First Timer! Had A Passionate Sex With Girlfriend

Hey guys, this is rockingchoot. I am sorry I am hiding my original name here :D. Well, this site has been a very nice place, where I get to read many real incest stories or incidents. Well, today I am going to write the real incident happened in my life.

Our family is of nuclear size, me with my mom dad. Well, I lived in many places. Due to my dad’s job, we use to leave one place after another in every two years.

Now coming to the story, well don’t think that I am telling an incest story since I mentioned how I had a passionate time with my girlfriend. It was the time when I was in my teens and as my mom used to take tuitions for many students who use to come for studying.

So in my study group, there was a girl named Kritika, well yeah she was also in her teens. In the initial days, I used to be far away from her. But, soon we became good friends with our endless talks and sharing our thoughts.

Well, I fell for her when she met my criteria of not being skinny with above average figure. Her waist size was 28 and she was dusky. She holds assets of a round but not huge sexy breast. This happened when I was in Himachal Pradesh, as it was in winter season the night use to come very soon.

It’s been 6 months for our relationship in the month of December. On a chilled day in December, she came as usual for tuition but that day the tuition was canceled as mom and dad went to Delhi.

So, I was alone at home and the other students were informed earlier. When she came to knew that mom and dad aren’t at home, she just screamed with happiness and said we could have time together.

Well that day I just invited her in and we had coffee together, then we had a long conversation on random topics. Slowly we started touching each hand while conversing and ended up making three french kisses.

While kissing I pressed her boobs for the first time that day and even she liked it. That but soon the time ran away and even we didn’t notice. She left my house and I was thinking why wasn’t I able to anything more. I was praying god to give me another chance.

That night I got a call from her and she said that her parents are going to the capital city and would return after 2 days. Since both of our parents were so close friends, Kritika was asked to stay with me. And this time it was my turn to scream with happiness.

The next day morning itself my girlfriend was with me, we had a great time till evening. We made breakfast together and drank coffee as well. And for whole day were in u the blanket in front of the heater and I was softly pressing her breast. She suddenly took my laptops and opened it.

Well, she said in a wicked tone, I know as a teenager you would have stored enough of porn in your laptop. I felt awkward to reveal the truth about porn dump in my laptop, but soon she said now I am here for you and kissed my lips.

I understood what she means and I got turned on with talks, and we both started kissing each other like passionately. We licked each other’s tongue and then she just laid me on the bed to sit on top of me.And then she started a conversation,

Kritika: Sweetheart wanna do what you see in those porn movies?

Me:ummm yeah sure.

K: She slapped me suddenly and said am not asking for your permission. For today you are my slave and she removed my shirt.

Me: Yaar your are behaving too slutty today!

K: Slapped me again and said shut your bloody mouth darling. She bit my lip while kissing rough and then I kept my hand on her boobs. I started playing with them and she said I want more.

K: You have been so wonderful and loving boyfriend, this is your gift dear is what she said and she quickly removed her top without wasting a minute.

I was shocked to see a bare boob for the first time, and I pulled her nearer to me and started sucking them. She was moaning with sounds like mmmm, ummmm. She used to call me deepz. So, while sucking she was saying mmmmm deepz just do what you are doing mmmm yeah ummmmm bite them, please!

I just bit them little hard and she screamed like hell. Slapped me suddenly and then pressed my head in her tits. And then she brought the blanket on top of us and started licking my chest.

Gave me a lot off love bites all over my neck, gently she slipped down and touched my penis. Well coming to my penis, it’s not like in the normal stories. I mean not 13 or 10 inches. It was a 6-inch dick with yeah a nice fat on it.

She dragged my dick ou which was hidden in the boxer and said, ummmmmm my boyfriend is not a little boy haan. And pinched it with her nails.

I screamed out aaaaahhh due to the pain, and then she holds my dick with her hands for a long time and then slowly started moving her hands up and down.

K: Dear you want a blow job?

Me: ummmm.. Yeah, honey do it.I am not able to control.

K: Ok I will. But on one condition. You have to fuck my pussy, you have to fuck it hard that I should not be able to walk today and tomorrow.

Me: Haha sure dear I’ll fuck you to death, OK?

I slapped her breasts hard, she screamed in excitement Aaah and said yeah do it again. Then she again went down and spit on my cock. Slowly kissed around my dick and she vigorously started sucking it in an awesome way. I was moaning like aaahhhh, don’t stop aaahhhh.

Then after a good time, I just came, I thought that was the climax without even fucking. But for my surprise, I saw Kritika licking my juices and cleaning it from her face that made my dick stand up again,

K: Deepz I need more of the milk. I love that milk, next time when you come you have to fill my mouth.

She slapped my dick, then I just stood and pulled down her clothes which were covering her ass. It was so soft that I just turned her around and started beating it. She was screaming aah aah ahah aahahh aaaah deepz more of it aah aah don’t stop aahh aah yeah beat it hard, turn it into red aah ummmmm.

I just laid her on the bed and kept my finger at her pussy. She was damn wet and started licking her asshole then soon I started fingering her cunt. So hard that she came just in few minutes, then I made her cum for three to four times.

She made me drink all of that and she was tired. I just saw that my dick was ready to dig her pussy. I pushed her near, widened her legs and got in between her legs. I inserted it in her pussy. She was moaning aah and it gave me a pain too since my dick was fully swollen but it gave me so much fun, that soon I was at my full speed. We both started in the rhythm, soon she started moaning aaahaahahhahah deepz slow I will die aahaaah saale bhosdike aaraam se aaa teri he hun maar mat aur bhi chodna he tujhe mujhe aaj poora mat phaad.

Hearing her abuse was so good. Then I said chal saali too meri GF nahi biwi hai and biwi ko isi tarah maarte hain, aah abhi toh shuru hua hain.

K: aaah aaah toh aur tej kar madarchod phaad inhe yeh sirf teri hain, nahi phada toh me kisi aur k pass jaungi.

Me: I slowed emotionally, and asked her ‘jaegi’?

She just slapped me and said agar gayi toh tera lund kaat k apne saath jaroor rakhoongi. I laughed and gave a tight and strong push that she just screamed so loud that I feared our neighbors could have heard.

Then soon I changed the position and it was 69 now. We had a sex on that like anything, I made her cum twice. Then I just took her in my hands and tried to fuck but I was not able to she laughed and said

K- saale mere pyaare bf tere se naa hoga tuu yeeh baad mein karna. Abhi meri gaand ko bhi dekh le choot me esa dard he ki me mar jaungi. Aahh gaand gussa ho jaega chod use bhi

I just then turned her in doggy style and climbed on her, then started pumping in her ass this time I was also screaming. We both moaned aahaaahaha, she said you are the best fucker in the world. After 2 hours of our sex exploration, I said I was about to cum then she asked to fill it on her mouth. I did the same and she drank it. Then we both got so tired we slept off….

What happened next! Sorry I won’t say that. But yeah it’s been 5 years this incident took place and still we like to have pleasure time together. Well, it’s always a passionate sex, the changes are that now we are officially couples.

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