Forced By Rich Lady And Stripped In Front Of Teen Girls- Part 1

Hi, I belong to Mumbai and my name is Prince. My age is 23 years and I work for a corporate firm here. I am quiet decent without much fantasies. After reading the story please do give me your reviews on [email protected] (please note there is a twist in the spell. Kindly note the proer one) .There are no proper shifting timings for me depending on work I leave from office. One day it was 1am as I left from office.

I was waiting for bus at bus stop but there wasn’t any bus coming since it was very late and the frequency is quiet low. One lady was also waiting there from nearly 30 minutes so was I. Me being engrossed with music in my ear was passing time. Suddenly she came to me as said where do you stay I said at ******* and she was like even I stay near that. She suggested lets board an auto rickshaw as its too late and no hope for bus to come. But I wasn’t sure of accepting her proposal, as she was a stranger. Also I was hungry for food so I said yes with the intention of reaching home early and having food. Then we got one auto and we both sat in it. She just asked about me and I gave my details genuinely. I asked about her. Said she is a teacher in school. She was gone for a party and in between her car stopped working . She was afraid to go alone in an auto as she was alone so she was waiting for Public transport. Oh I forgot to mention about her. She is 5.4 ft tall and has a fleshy body, she was wearing black knee length dress with white designs on it. She had good big boobs and bummy. I am 5.6 ft tall and my little one is around 6inch long.

We reached her building, she gave Rs. 2000 note to the auto fellow he didn’t have change as the charge was only Rs. 60 and even I had Rs. 500 note. She said to me to collect the money from her house and then I can go as even I do not have change. I went with her on 28th floor to her house and she opened the door and gave me Rs. 100. I went down and paid to the auto fellow and told him to leave as I would not go ahead. I went to her house again and gave her Rs 40 back and said I will pay my Rs. 30 next day. She smiled and said you’re so cute and called me in. I hesitated but still I went as to see her house. It was so big and beautiful.

She said you’re hungry na and went inside I guess there was her kitchen, I was just gazing down at the world from the window of 28th Floor. She came out in another 8 mins with two bowls and plates and glasses on a tray. I asked her what is this, she said lets have food together, I stay alone and have no one with me, you can accompany me for food. I hesitated at first but her innocent face with red lipstick made me surrender. We sat on sofa and had food, I asked about her family, she said she lives alone and have no one, She is not married and her parents threw her out as she wanted to be teacher but her parents didn’t supported as they didn’t want to spend money on her. She became too emotional and so was I.

She was In tears. I kept my place on table and went near her just to comfort her and wiped her tears ,She lay her head on my shoulder and said no one ever showed such comfort to her. I started to shiver as she lay her head. Her aroma of perfume and hair was mesmerizing. Instantly she kept her hand on my lap and it touched my member. She smiled and said you are arousing by having a big sea in your arms and I replied yes ma’am. She giggled even more and rubbed her elbow on my tool and it grew even more stronger. She requested me to show my tool, I hesitated by she forced and removed my belt and unzipped my pant and was rubbing her soft hands above my underwear. I was totally mesmerized by her actions. She took my tool out and started to give a hand job. Then she said me to do a striptease and I was totally obeying her commands like a hypnotized doll. I did it and she recorded it all on her mobile cam. I had become totally nude and she pulled me by holding my tool and made me sit on her soft soft fleshy lap. It was a real pleasure for my bums to sit on such a throne.

Then she started to stroke my tool and giving a good handjob as my tool was totally in attention and saluting her. Her soft soft hands made me go mad. She was kissing me on my neck and her soft soft big boobs were touching my back. I had closed my eyes and started to imagine her nude. A fleshly indian milf with white skin tone. I jerked In sometime and she said go to washroom and clean it. I came back with a hope that she was give me a feast today. She said lets hold on and go very slowly let this be like course and lets have more fun in the morning. She grabed my cock in her soft hand and took me to her bedroom. There was only one bed but sufficient for two people to sleep. Her bedroom was totally girlish as it was totally pink with all clothes and accessories handing around. She had good collection of lipsticks and scarfs, specially pink scarf.

I guess she almost had 50-60 scarfs. She gave me one pink satin scarf and said me this would be your cloth for few days. Use it as your bedsheet or cloth. I didn’t understood her point. Still to hide my confusion I giggled. Then she said me to sleep on the bed and she closed the main light and switched to jhumer lights. She removed her dress. I was exited to see her in black slip and shorts with bra stap visible. She then removed her slip and was in black shorts (this is like what is worn inside skirts or short dresses) and black bra. She turned toward me and gave a naughty smile. Her milky soft big boobs were thriving to come out. Her hairs were till her shoulder so her cleavage was clearly visible. She slept next to me and said its gonna be fun tomorrow darling and gave me a kiss on my nipples and then on my chicks. I forgot that I had to go home.

Since next day was a long weekend off, I stayed there she turned back side to me and I was gazing at her and imagining how her boobs would be…. This I slept. Next morning when I woke up she wasn’t next to me and I could see a young 18 year old girl cleaning the room and I gave her a smile. She was busing doing her work yet she was giving her concentration on me. I couldn’t understand first, later I realized that she was focusing on my tool. I just hid it with the scarf provided by ma’am and tied it like a towel and asked her where is ma’am. She said she is out for walk, and will come soon. My tool was giving a poking bulge from the satin scarf. Even a jean couldn’t hold such things and satin can’t be imagined. I went to bathroom took a nice bath and wiped myself form a towel there and came out with the towel wraped around my waist. I went to kitchen and asked for tea, maid gave me an arrogant look and said “ye madam ka towel hai aap ise utar do warna who mujhe chillayengi” and she just snatched it from my waist and my 6 inch tool fully erected was visible to her. I hid it with my hand and soon there was a door bell. Maid went to open the door and I went to bedroom to take my scarf (ya now it became my scarf). I heard ma’am voice and rushed to hall.

Was so happy to see her in tracks and sleevless tshirt. I said good morning but she didn’t replied. I thought may be she didn’t heard. I again said Good morning she said ok. I asked where is my clothes she smiled and said “beta , you shall stay in this scarf for these 3 days of long weekend”. I aggressively walked towards her and said give my clothes and raised my voice… she replied ‘’sshhhhssh , ye mera ghar hai mai idhar ki malkin hu, to mera ghulam and hai”. I got angry and said “kya bak rahi hai” She said “tu meri baat nahi maana to tera kal raat ka video viral kar dungi’’ and she showed me the clip in which I was doing striptease. I was afraid and loosed my heart, she said “don’t worry if you co-operate with me for 3 days I shall delete it. I said ok, but what I have to do.

She said you need to stay nangu pungu (naked) all day long. I was terrified and still agreed. She didn’t treated me like slaves but only thing she commaned me things to do and stay naked. She watched me closely and my jumping tool. She then turned on songs and asked me to dance on it. Then she called me near by and grabbed my cock and took the pink scarf and tied it like a langot to me. Oh my god it was such a wonderful feeling. Still my cock in visible and now she was giving me handjob. I was in 9th star. Satin cloth on cock and soft hand rubbing it. Soon there was door bell. She commanded me to open the door, I gave her a surprise look. She kuch nahi hoga, jaa tere liye surprise hai. I went and opend the door but I stood behind the doors. To my surprise there were two college teens around 20 years. They came in and gave a wide smile to me.

I kept my hands on my tool to which ma’am said arey haat nikaal unko dekhne toh de. And I followed her command. Both girls were sexy. Both were were in formal thight pants and shirt (just like girls dress for presentations). They both came near me and kept their hand on my tool, soon my tool was hard and erect both strived to remove it out but ma’am stopped them by winking at them. Their names were Sheetal and Krupa. Krupa took my hand and kept it on her boobs without much hesitating, I started to press her boobs and she gave me horny expressions. Soon there was another door bell and now there was one short heighted girl, Jinkle. She came in she was wearing a short skirt and sleevless croptop. She was school teen but her body was like Ameesha Patel. She winked at me and seeing my tool behind the scarfs she giggled. I was too embarressd to stand in such a position in front of school and college teen girls. The Ma’am called me near her and all 3 girls sat opposite to her.

The ma’am removed the scarf and kept wrapped it around my neck just like girls wear it daily. She pinched my nipple and said “jaaneman isse chuppa de warna tera dudu pee jaungi”. She made me sit on her lap and started giving strokes, I was about to cum and she stopped stroking. Then she said to 3 girls your toy is here…. Go and play with it. All 3 girls thrived to hold my cock. Ooooh god 3 teen girls holding my cock what an awesome feeling and then they took me inside the bedroom and made me sit on makeup table and applied lots of make up to me. Meanwhile krup kissed my cock and I was in high heaven. She continued kissing and gave me a blowjob. Then Jinkle removed her tshirt and I could see her black bra…She looked sexy. She took my scarf off and wrapped it around her neck and removed her bra. She covered her boobs with the scarf. And then sheetal made me wear jinkle’s bra.

I was aromatic with spniz deo frangrance. Meanwhile krupa was busy giving me blowjob. Then sheetal came near me and asked me to remove her pants. I first rubbed my hands over her pant on her pussy area and bum. I removed her belt and unzipped her pants, she wore a black g string panty, she removed it and made me wear her. I was just looking at her pussy as I have never seen that. I was moving my hand over her pussy and checking it. It was too soft. Now I was in black bra and black gstring. Now girls were pating my ass and moving their hand around my cock. Soon they got a sexy black dress and made me wear that. Now I was looking really hot in that. But my chest was flat so krupa opended her bag and took out silicon boobs and they were really huge with pink areola and nipples.

Jinkle came hear me and put those inside my bra (yes my bra since now I had boobs). She touched her boobs to mine and rubbed it. Suddenly she removed the scarf and wrapped it around my neck and gave me a lip to lip kiss for 2 mins and meanwhile I was grabbing her bare boobs. The ma’am came and said I was looking so sexy in black dress with huge boobs and pink scarf over it. She gave me a name “Aancha’’ She said, your’re a sex bomb let me fuck me. To my surprise. She picked her dress up and showed the starpon she wore and came near me.

All 3 girls holded me and then ma’am put the strapon in my ass. I screamed but jinkle started to smooch me. Though she was smallest she was smart enough to control any man. Meanwhile krupa got totally nude and came under me to give me a bj. Then all jinkle and Priyanka also remove their remaining piece of clothing. Now only ma’am and me were clothed. Then she stopped fucking me and orderd the girls to sit back.. to be continued

I hope you liked my story, please do give your reviews about the story on [email protected] Please note there is twist in spelling in my mail. Kindly note the proper one. Awaiting for your response. Especially any Bhabhi or Aunty or Girl in her thirties.

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