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Hi! This is my first story here. I am 20 currently and have had my share of sexual experiences but I was unsure what of sharing first so I decided to start with this panty-wetting sex story incident that happened with me while I was in school.

I was 18 years old when this happened. I have always had a curvy body, not too fat but not thin also. I was a waist 30 with 36D cup size, 5″7 tall, fair complexion with light brown eyes and waist length hair. My boyfriend was 6 foot tall with an athletic built but let me tell you his fingers were rough with all the basketball he played and my body just loved the roughness of his fingers.

My school was very open minded and had a posh crowd in Delhi so the teachers never questioned guys and girls sitting together, hanging around etc. I and he always sat together in class, holding hands under the class desk or touching each other on the legs. The uniform for girls was a knee length skirt while for the boys, it was trousers which are the most common uniform for all schools.

One day, we had a double period of English literature which was always boring because the teacher always kept looking into the book, reading on and on and explaining it to just the first benchers about the chapter.

I and my boyfriend sat on the last bench in the corner row that day and had five desks ahead of us. I was sitting on the inside, right next to the wall while he sat next to me. As the class started, the teacher began with her usual reading and I held his hand under the table while I kept the book on the table, pretending to concentrate. As we were holding hands, he kept his hand under mine, entwined our fingers and moved his hand to my thighs over my skirt. The teacher suddenly asked me to get up and read so I stood up and started reading. As I was trying to concentrate on what was written.

I suddenly felt his fingers caressing my knees under the table. It felt ticklish but I tried to control. I gave him a look from the corner of my eyes but he just winked at me and looked back into his book while his hand slid up my skirt, touching my thighs now. He started rubbing his hand up and down and I could feel the warmth running to my panties. He slid his hand behind to my ass and started touching it over my panties. I was getting rushes of feelings but couldn’t do much as I had to keep reading, though it was becoming really difficult. I felt his fingers slide in through the line of panty and touch my ass crack.

He squeezed my butt 3-4 times and then inserted his finger inside my crack, running it up and down. I was getting weak in my knees and fumbled while reading. The teacher looked up to see why I had stopped reading and he pulled his hand down quickly. It was a little disappointing though to feel his hand move away. My heart was racing and I couldn’t concentrate on the words so I told her I need to sit and put my head down as I was not well. She immediately asked someone else to continue reading.

As I sat down, I bent over the desk and kept my arm on the desk and put my head over it and sat with my head down. I could see his legs and mine clearly under the table. I was feeling horny so I slowly moved my hand to his thighs and slid it up to his crotch. He got a little surprised and looked at me but my head was down. I am sure he must have smirked because I saw his hand come towards my boobs which were well hidden under the desk. As I teased his erection, he started squeezing my boobs one at a time. I pulled his zip a little down and poked his erect tool with my fingers. I could feel him going wild and he unbuttoned two buttons on the front of my shirt and slid his hand inside my bra right into my nipples.

His fingers, as I told you, are quite rough and they felt like something hard running against my nipples. He started scratching my nipple up and down and I just pressed my hand hard on his penis. He started pinching my nipple, rubbing it, scratching it and I had become so wet I thought I might have left some wet stains on my skirt. I wanted him to finger me soo bad. I used my one hand and squeezed my boob while his hand fondled my erect nipples. Ohh!! It was making me mad. I wanted him so bad. We continued this for almost 15-20 mins after which the period got over. I quickly buttoned my shirt and whispered into his ears to come into the washroom with me.

Our washrooms were at the end of the halls, girls and boys being next to each other so I entered first and checked if all the stalls were empty. I asked him to come inside, he checked around to see there was no one in the corridor and quickly came in. We quickly locked the door to our stall and started kissing each other. His hands immediately went to my boobs and he squeezed them soo hard, pushing me against the wall that I gave a slight moan. He asked me to make no noise or he will stop. I did not want him to stop at all so I just moved my body up and down, getting horny with each touch of his. He opened all the buttons to my shirt, pulled my bra cups down and ran his tongue on the brown area around my nipples.

I kept looking down at him, waiting for him to take my nipples in his mouth but he kept teasing me, licking me everywhere on the boobs but not my nipples. I ran my fingers through his hair and begged him to take my nipples in his mouth. He quickly sucked onto one of them while his other hand ran into my skirt and started rubbing my pussy over my wet panty. He pulled my panty down with his one hand while sucking my nipples hard and red. My juices were trickling down my thighs and he pushed his middle fingered into my hole. A sudden aaah came out from my mouth and I pulled his hair to which he bit my nipples a little hard.

He inserted another finger and started fucking me with his two fingers in my hole, the rough tips of his fingers giving heavenly friction. He kept sucking my nipples harder and they were hurting but I enjoyed the pain. I kept whispering him to do it hard, suck me more hard, finger me harder and then I came. A loud squirt and I shivered against the wall while he pushed his body against mine to keep me steady. It was a heavenly orgasm for me. I took a minute to steady myself and then I pushed him against the other wall and started kissing his neck while I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants.

Wasting no time, I sat on my knees and started licking his hard manhood. I took it into my mouth and gave him a deep throat blowjob while my hands cupped his balls. He came in no time, throwing all his cum in my mouth. I licked his penis clean and we kissed again.

Then, I opened the door to see if there was anyone in the toilet. Finding it empty, we quickly ran out and back into the class one by one only to find we had missed one entire period of Biology. Well, how I wish I could tell them I had my own Biology practical already. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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