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Hiiiiii. My name is Krishna. I come from a family that comprised of my father, mother and me. My father was working as a manager in a private firm and my mother was a housewife. We were a typical middle class family and live in Hyderabad. We were a happy lot. This story is a mere fantasy. Tell me how you liked this story. Mail your comments to “[email protected]”.

I completed my B-Tech examinations and in the summer vacations decided to make a trip to Vizag to meet aunt and my two cousins, Vineetha and Nitya. It had been roughly three years since I had last seen them.

It was one long, tedious journey. I got down from the bus, stretched and yawned. I took an auto and finally went to her place in the morning around 8:30. I rang the bell and after two minutes the door opened.

“Ah my nephew. God I haven’t seen you since, well I’m not sure when. So good to see you” she exclaimed, as soon as she saw me, giving me a big hug and smothering me with kisses. She pressed her body up to mine, her massive breasts flattened against my chest. I could feel the little nubs of her nipples poking into me.

I was appalled with my body. My cock throbbed as I felt her hard nipples. In fact, I don’t believe I’d ever been this hard. I could feel each beat of my heart, the blood forcing itself through my dick. I was just about to pull away when Samatha aunty, ever so gently, ground her pussy a little against my dick. What a marvelous sensation that was! She too must have felt it, because a low moan tore from her throat. She looked up at me, her eyes bright with tears.

“Good to see you too” I said hugging her back.

As she put her arms around me, all I could think about was her massive chest. I could feel her hot boobs, squashed against my chest and I was pretty aware that she was not wearing a bra. Her perfume gave me an instant, involuntary erection. I tried to pull back but she held me tight pushing her pelvis against my hard cock.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“I wanted to surprise you” I said.

“Well, you did that” she suddenly jumped up and kissed me again. “I am so happy to see you!”

“So am I”

“My boy is all grown up. Getting almost as tall as me” she declared, making me blush as she put her hand on top of my head, running her fingers through my hair.

I on the other hand was concentrating on the sweet scent that emerged from under her shapely arm when she raised it and the faint hint of peach fuzz that covered the deep hollow of her armpit. The hug seemed to last forever, and had the result of making my cock rock hard. When I looked at her there was something different in her face, a wild hungry look, her eyes glassy and staring into mine. I mumbled something about being tired and wanting to go to bath.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Starving” I said rubbing my stomach.

She took me to her bedroom and asked me to take bath and get ready for lunch.

After getting fresh up, I came back to the hall and sat on the couch, reading the newspaper.

“Breakfast is ready. Come and eat. Would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked while serving.

“Er – yeah, Okay”

While on her way to the kitchen I watched her ass twitching in an almost metronomic fashion, enticing me to watch it. I loved watching her shapely figure move seductively as she walked before me, her curvaceous bottom jiggling and then tightening with each step, her bare back smooth and creamy in the light, her hair bouncing slightly with each step. I dreamed of gently pulled her perfect, round ass cheeks apart, finding her tiny pink anus, and gently pushing my cock all the way inside.

She made coffee for me while I kept glancing at her voluptuous figure standing with her back to me, dressed in a white silk sari which revealed the light skin of her lower back. My eyes were transfixed on that little hint of flesh. It was amazing how the material stuck to her body, highlighting her rounded shoulders, the curves of her waist, the dip of her hips, and the contours of her legs.

Her long hair was tied in ponytail which dropped to her lower back. The sarees pallu, ended just below her breasts. Normally it would leave most of her midriff and back exposed but these were covered by a long white shawl. The sleeves of her jacket ended inches above her elbows and left her fair arms exposed. Whenever she moved it rustled like silk. In fact, it was so tight that when she turned around, I could see the spheres of her breasts standing high and firm on her chest. Whenever I saw her I would feel stirring in my loins.

While I was eyeing the breasts and round ass of hers, we got into eye contact.

She just smiled warmly and asked me “What are you looking at?”.

The question caught me off guard.

“N-nothing. N-nothing” I said, shifting on the sofa.

She laughed in her sweet voice. Wiping her forehead, she continued on with her work and returned to monitoring the stove top. I finished my breakfast and lay down on the divan, watching t.v, from where I could have a clear view into the kitchen. She turned around and exclaimed, “Finished!”. Minutes later she came into the hall with coffee cups and biscuits, her melons bouncing beneath her jacket with every step she took. I tried not to stare, but it was obvious that I was.

I got up and sat on the bed. As she stooped low to give me the cup her pallu slipped and I got a direct look at her blouse. I saw that one of the buttons on the top of her jacket was unbuttoned. Through the V-cut of her blouse I could see her bulging boobs, almost jumping out of them. Getting up straight, not even bothered to adjust her pallu and reaching behind, pulled out the red scrunchie from her ponytail. She shook her head left and right as her hair came loose, a thick black stream with streaks of silver light glimmering on its surface. After a few shakes of her head her hair was undone and tumbled down to her hips. In a slow, prolonged motion she ran her hands up either side of her sweat-drenched face and began straightening out her hair. I was absolutely stunned as I stared at this gorgeous woman. She’s soooooo damn hot! I thought.

“How is it?” she asked.

I looked at her with a blank face.

“The coffee. How is it?” She looked me in the eyes as she said this, still not bothering to cover her breast. Her golden chain [Mangalasutra] hung precariously in the valley formed by her soft sloping breasts.

She just gave a smile and plopped down on the couch.

“Come sit with me.” She said.

I went and sat down on the couch, a few feet from her and she reached out and grabbed my arm.

“You can sit closer to me, I don’t bite” she said teasingly.

Her naked smooth silky skin on mine sent shivers of sensual lust all over my body. She was so close to me that I can smell her, that hot, sticky scent of feminine sweat. With her next to me I had a close view of her boobs and I could not help darting glances at them. I noticed what looked like little thumbs pressing against her robe. WOW! Her nipples must have been pretty long and hard to press that far out through the cloth. I was feeling aroused in my pants.

“So what do you planning to do next?” Samatha aunty asked me, as I was gazing at her nipples. I looked up and her smile let me know she had seen where my eyes were.

“I’m planning to do M.Tech. But computers are also a huge field and have lots of options. So I might find a job. Still have to decide yet” I said, not really answering her question, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at the moment, besides fucking her brains out. My erection returned as I fantasized about holding her breasts in my hands and sucking her nipples, stripping her clothes off and sliding my cock into that tight pussy of hers. I also dreamed of burying my face between her tits, and also sliding my dick into her cleavage and spraying her chest, neck and face with my thick semen.

I reached down and nudged my erection to a better angle so it wouldn’t protrude as obviously, with one leg raised up to hide it. I could feel her eyes on me, watching me adjust my dick.

We sat there and talked, catching up with each others lives while drinking the coffee she had prepared for us. We remembered old times and laughed. As she giggled, her tits began to bounce up and down. I was careful to only look over in glimpses, but each glimpse just made me want more and more. What I hadn’t realized was that she was staring at the bulge in my shorts.

“Seeing any girl’s at the moment” she asked.

My mouth opened but nothing came out. I fell back on the sofa and closed my eyes.

“What happened dear?” she asked.

“It’s nothing. Never mind” I finally said.

“Come on dear. Please don’t close me out” she said, turning my face to her and looking into my eyes. “We have always been able to talk about anything. Haven’t we?”


“So tell me”

“I recently broke-up with my girlfriend” I said.

“Ya I remember you mentioning about her on the phone. What’s her name? I forgot”

“Prachi” I said in a low voice.

She did not further stress the topic and said “Let’s watch a movie”

I immediately agreed as there was nothing much to do. She on the TV and I watched as this goddess stooped down to pick the dvd remote from the low desk. I cast a quick glance at her heart-shaped ass as she bent over, the light-blue dress rode up her body, stretching tight across each scrumptious cheek of her derriere. With a sudden lurch in my cock, I observed that the cotton material had become wedged up hard between the deep groove of her buttocks. Her arse looked so big, tight and sexy from this angle and this sight immediately gave me a massive boner.

She caught my eyes admiring her arse but pretended that she saw nothing and acted normally. She came and sat beside me on the sofa and we started to watch the movie. It was ‘300’ movie and as it went on, there comes a scene where King Leonidas has sex with Queen Gorgo, before he goes to battle [Though not a smoking hot scene].

My aunt forwarded the scenes and looked at me. I also looked at her and gave her a naughty smile. Trying to keep my eyes focused on the TV and not on her had been a monumental task, especially when I kept feeling my cock harden and had to constantly fight it back down again short of embarrassing myself. She often used to glance at me while watching the movie, which I noticed. I also noticed that she looked at me in a special way. Maybe I don’t know but she too might have started developing a feeling for me, which was certainly not motherly affection for a young guy or a feeling of a aunt towards her nephew. It is the feeling of a woman towards a man, whom she admires. Her looks and her eyes cleary said that.

In the middle of the movie she got up and said “Keep watching. I’ll prepare lunch for us”.

After 20 minutes she announced that she was going to take a bath. On hearing she was going to take a shower, I became turned on and my mind was filled with images of her undressing and on the thought that my dream aunt is in bathroom. Finally she came out of the bathroom after fifteen minutes wearing a sari. Her light yellow sari was tied little down, so the belly and navel were revealing. I could not stop looking them. She was aware of my stares but she did not bother about it. Instead she turned her face away and brought a smile on her face. In this dress her nipples were more clear. Actually I was hot and I acted as if I need to piss, looking towards the bathroom door. A smile passed through the corner of her lips and shook her head. I could not control myself and I decide to masturbate.

As soon as she went into the kitchen I ran to the bathroom, so that she won’t see the tent in my pants when I stand up. I looked around and saw my aunt’s panty. I took it into my hand and studied it. It felt so good in my hand as I imagined her soft lips closing around it. Her panties were beautiful. Seems like she had always had great taste in panties. These had a wide band of lace around the top and matching lace around each leg opening. I held them open and studied the spot where her pussy had left its indelible mark.

They were so filthy with a thick layer of sweat, piss, period and squirt covering the crotch while the back was lined with huge skid marks. The gusset itself had a very large stain and I could almost make out the shape of her nether lips where they had pressed against the soft inviting material. I pulled them closer to my nose and I got a nice surprise, they were still damp. She must have worn these to bed last night. I held the gusset to my mouth and tasted her musky juices, savoring her scent as I floated my tongue across the crotch, having teased myself into a near frenzy. I pressed my face against the crotch, into the still damp fabric and breathed in her pussy scent. I took a long inhale of her sweet aroma, that did not disappoint me. God, she smelled sweet, so musky and delicious. If only I could really have her.

I started gratifying my cock, pumping it slowly and wishing my face was really in her pussy. I was really getting into it, her heady aroma filling my aural cavity and my large balls starting to get the inevitable tingling in them that preceded my impending nut. Her strong smell, that close to my nose was too much for. I wrapped the panty around my throbbing cock and slowly began to stroke. I imagined I was making love to aunt as I stroked my cock and played with it. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before my cock exploded sending a steady stream of cum out and oozing down the front of the shaft. I cummed so hard as I imagined myself inside of her. I slowly milked my cock until cum stopped flowing out and the kept the panty back on the hanger.

I was in my mid teens and as my hormones kicked in hard the year before I experienced a lot of changes, in my body and my mind. A simple glance at a girl was often enough to get me hard and I seemed to have a perpetual boner as well. At 18 years old, my dick was already a nice size. My pubes had grown in nicely and my cock was now a modest 6 1/2″.Every guy has million of fantasies about the woman they would like to have sex with and more ways of how they would like to pleasure them.

A few years ago I started down the road of sexual fantasy but unlike others sexual dreams, this was a little different. The story which I’m going to tell you is my experience which I had with my mother’s sister-in-law Samatha. All through my teenage years, I lusted for her. It’s an affair that had the potential to be a disaster and betrayal of people that are close to me. But that was only attraction because there was no chance of any action, and she being my aunt, I never even considered the possibility of me having a chance with her.

I always had a thing for older, mature women, say thirty to fifty years old and I have been since long fascinated with the idea of having sex with married women. They are usually married, which makes my desire more stronger. They put on a few pounds, they feel overweight and neglected, their menopausal hormone changes kick in, and they get horny. It is just not the sex with a married woman which interests me but the whole process of seduction, taking another man’s wife to bed, touching, kissing, biting, licking and exploring all those forbidden areas, seeing the wild ecstasy on the women’s face as you pleasure her to orgasm is what turns me on. They seem more sensual and it’s more enjoyable pleasing an experienced woman more than a younger woman.

I remember everything clearly, as if it happened yesterday, not years ago. I was 18 at the time this story took place. Samatha auntie has always been my favorite aunt since I was a small boy. Basically, I was obsessed with her sexually and she always had this heir of sexuality around her which made her irresistible. She always treated me like I was really something, not just a kid in the way of the adults. She has always been lovingly with me and we always had been close. We were so free with each other that our relationship was stronger than she being my aunt and me her nephew. We’d talk about a lot of things that I don’t think I am comfortable talking to my mom or dad about. I used to share all my problems with her and she used to help and make me understand things.

For the past years I had been having wet dreams about my aunt, not that they weren’t something to have wet dreams about, but it was not the sort of thing a boy was supposed to do. I’m not sure exactly when, but at some stage during puberty I developed a sexual attraction towards her. Call it a cliche, but she is everything a man looks for in a woman. I do remember that the first time I came from masturbating happened while I was fantasizing about her. That may be when she became locked into my dreams. Looking back on my teen years, I could have been so much more sexually active, knowing now how desirable I really was back then. She was object of my secret desire. But I was trying so hard to be a good boy for her. Still years later, nothing got me off more than stroking it to images of my aunt, that is until I finally got to taste the real thing.

Let me describe her for you – – – – – >

Well, technically we’re not of the same blood. Born into a middle class family, she was the only daughter of a respectable family. She was married to my blood uncle who is a senior officer in the army, who had passed away five years ago, and how my aunt had stayed a widow all those years, with no one to satisfy her sexual desires and she can’t even date since she’s a traditional woman. How could she handle this, not having anyone to satisfy her lust, for all those years? Wouldn’t she get lonely? I wondered.

Samatha auntie was a maternal beauty and I often wondered what it would be like to fuck her. She was fair in colour and a typical Indian lady. She was not really old fashioned but normally used to be in the traditional South Indian saree and her sexy navel was in the open most of the time. Though immediately in her forties, and what any guy would call a MILF, she had a perfect body even after so many years of marriage and having two daughter. She stood 5′ 5″, 38″ breasts and extended jet black hair which gives an exquisite look to her sharp features and made heads turned when she walked elegantly with her femininity. I saw men go crazy in her presence and I was one of her silent admirers. I was fascinated by her bouncing boobs, rippling ass and would masturbate later many times thinking about them.

She did not like her tummy which in her belief was getting as well big, I of progression didn’t intellect as I loved her. Her boobs were a bit sagging due to her age but were big and round. She usually wore outfits and bra’s that kept them standing at full attention. She was also very soft-spoken, a quality which added to her feminine mystique. These are all outstanding qualities but the greatest of all is the sublime beauty of her arse, a massive 40″ arse [I am a big fan of girls and ladies with nice, round, big arses] which gave her an overall voluptuous figure. Her massive ass was still amazingly smooth with just a hint of cellulite where the mammoth butt-cheeks curved and met her meaty thighs. Anytime I saw her, my first impulse was to grab one of those juicy ass cheeks and give it a good squeeze.

Her huge watermelon, firm breasts and enormous ass protrude out of her saree and her long knee length braid hair swings like a pendulum on her fat protruding inverted pots-like hips, while she walks. When she dresses in Kanjeevaram pure silk saree covering her voluminous assets, men would like to worship her as goddess. And when she dresses either in thin, mysore silk saree or synthetic chiffon see through saree worn three inches below her round deep fat navel, men look at her with carnal animal desire, but also get doubt whether they would be able to satisfy her sexually. She was not conscious of her figure as she had resigned from enjoying sex since a long time and it never occurred to her that she made other males in the locality dream of having her. She made no pretensions about trying to be a middle-aged lady who was not underplaying her age or the maturity that came with it.

She always has a cheerful smiling face and positive attitude and all the people around her admire her. Her dark eyes are intense and her face has dimples that makes me shiver every time she smiled. With a personality like hers, it was no wonder that she was the darling of her neighborhood. At forty-two years of age, she could still step foot on any college campus and turn as many heads as a twenty year old student could. Not only that she was a raving beauty or anything, but there was something about her that got my interest as years passed by. Maybe it was the fact that she was forbidden fruit, or perhaps just the beginning of my infatuation with older women that would last beyond my teenage years, but it started to become clear that I was really attracted to her.

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