Flight From Bangalore To Mumbai

Hi all

I have been a reader for of ISS for very long

Now let’s get to the story that happened recently

I am 40 I am from Bangalore i have been divorced for sometime now and i live alone….

My job keeps me busy i keep travelling mostly to Pune and Mumbai

I met this lady (Alpha) on a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai

I had asked for a window seat with some leg space so Indigo had given me the seat on the emergency exit I was ok with it, I boarded the flight and just fell asleep, middle of the flight a soft hand touched me and told me that I am snoring big time it was time to wake up..

I was in my sleep so I was a little angry and then i realized that the flight was full we were approaching Mumbai …..I then realised the monster who woke me up was the lady sitting next to me was around 30+ and very beautiful i said to myself ok…. snapped out of it and tried to sleep again

She then politely asked me not to sleep and she tols me “ you snore very heavily” and smiled and started talking to me, she told me that she is a Doctor and lives in Pune with her Daughter

We spoke about her visit to Bangalore (Conference Bla Bla) Exchanged numbers she left as she had a conference in Mumbai and she will be back to Pune

After few days when I was in Pune and thought I should call her…I called her she answered and she said oooooh…

Bangalore man/Snooring king hahahaha I thought you will never call and enquired how I am and the formal talks and We planned to meet and decided to at a 5 star hotel called Orchid on the Mumbai Pune highway at 5pm..

I kind of prepared myself for it and can this be my lucky day?

I reached the hotel around 2.30 due ti heavy traffic on the highway,looked around in the lobby she was not there and decided to wait for her and called her,It so happened that she was also stuck in traffic and she had just reached the hotel and was parking her car.

In about 4 minutes here she comes in green color dress of course designer wear and was looking gorgeous with wide beautifull smile on her face and she greeted me with a kiss on my cheek

Oops I must say I was a little taken aback and told myself “common if this is not my lucky day what else can be my lucky day”

We chatted for some time mostly about my snoring in the flight and how she was unable to control her self and she woke me and then about her job and my job

When I asked her about her family she simply with a straight face said she is single MOM…

She asked me about myself and I told her that I have been living alone for quite sometime now and after our sad stories and piiting one another ,we kicked off immediately and we kind of said now what after having lunch

She was like lets go to your place, we got into the her car and we reached my place in Baner which is very close to the hotel we met.

On the way back we couldn’t keep our hands away from one another

As soon as we reached the apartment we closed the door and locked our lips of one another like there is no tomorrow. Soon my hand went to her breast which was very soft and hard and she reached my Penis and we decided to do it.

We removed our clothes and got on with the kissing

I had read on ISS that foreplay is divine and we got on with it

I first made her feel special by kissing for forehead and the her two beautiful eyes and her cheeks her nose was long and beautifull her chin and lower lips and then her upper lips.

I slowly went down kissing her boobs I started with left boob first I kissed her left boob and then the right boob and started circling around her boobs with my tongue and then I went to her belly she was shivering I asked her if she was ok she replied I love the way you making me feel special …

I continued kissing her requested her turn around started kising her neck and then her back all this time she was uncontrolable, now I started to kiss her thighs and her knee cap and then slowly her toes I suck her toes ane after the other and she kept on saying I have never felt so special pplease don’t do it…Please don’t do it…

Now I came up and slowly reached her vagina and licking her and vibrating her love spot with my tongue she was jumping literally when I used to lick her clean shaved pussy again and again she was morning big time and she said enough Enough Enough many a times

She finally came on my face and she was very tired….. Lied on the bed and said you are good…. I was very happy that I still have it in me…

She then said its time for you to have some good time and she started giving blowjob

She started by licking the tip of my penis and circled her tongue around my penis and slowly she started accepting my penis in her mouth while she was doing this I was in cloud seven now she slowly started to increase her speed and while i was about come she would slow it down it went on for atleast 15 minutes it was unbarable and I was like all the time babes common faster faster Faster and when I was about to come she said don’t worry come in me

I came big time in her and she swallowed it like she was hungry for it..

we relaxed and told one another it was fantastic and door bell rang it was security guard wanted to check if it was my car parked in somebody else’s parking

We did have a fantastic love making session which i will pen in the next edition

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