trust me guys, this was the best I have got till date. (Yeah I was a virgin by then and I wouldn’t have known anything, but after a lot of fuck sessions, still I can say, this was the best). I was on the verge of blowing and I said I am about to cum, she immediately stopped. She said she didn’t want it to end so soon. I was puzzled and was confused. then she came near and held my head with both of her hand and slowly started guiding mine towards her wet pussy. The second I got between her thighs, I could feel the radiation coming out of her love hole and also the sweet aroma which had my mind go crazy. I slowly started from the top of her clit. I started from kissing and moved on to licking her clit. I was doing this for a good 10 mins and then started sucking it. I sucked it like how you would suck the very last ounce of juice out of a fruit.

Then I moved further below and started licking her pussy. I started licking the entire stretch right from her clit till her pussy hole. during each long licks, I stuck my tongue into her hole. I knew she was going crazy as she started twitching and turning. I spread her legs completely and put my entire mouth on her pussy hole and started sucking it. I sucked it like there is no tomorrow and occasionally, I would stick my tongue inside and blow little amounts of air too. This went on for good 20 mins and she had cum almost twice and I knew this since my face was wet with her juice more than my own sweat.

After a certain point, she couldn’t take and pulled my up. She kissed me while I had her juice on my face and she put her tongue in my mouth and she was literally sucking my tongue dry. at the same time, she started scratching my back again with one hand and with the other, held my stiff dick and guided towards her pussy. When she kept it at the entrance of her pussy, I took the dick in my hand and started rubbing it along the entire pussy stretch. I was teasing her and she couldn’t resist anymore. she pushed my hand away and in one swift movement, took my entire dick in her. While it went in, she just grasped for air as it was too much and she said: “Never expected it to be so big”.

I just smiled and started stroking her slowly. It was damn slippery thanks to all the juices of her and saliva of mine. She was moving rhythmically to my strokes and I slowly started increasing the pace. At one point I was pounding her with all my force. I would literally take the dick almost out and put it back in completely until my balls would hit her skin. This was going on for good 15 to 20 mins and that’s when I said I am about to cum and wanted to take my dick out. She said she is also about to come and to do it faster. She wanted my dick to stay in and cum inside her. We both climaxed at the same time and I could feel my dick being in a very very slippery, slimy place. I collapsed on her and she hugged me.

She said this was the first time she had sex where the guy satisfied her so much and wanted to have this occasionally. We rested for some time as we were totally exhausted/drained of bodily fluids. After some time, we got dressed and it was 4 a.m by then. People started appearing in the road slowly and hence we decided to leave. I dropped her at her P.G in OMR and headed home.

This is my true first-time experience and hopes you guys like it. Please share comments on my email [email protected]. Further stories to come based on your comments. Also if any ladies interested in having commitment-less, fuck-filled relationship, please contact me. Thank you.

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