Fisrt Experience with Virgin Best Friend

Hi friends, this is Rahul from Kolkata. I will share with you an incident that happened 2 weeks ago in the month of January,2-13. The incident took place between me and my best frnd, her name is Anushka. I met Anushka in 2010. So now I will narrate my sexperience, please post your comments whether u liked the story or not. I am Rahul, a 20 years old guy with a healthy body and height of 5″11. I Stay alone in Kolkata and I am doing my graduation here.

My best frnd Anushka was a very slim girl with skinny long legs when I met her 3 years back. She didn’t have boobs to look upon at that time, but I must say that she always possessed a very sexy hip. From the beginning onwards I had a fantasy towards her nice fuckable and lickable ass. But from the last one year she has gained some weight in the right areas of her body.

She now has a nice soft fleshy, yet flat tummy and a pair of juicy pointed boobs. The boobs are huge enough to draw others attention but still soft n chewable ones wit pink coloured hard nipples. Actually of the perfect size that gets my prick to rise. From then onwards i wished to fuck Anushka on her own bed. I and Anushka did our graduation together from a college in Kolkata.

We didn’t talk too much in the initial days of college, but as days passed we opened up and became comfortable wit each other. I was not gud at studies but she was brilliant, so I visited her home often to clear my doubts, to collect notes just before exam. But between studies we had casual chats too (sometimes things related to sex also).

Days passed by and we were about to 4-5 months left to complete our. It was last to last Sunday that I experienced the most amazing pleasure in life. Anushka rang me up and said: Sanjay r you free in the aftenoon? My parents wil b goin to sum relatives place n i don’t wanna go so please cum over to my place and we will have sum chit chat.

I said that I will be available, but til then I didn’t think that I wil get to have sex wit Anushka that day itself. I got dressed up n reached her place at about 1 pm. I rang the bell, between she opened the door I was taken aback by wat I saw. Anushka was in white skin tight jeans n a very sexy sleeveless black top (skin tight). She had her hair falling on her sholders. That time I saw the actual curves of her body, her small but pointed boobs, and her lickable ass and also imagined her pussy.

As her skin tone was very fair, she looked like angel in that outfit. She welcomed me inside with a hug (that was common between us) we sat on the carpet in the drawing room, but bad luck the electricity got cut( later I realized gud luck for me). She told me come in her bedroom as the inverter connection was in her bedroom n not in the drawing room. We sat there n had chit chat, suddenly she raised the topic of sex.

She said: Rahul, we will be graduates in some days and then my parents will start thinking about my marriage…I am very nervous.I: kyu, aisa kyu bol rahi hai tu?Anushka: samjha kar na yaar, tujhe bhi to pata hai!I: mujhe kaise pata hoga, tu kyu nervous hai!( I knew wat she meant)Anushka: yaar I hav never had sex in my life, not even smooching n fondling of boobs. And now aftr marriage I am goin to b fucked by an unknown guy!(she was almost in tears)

I asked her what her actual tension was: having sex for the first time, or going to b fucked for the first time but by an unknown guy?She shyly lowered her head and said that she wanted to hav lose her virginity to a familiar person. I then hugged her tightly and said I will arrange for one of our friend’s sumtime later.

She then got up and moved to the kitchen to bring some snacks for me. I followed her staring at her grooving ass. While she was making snacks, I hugged her from behind n kept caressing her sexy stomach over her tight top n blew air from my mouth on her ear lobes n shoulder. For abt ten secs both were silent, suddenly she got into her senses n said sternly wat was I doing wit her. After finishing the snacks she took the plates to kitchen and I followed her to the kitchen. Then I started an asked her with whom will she feel comfortable to have her first sex experience.She said: I don’t have anybody particular in mind but will prefer who knows and understands me very well.I: Anushka, kya tu mere sath sssss…Anushka: kya ssssss Bol na!I: aftr gathering courage, kyat u mere sath sex karna chahegi?Anushka: Rahul, what are you saying? You are my best friend and I have never thought of these things with you.I: Anushka, mai v to tujhe acche se janta hu n we both undrstnd each other very well, so wat is d problem?And mai bhi apni virginity loose karna chahta hoon…so we can help each other.Anushka: waisi baat nai hai….

I didn’t let her speak her single word and smooch her deeply, but to my surprise she didn’t resist. She opened her lips allowed my tongue to taste her sweet saliva. Oooohh man, what an amazing feeling dat was. The mixture of the lemonade flavor n the strawberry lipstick that she had on her lips gave me an amazing taste. I sucked her soft lips for more than 10 mins.

Then we broke the kiss and she covered her face wid her hands and kept blushing, but the devil in me was aroused and I was desperate to continue. I told her to open her clothes,

She said: Rahul if you want to have sex with me, you have to undress me urself, but slowly and blushed.Without wasting time I took her in my lap bought her to the bedroom and threw her on the soft bed, she lied on it and I slept by her side and started smooching her and lifted her top a little bit and was running my fingers over her navel(she had a navel ring too) for about 5 mins.Contuning the smooching which she was thoroughly enjoying I lifted her top further n ultimately made her nude, I was surprised to see that she didn’t wear a bra underneath and her big fair boobs were naked in front of my eyes. I said Anushka I always wanted to fucked u from the last one year, and wanted to suck milk from your breasts. Those were the most beautiful boobs of the world. I quickly started chewing her left boob, while my left hand was pressing her right boob n my right hand was undoing her jeans searching for the love hole.

She was all wet in her panty, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy, she let out a shriek, aaahhh rahul push it in and keep chewing my breasts. I continued this for 10 more mins n she had her first orgasm, I licked my finger and made her lick itt as well, man it smelled and tasted awesomem. Then she said: Rahul you have given me immense pleasure let me return it back to you,,she undressed my jeans,took my erect penis out,and was amazed to see a 6.5″ inches thik cock in front of her eyes,she said that she never took a cock in her hand,then she took my rod in her mouth, her soft lips touching my rod made me mad as it was my first experience as well.

Afterr about 10 min when I was about to cum, I tried to take it out but she insisted to cum inside her mouth. I shot a huge load and she drank all of it. But still she was a virgin, her hymen was intact. So she now said: Rahul will you help your best friend break her virginity will you love me the same way all throughout my life?

I: yes Anushka, my sexy sweetheart darling friend, I will make love to you.Hearing this Anushka went to the fridge and brought a bottle each of chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce. I asked what it for was, she replied: jab tum meri choot chatoge tab usme strawberry sause dalke chatna, n jab mai tumhara lund chusungi mai uspe chocolate sauce dalke chusungi. I was amazed to hear such language from her.

I took the strawberry sauce bottle then inserted the tip in her pussy and poured in the sauce and started licking like a mad dog. She was shouting ooohhh…..aaaahhh…..yeeesss….yesss….cum on Rahul…….chew it baby. This continued for 10 mins n she came twice, I drank all her cunt juices. Once I collected sum juice in my mouth, I poured it in her mouth, so dat she can taste her own pussy juice. Then we started the fucking session, she gave a kiss to my dick,then she lied back on the bed and spread her legs wide open.Then I put the tip of my rod on her pussy lip n applied chocolate sauce to make it slippery.

But it was difficult to enter her hole as she was virgin, then wid a huge jerk I entered her love hole completely. She tried to shout in pain, but I smooched her tightly. Blood oozed from her pussy. After sometime I started movement in her pussy. In some time she also stared enjoying it and gave me company by moving her waist in a sexy groovy way.Both were enjoying the session very much. We exchanged position many time, we started with missionary,then she sat on top of me and was jumping on my cock like a sex goddess.

The sight was awesome, with her boobs jumping and hair flying here and there. I caressed her boobs in the mean time, some times she used to kiss me and she also bit my nipples. Then I made her sit in doggy style rammed her love hole for 5 more mins. I was about to cum, I asked her should I do it inside she nodded her head in affirmation and I shot about 6-7 loads of hot semen in her already hot tight pussy we both lay exhausted on the bed, then

She said: Rahul I want to taste the mocktail .I: What mock tail!Anushka: You poured the chocolate sauce on your dick and entered my pussy and before that that you licked my pussy after pouring strawberry sauce! So now you suck the mocktail of semen, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and my pussy juice and give it to me.

After that we cleaned up and had another session….and in the last two week we got one more chance to have sex…and we r looking forward as her parents are going out to some relatives place and she will be staying alone making excuse of exams..

went to her pussy and sucked all the juices,man it tasted fantastic. Then I poured the mix in her mouth, she played with it for sometime and eventually swallowed it. Then she hugged me and kissed me tightly and said Rahul you are a darling friend and everybody should have a best friend like you. Viewers please say whether the story was bad or good…As it is my first story I would like to have your feedbacks.Leave me a feedback at [email protected]. And I have fantasy about fucking housewifes and threesome also,so any horny girl,housewife,couple if you want to have sex with me just mail me.

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