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Today I would like to talk about my best experience with my friend’s sister’s friend. Talking about me I am Chirag, a fair skin handsome guy age 24 around 5.8 height and a good physic. I live near Vadodara and would love to say that I love to make people satisfy and for me my partner comes first. Any ladies or girls in area nearby can try me and I bet they won’t be unsatisfied at all. I have a fantasy to have sex with older women but there are many more fantasies for all you sexy little girls, so, if anyone loves this story and want to talk please leave me a mail on: [email protected] for anything to everything. All the names used here are changed.

Let me start the story. During my study in Bachelors I was quiet known guy for my looks and personality with good at studies, secured top every time, I attracted a lot of girls. But, the incident is about two years before with the girl of my dreams. Coming to the point let me start the story.

I met her(the beauty) first time after the exam of 3th semester. She was actually Preet’s sister, Raghini’s, friend . I knew Preet’s sister and a bit of his family. And we use to meet Preet’s sister as she also was studying in same university but different college.

That day she came with Raghini, as she was studying with her in same campus as ours but had different course. I was so delighted to see her as she was nothing less than a princess. She wore a yellow dress with spectacles. She was a year younger to me. She had awesome boobs where my sight got struck for few seconds. Her curvy body made me crazy in a second as I have never seen anybody like her earlier she was around 5.2ft with round ass too but I could not see it quite nicely as she wore a suit. Raghini, introduced me to her. Her name was Payal, saying I teach his brother and am Preet’s best friend. My first impression was just the best one.

She said hello to me and I too said hello and we went together for having some food from canteen. I was walking behind as I got a call from one of my friend, I should say when I saw her from behind in that yellow dress her curves were so arousing and I was like man this girl should be with me. Now that brother and sister sat together and I was forced to sit with her I was like I am so lucky first to see her like that from behind and now I am sitting with her. Raghini was like a small sister for me and we used to play and chat and do all those masti. So, now we all ordered vada pau and some other stuff and had some cold drinks and pouch for water.

Now we started having food and what raghini, the cheeky one, does is she started throwing water on me and I due to instinct and nothing else moved away and suddenly realised that I touched her shoulders as i moved away and she was besides me. I was so happy. But had to fight back to raghini so I also did the same and then we had food and were leaving from the canten. That touch made me aroused as her body was soft like a feather and kept on thinking about that.

She was walking with me and I was playing with raghini and in my mind I thought let me try on her too and I made my mind to do a bit of play with her. I used the traditional technique to hit on left shoulder from right side so she turns left and I was like got you. And was gifted with her smile I could see till now she was looking at everything and was thinking and smiling I could see that she wanted me to play with her too and she was relieved. I was happy for the day and then we went our own ways.

As I used to commute in university bus so I left as the buses have fixed time to leave. And we bid each other good bye. But I didnt want to let her go. However, I left dreaming about her.

Next day when I went to university I was just thinking how should I meet her and I saw her as I was going into college as if she was waiting there from yesterday night for me there where we last met yesterday. I was so crazy and again went blank with all those sexy thoughts coming in my mind. I bid her hello and in a funny way asked her are you here from yesterday and she answered me yeah in the same funny way.

I showed her as if I took it seriously and said oh y? she said nah I just came in and she was waiting for raghini. I was ohk I will also wait with you then. we stood there talking about stuff and raghini comes in she used to sometimes hug me and Preet while we met so as she came with Preet on his bike she came and gave me a hug and then hit me on my shoulder and said go and study now dont stand here forever chatting with Payal.

And I was a bit shocked and happy mixed emotion kind of thing. in mean while I saw payal and she was watching us hug and I could feel as she needs such things in life. and then I saw that both of the girls were talking though eye contact while we were in hug and when she said to go to study and not talk to her, Payal was hitting her and they both were laughing. I was so crazy and felt as if these two were talking with each other about me.

We left but I was still baffled and kept on thinking about it forever and ever. The day went. And the time comes and it was the best thing ever. I was so crazy to see her after long but something great happened raghini hug me and then she too came and hug me and went saying nothing I was speechless I had butterflies in my stomach. I went blank again the feeling of thought of her soft boobs made my small brother salute straight away. she just left as if she was not looking back and took advantage of me getting lost in those sexy thoughts of fucking her and my chest went numb as her boobs just touch me. Everyone left I had to wait as my bus had some problem.

After 2-3 min of wait I see her I rubbed my eyes as I thought I am mad and can now see her everywhere but no she comes and says are you gonna wait here today as I waited yesterday. I was yeah I will wait y not but till my bus is fine. She was oh k and sat with me I asked her why was she still there she said that she was waiting for her bus as she came in different bus I insisted her to come in my bus and she agreed and I will drop her home if she was fine, she said that will be fine.

I was happy then the bus was okay so we both went in. She was taking about her life and we started chatting normally and I realised that she has problems in her family and stays upset I said her dont worry be happy and started talking with her. She said one thing which made my brother restless that she stays alone in a small flat. I was like no this is not what I am listening. I said are you sure you live alone? She repeated again saying yes I stay alone. I was like no my mind said i need to fuck her so hard no matter what. I said that will be really good then na? And I realised that the sexy thoughts to fuck her were not stopping my fantasies were making me restless and my brother was happy as he knew he is gonna get fed by a pussy in some time.

I realised she was checking me out and reached at that part of my jeans which had it shaped changed and honestly I felt bad but was so happy inside. She gave me a sexy smile and started blushing. To change the topic we started talking things. she asked do you have girlfriend or anything? I said no as I was busy studying and didnt get into all of these stuff. Gave her a sexy simle and she responded with a blush and same killer smile. She was oh good as I am also single I was like so what? she said nothing but I kept on asking her again and again she said turned thinigs saying normally people have it in college. She said do you not like anyone? I said not yet you never know.

Then we exchanged numbers. Our stop came and that made my sex desire a lot more and my brother was up in respect. we got down at my stop I took my bike and rode her home as it. She was behind me and my mind was running hard I used brakes and went through bumps to have that maza. I should say that the feel of her body make me feel as I was in heaven.

I realised in my sexy thoughts she was calling me and saying me to take next left as I was busy fucking her in all holes in my mind and I kept my horses tied and took left and there was her beautiful apartment. she said me to stop near that flat and I wanted to go into her flat and fuck her there itself. How can I say her? But when things go right everything goes best. She said park your bike and come to my flat have a look have something. I was like that is it, today is the day I will fuck her hard so hard and realised she was looking at me and said will you come in? the shape of jeans was changed she saw it and gave me a wired smile and I got a bit shy as it was twice that she knew what’s running in my mind. we went in and she said me to rest on sofa near the door.

I was like no it was uncontrollable as my dick was paining in erection and wanted to fuck her and fulfill all my fantasies. she brought a glass of water and while having that glass i realised she quickly changed the top and wore a different one with a deep neck i was like omg her boobs.. I then rested my horses and just let it and focused on drinking water when I raised my eyes she was blushing and gave that sexy smile. I knew she has seen me I was feeling bad but happy that I got to see those best things made by god. I dont know y i kept feeling bad when she caught me with hard dick or looking or checking her but I think it was just coz of the respect and she was so good and beautiful.

Then she came and sat with me on sofa. She said I think you like someone already and I was like nah its nothing like that was having water and should leave soon. she said I saw you looking at my breast ohk dont act smart. I said I am sorry but I wont lie I did see them and I should say they are the best thing that I have ever seen in this world. She was yeah I know and I saw the same thing when you came in my house getting down from bike and also in bus I knew what she means still acted innocent and asked her what did i do? she was you were dreaming about something I think it was something so sexy that made your dick up and hard.

I was shocked never thought she would be that straight. I went straight to her and said her yeah I like you like anything. she said she knows it and said she also likes me from long. I was like wait. I met you barely 2 days before and she was like no I saw you many times with Preet I was like omg I am at right place now my body was getting warm and the urge to fuck her was more and more. Listening this I got up and went a bit closer to her.

Now my feelings were on the top I just wanted to fuck her being polite i asked her in straight way that can I kiss you? she jumped on me and kissed me hard I also started responding and now she was in my arms with her legs wrapped up on my waist. she kissed and sucked my lips, my whole face and her tongue went every corner in my mouth I she was a pro in kissing. Just loved her taste we kept on kissing her for 10-15 odd minuties kissed those voices of mmm, aaaahhh, in my ears made my dick hard and she would be feeling it in her pussy she started hitting up and down by her pussy on my dick as she knew I was hard. I slowly moved down towards her boobs on her top I pressed it she moaned ahhh, and that made my dick more erect

Then I slowly lifted her top and took it off we are still kissing and hugging and then i started moving my hands on her curvy body I should say she had a body to die for. I unhooked her bra and took it off and started teasing her boobs she took her hand and placed on the top of my hand and pressed it tightly I was so fucking ready to fuck her. and she started taking my clothes off I too took her paijamai off and her red panty made me go wild.

I was eating her boobs she was shouting eat it they are yours milk them squeeze them she went into my jeans open the button and took it of my dick was peeping out of underwear already as it wanted to be set free. she quickly took my undie off was shocked to see my dick I could see it in her face.

She went down on me and started teasing me with on my dick I was loving it she then started stroking it up and down with her hand and sucking my balls. she was loving it, and in no time time she had my dick in her mouth omg that feeling was awesome. she started using her tongue on my dick and was now not using her hands she was using her mouth to stroke my dick up and down and her tongue playing with my dick head was so good.

Then she hold my balls in her hand with other hand started giving me lot of fast strokes I was not gonna resist I was about to come and my fantasy to come in someones mouth was about to finish I asked her I am about to come she made the strokes faster and I came in her mouth she swallowed and cleaned my dick and again jumped up in my arms and then with my physic I took her upside down and thn we were in 69 and I was eating her wet pussy which was so fucking wet that nothing tasted like that pussy and I was eating it and she was shouting as hell aaaahhh, eat it more, I started using my tongue and put it into her vagina she was moaning and asking for more, I continued and that she just came and I loved the taste of her come.

I kept her down and she bent in front I put my dick on the wet pussy and started putting it in slowly, as she was well wet it went in slowly and easily.omg she shouted as if the entire apartment could hear it. that was so arousing for me she said fuck me I am all yours she was shouting with pleasure saying you are so fucking huge that I can feel you from my pussy till my mouth and said to go harder I went with all my horses in her out and in out and in and she was moaning and holding my other hand a squeeaing it hard on her boobs.

I took my hand away and now started smaking her bum she said hit me hard fuck me I am your bitch fuck me hit me hard she was looking so fucking hot i should say I kept on fucking her and I realised I have another hole nearby her ass hole so I started playing with it too with my strokes in and out she too responded well and moaned as I touch her ass hole she was so auoused that her moans made me fuck her no stop.

I then inserted my finger in her asshole she shouted again aaahhh, hhhh, aaa, and that made me put two fingers in I was controlling my cum as I wanted to ass fuck her as well. she then shouted and said fuck me in my ass now.

I took my dick out and hit her hard on her butts and put my dick in at one go she shouted aaaaahh, i hold her with my both hands as I knew it will be painfull she wanted to go out but I didnt let that happen I went in slow and started stroking it so badly that she started liking it and was moaning in pain and pleasure. I was about to cum I asked her she said come on my butts please as they were damn hot because of anal sex that we had. I did what she said. She said you have absolute control and you can last long in sex.

This is the best feeling that I ever had so I now used to go on her room often and used to fuck her so many times. she used to love as I lasted very long as said by her and then we managed to fulfill all our fanatsies again and again. Will let you about more stories with her. Let me know if you like my story and if you too want some fun contact me on [email protected]

Hope you liked this story will apprecite your comments. Thanks.

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