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It had been really long since I had sex and after completing my post graduate diploma I never really got a chance. I was living in Delhi and had taken a break from work. This is when I started talking to one of these girls who was in another department during my diploma course. She was good looking but I had never really flirted with her during college. Back then I was interested in somebody else.

Back to the story. We were chatting a lot during this time. We were either on WhatsApp or gtalk all day. She had also left her job and was staying alone in Mumbai. She was super rich and had her own place in Mumbai. I was my usual perverted self with her and told her multiple times that she looked good and that I was really interested in having sex with her. She wasn’t very keen on sex chats and used to tease me but never openly said she wanted to have sex with me. All these conversations with her used to make me crazily hot and I really wanted to plunge my dick inside her pussy.

I waited for a long time and then told her one day that I was planning to come to Mumbai. She told me that I have to stay with her. I told her then she should let me have sex with her. She agreed to only make out and no sex. I was ok with even that too as I knew I can change her mind once we get started. I was making all these plans on how I will convince her to allow me to fuck her. Then the day came and I reached her place in Mumbai. She opened the door and welcomed me. It was already evening and she was in her nightgown. She was smoking up and asked me if I would interest. I took 2-3 drags and then we started talking.

Rashmi – In college I never thought you were interested in me.Me – I have stared at your boobs so many times in college but I was not sure if I could take it forward.Rashmi – You are lying. If you were interested at least you would have once suggested it.Me – I was a little too inexperienced and under-confident back then.Rashmi – Are you more confident now?

I moved and sat next to her.

Rashmi – This is hardly any confidence.

I was about to touch her boobs by keeping my hand on her shoulder but she stopped me.

Rashmi – You might have confidence but you are still inexperienced.

She kissed me on my lips. The touch of her lips drove me crazy. I was kissing her as if I have never kissed a girl. We were kissing each other like mad. I was sucking her tongue and her lips. She was biting my lips. While kissing her I was pressing her boobs too. She had big and really juicy boobs. My dick was already hard and trying to break my pants. Then she asked.

Rashmi – You want to do it here or in the bedroom?

I picked her up all the while kissing her. I took her to her bedroom and threw her on her bed. She took off her gown and I took off all my clothes. I went near her and took off her bra and pushed her panty down. We again started to kiss each other but this time I was pressing her boobs directly. The feeling was amazing. I went from her lips to her boobs. I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them really hard. She was asking me to be gentle but I was in no mood. I was biting her nipples and pressing her boobs really hard. I was also fingering her pussy. I kept fingering her pussy while I sucked her sweet tits. I kept kissing her and started to move down. I kissed her pussy and licked her clit. She went crazy when I did that. She was completely waxed down below which told me that she was definitely expecting us to have sex. She was writhing like a snake when I was going down on her.

She suddenly pulled me up and gave a really strong kiss and then said please just put it in, I really need your dick inside me. I positioned myself and took my dick and put it at her pussy’s entrance. I pushed it inside. She was very well lubricated. I guess she had cum when I was going down on her. I was thrusting it in and out and she was cooing. Holding on to the sheets and feeling my dick inside her. Her pussy was warm and it felt awesome with my dick inside her. It had been ages since I had sex with someone. We were both on fire. The bed was creaking too much and she said that watchman who sits outside might hear it. But I didn’t care. I was just interested in fucking her.

She suddenly said that she wanted to get on top of me. Music to my ears. I took my dick out of her pussy and lied down on the bed. She took my dick and adjusted it. She then sat on it. It went in super smoothly. Weed and sex results in a super horny girl. She had cum twice while we were fucking already. She started jumping up and down and I was trying to match the rhythm. This definitely was my favourite position. I was pressing her boobs and I could see them jump up and down. Her pussy was grinding my dick and her jumps were making me crazy. Whenever she came she would fall on me and we would kiss like there is no tomorrow. We kept fucking each other brains out till I came. I came inside her as she said she will take an iPill tomorrow.

She laid by my side and I had my hands on her boobs pressing and playing with them. She got up to clean herself and get us something to eat from the fridge. I followed her to the kitchen and kissed her like crazy on the counter. We then proceeded to eat and then retired to the room. We fucked that night two more times. And we were at it for two more days. Maybe I will narrate that story some other time.

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