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I don’t remember when I started to like female feet but I remember myself staring at my school teachers beautiful anklet feet, always trying to get as close to them as possible and sometimes when she was standing next to my desk dropping my pen to get the close look school days passed slowly.

I had some of the teachers with best looking feet, although all I could do was touching them sometimes to get blessings from them. My more active experience with the dominating girls began when I was in 9th class. One of my neighbours was a tall girl who was in 12th at that time; even though

She was older than me and most in our group we used to play together. I always liked her but was afraid partly from her and partly from 2 of her big bull brothers, but I gave my fear up soon and submitted to her feet. It began when we were playing.

One day when we got bored by the usual stuff she ordered us if we have some exciting toys with us and I won her smile when I mentioned I have a jigsaw puzzle. She ordered me to bring it soon ja daud k lekar aa which was her usual way to talk to us.

We had four types of jigsaw so there four teams and task of who solves first, she took me in her team as I knew how to solve and no one could even complain. We sat close with her in the centre and me and one other guy on the sides. I solved it as soon as I can and were in perfect lead with others.

We waited for who comes second she was making fun of other teams, she was sitting so close to me and I could not control myself I extended my hand with my fingers touching the soles of her feet. Her toes flinched and her feet moved a few centimetres but she did not move her feet.

I thought she was looking at me from the corner of her eye so I showed that I am laughing at the way she was making fun of others. My fingers were still touching her feet and it felt great this continued for around 10 minutes and then she got up as her mom called.

That was the first day and the beginning of me being her personal slave. Next morning I returned from school, had my lunch and was watching TV when Deepti Maam came to call me. Chal khelne chalte hai, apna puzzle bhi le le and my grandma frowned as why I was taking my toys and getting all spoilt but I pretended not to hear and behind my Deepti Maam.

She was still wearing her school blue skirt and socks , she already changed her white shirt and was now wearing a Cartoon character T shirt. I could see her socks under her flip flops as I walked behind her, not sure why I was getting hard under my pants.

We were living two houses apart as it was a small neighbourhood as we entered her house she asked me to be quiet as almost all were sleeping, I meekly shook my head in a Yes. She took me to her room which was quite disordered; clothes, shoes, books all over the place.

I always thought my room is messier and smiled at what I should call this then. What are you smiling like a madman Kyo pagal ki tarah dant dikha rha hai she glared at me while throwing her chappals in one side of the room.

I always liked bare feet more but didn’t know why I could not stop myself staring at her socked feet. Kal tune badi jaldi solve kar diya tha puzzle, ab mujhe bhi sikha han and she said with a wicked smile acche se sikha dega to gift milega kya gift.

I said wo to baad mein pata chalega bacchu. Accha ab tu carpet par baith aur mein bed par baith kar alag alag puzzle solve karte hai” I nodded again to which she smiled. She sat on the bed cross legged while I was on the carpet just where the bed ends in this position.

I could not see her feet and was very disappointed, while I was thinking about ways to look at her feet. The phone rang and she jumped out of the bed to get the phone and stepped at my hand without even noticing it.

Deepti Maam got back in an instant having a cordless in her hand and gestured me to continue with her puzzle while she sat on the bed. She was talking to some friend of hers and started to talk about some hot guy in her class as if ignoring that I was there as if I didn’t exist there as if

I was there just for her pleasure and didn’t have my own existence as she was talking she lay on the bed on her back and doing so her legs and feet were hanging by side of bed just inches away from me. I could not help stare at her butter smooth legs

And feet in socks while she was dangling and drawing circles with her feet just inches away my face. I’m I her pet, why is she not hesitant in keeping her feet so close to my face, but anyways its good and the conversation was getting hotter as she kept giggling and was now rubbing her feet.

This made me more crazy and moved closer to bed, no my face was very close to her feet and could smell her musky socks, it was the first time I smelt feet and that was awesome smell I got a big bulge in my pants when I almost closed my eyes to smell her feet.

Just at that moment her feet hit in the face as her Mom called her Deepti gande kapde de do dhone k liye. She looked up and said ” Sanju mera Shirt and socks mummy ko de k a na please and she pointed at her shirt at the corner of room and started to remove her socks by her feet still engrossed in talking about the guy from her class.

I waited there as she struggled to remove her socks and then something in that moment made me go to my knees and remove her socks from her feet. Wow, her feet were so good pink and so soft, sweat and socks made her feet clean and they smelled like heaven.

I was about to smell her feet in the hypnotic state when she pushed me with her feet. Ab ja bhi,mummy ko yahi bulayega kya. I went to her Mom and gave the shirt and socks to her only before getting smelling them like crazy on my way. Tu kyo aaya wo maharani kya kar rhi hai.

She is on the phone aunty and I said and went back as she started mumbling something. I ran back to her room while she was still lying on the bed on her back, but now her legs were cross. Right leg ankle resting on top of her left leg knee, this exposed her milky thighs as skirt was up her legs.

I could see her bottom very clearly. She was wearing those cute panties with small dots on it and her bottom was really very pretty, she has closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. This was a little too much for me, first time in my life I had seen so much bare skin and that too of a girl that always scared me to hell.

I was staring at her bare bottom and lovely legs with an empty mind, she was not dangling her feet anymore but her right foot was in the air. It was like eternity when suddenly I heard her voice. Saale,harami kya dekh rha hai and I saw her face red with anger and almost pissed in my pants, she got up from the bed and slapped me hard.

What were you looking at huh? I will tell my Mom and she tell yours tab pata chalega. I started crying like a wimp although I haven’t cried since I was 6 but that day her magnificence made me cry more than I ever did please didi, don’t tell anyone mein bas aabhi aaya, mujhe pata nahi tha ki aap aise leti hui ho.

I said sobbing Didi, huh aur apni deedi ki gand dekh rha tha. I was almost shocked to hear such crude words herself and look up to her in the eye ab ghoorega mujhko and she shouted and slapped me thrice my face was red and wet with tears.”Nazar mat mila mujhse kamine.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and wondered what exactly my fault was. My sense jumped in and I said par meine kia kya, aap waise bhi leti hui thi aate hue dekha par touch thode. I could not complete the sentence when I got the first kick at my balls.

My eyes popped out and I lied on the floor not screaming in pain but groaning. Saale harami, teri aukat hia mujhe touch karne ki” she whispered in my ear and sat directly at my face, she was holding my hands with hers and her legs rested on my body.

This was all first time for me slaps kicks and face sitting full weight I thought I was going to die you were staring at my ass na, but le dekh le pass se” it was getting hard for me to breath and started shaking, she got up and then like a bomb dropped on my face once again.

I thought my nose broke but the aroma of her ass was now filling my nostrils. It isn’t too bad. I thought when I again feeling the oxygen deprivation. She got up this time putting her feet on my chest aaj mein bahut hurt hui hoon, ab bhag ja yahan se warna pata nahi kya karogin mein.

I caught her feet and started crying again and I am so sorry didi mein aapko hurt nahi karna chahta tha bas pata nahi kyo aapse nazar nahi hata paya, aap bahut sunder lag rhi thi” she removed her leg from my chest and asked to get up.

Ja ab aur ye game bhi le ja apna and gave me another kick at my bum when I was gathering my puzzle. I rolled over when I saw her opening the door when did she close that and I wondered as I walked out I say my mistress mother drying clothes on the clothes line what a close shave and I thought but later came to know that it’s not luck but something else and please provide comments guys!

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