First Virgin Girl In My Life

Hi Friends, My name is Sunny Naik from vasco (Goa) this is my first story. I am 25 Yrs. I am working in a company. My height is 6 feet and weight is 75 kg. I am very fond of lovely girls, newly married women and the bhabhs in short I like the females.

Ok now I am coming to main story. This story belongs to that girl with whom I come to know that what sex is. Her name is Asha, that time I was 20 years old, reading in 2nd year of my college and was living with my parents with my younger sister. Asha was reading in class 12th and she was 18 years old.

The story began when her 12th board exams were near and it was winter of Jan. and she was little bit weak in Maths and Science. Our roofs were attached as in old cities houses, so we can go to anyone’s home from the roof side.

I am still very shy and have very good image between my relatives and where I am living, so any one can trust me if there girls are with me. Oh! Sorry I forget to tell you about her figure. She has a great body 5’5″ tall and her breast was 34C in that age, she had a figure ratio like Priyanka copra.

Her father doesn’t allow her to go outside for tuitions as he knew that her girl has an affair but was not sure that who is that, so he thinks she will meet him near tuition place.

Her mother allowed her to solve her question with me as I was science student. She started coming to my room from the roof way for the study in the evening from 5 to 9:30. My room was on 1st floor and my grandparents don’t come upstairs due to their age.

Soon she started to come any time to my house in day time. One day when I was changing my dress and was only in my underwear in my room she suddenly come to my room without information to surprise me but here was a bigger surprise for her

She run away and come back after 2 hours but this time her mood was changed she was unable to see in my eyes. I asked her what happen, she said nothing.

This day was something special when I open her book found that today’s chapter is about sex. I tried my best to teach this lesson but she didn’t understand. She was asking me how male organ looks like how is it possible to go inside female organs.

She knew everything but she was teasing me. I can see lust in her eyes and her way of looking at was totally different. At last she tells me I have to practically describe her.

I told her it is not possible to give practical without female, she just jumped over me and said “I will do it. She started kissing and sucking my lips like mad. I was shocked with her forwarding nature. Soon I started to enjoy it.

And we got engaged in each other arms. She removed my T-shirt and start sucking my nipples before this time I never felt this kind of sensation. She looks like expert in this soon she remove my jeans and underwear in a shot and started sucking

And licking my tool like lollipop this was the first blow job in my life after some time when I was about to relieve my cum and I stopped her and bring her down.

I started to remove her top and skirt and take a full look of her body. She was looking great in black bra and panty. I removed all her clothes and started to suck her boobs as I seen in some movies (because it was my first practical exp) after some time she guided herself my head towards her pussy area

She was clean shaved there and had a nice perfume smell, it looks like she have pre planned everything before. I could not control myself and started to eat her pussy after some time of licking her pussy her legs got tense and she started cuming over my face it was the first time when I taste pussy.

First I feel strange but soon I like it and cleaned all of it. I continued to fingering and kissing her, she was ready again and it was my turn. I started to rub my penis over her pussy but didn’t enter it, but she grabbed it and put over her pussy lips and said please don’t push so hard

I am still virgin and I heard that first time it will pain a little. Then I told her, don’t worry it is my first time also. I will take care all of it and in between I pushed a little. She felt some pain then I relax a while and push it again, but she was not able to bear it.

I got an idea and put some cold cream over my tool and inside her vagina, and again push a little. This time it was not hard as before. When I entered little more it was unable to go inside and she felt some pain.

I understand what is it, I told her to relax and started kissing her as I feel little relaxation in her pussy walls I pushed with pressure and it made his way inside she was about to scream aloud but thanks to kissing.

After this I leave my tool inside for some time and when she felt normal I again start to pump soon she started to support me with full speed. Pleasure took the place of pain. We enjoyed our session till next half an hour in different position.

At last we cum together with a great speed and this was the best. After this we slept some time in each other arms. After this having a sex tour was our daily routine. I fucked her in each corner of each other’s house. Every day ishe comes to my bed and sleeps with me as if she was my wife.

It runs till 2 years but one day her younger sister caught us while we were busy in our love making session. What happen after that I will tell you in my next story? If you like my story then mail me may mail id is [email protected] I am waiting for your response. Please note that this is my first story if you found that I have some mistake please inform me via my mail.

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