Foursome Incest Including Wife, Sister-In-Law And Brother

Hi, dear ISS readers, after a long time I am coming up with this story, which as usual will be very interesting incest story. Those who had read my earlier stories will see the continuation.

As I was continuing the threesome incest with my Sister in law Vani and my brother, my brother came with the idea of including my wife in to our relationship. Vani too insisted me to make my wife also join us to make a four some group. I was excited with this idea and promised them that I shall at any cost include my wife Jaya into our group incest sex. I started to plan for this occasion.

The next day when I went to bed with my wife Jaya, I slowly started my conversation about having sex with strangers and incest sex. She showed no interest in this subject and dint like the incest sex issue. I expected this reaction and started to think of the other ways and went to sleep.

The next morning I discussed with vani and my brother about my wife’s reaction. We somehow wanted to include her in our group so that we can have group incest very often without waiting for the right opportunity. Suddenly vani came out with the idea of drugging her and I agreed to her idea. We planned to execute this on the same day. I went to our local chemist and got a dose of sleeping pills.

After finishing our dinner I offered to buy ice cream for all of us and went out to buy ice cream. I finely powdered the sleeping pills and mixed it in a cup of ice cream. I carefully gave the ice cream cup to my wife. We all ate our ice cream and I was too curious to see my wife in a group sex. After chatting for some time we went to our bed room and slept.

Within half hour my wife slept and I waited for another half hour and tried to wake her up, but she did not respond and in deep sleep under the influence of the sleeping pill. I went to my brothers room and invited vani and my brother to our room telling them ” welcome to enjoy our new member”. Vani hugged me and gave a passionate kiss by twisting her tongue in to my mouth.

We all went to my room. There was only a night lamp as we don’t want to disturb my wife with bright lights. Vani and my brother stood beside our bed. My brother was looking at my wife’s body curves and very eager to see her nude. I slowly removed her nighty, she was not wearing anything underneath and become completely nude in no time. Her full bloomed firm breast and thighs was a awesome view and I saw my brothers face full of smile.

We immediately removed our cloths and became completely nude, my brother and vani sprang into action and they laid on either side of my wife. I got aroused seeing my wife sleeping between my sister in law and my brother completely nude. I straight way went down and took my brothers erect tool in to my mouth and started sucking it vigorously. I always love to suck cocks. My brother and his wife Vani started exploring my wife’s body. They both were feeling her body by running their hands all over her body. My brother started to squeeze her bobs gently and also twitching her hard nipples.

Now vani started to rub Jay’s clean shaven pussy and slightly opened her pussy to feel her wet pussy. I saw that juice oozing out from my wife’s cunt. Vani was also excited by this view and placed her mouth over her cunt and started drinking her juice. On seeing this I shifted from my brothers erect tool and started eating Vani’s cunt. Now my brother took his erect penis and started to gently stroke my wife’s face and rubbing his tool against her lips.

Suddenly vani went high and ejected her juice in to my mouth and I drank every bit of it with pleasure. This being the very first day of our foursome insect, we don’t want to get into full swing. We decided to play a moderate game. Even in drugged mode my wife was sensitive and cooperating with us.

I slowly parted her legs apart and gave my brother a full view of my wife’s clean shaven cunt. He admired it and started licking her cunt. I was very excited on seeing my wife enjoyed by my brother. I asked my brother to stop licking and start fucking her. My brother was very happy and immediately knelt between her legs holding his hard erect tool, which was throbbing. I asked him to be gentle and held his penis in my hand and guided it in to my wife’s cunt.

Myself and vani sat beside our bed and started to watch my brother fucking my wife. This experience was strange and I liked the pleasure of watching my wife fucked by my brother. My brother was handling my wife so gently and he was fucking her in a very slow motion and surprisingly my wife was co operating with him on a equal rhythm. It seemed that they were in perfect motion.

Suddenly my wife Jaya arched her back and as a reflex hugged my brother tightly and broke out with a huge Hmmmmmm. There is no word for my feeling and I loved this sight. My brother stopped fucking her and slowly took his penis out of her cunt. It was dripping with his sperm and my wife’s juice. I immediately pounded on him and took his cock in my mouth and licked it clean. He and vani hugged me tightly and thanked me for this offer. I wiped my wife clean and put her nighty back and left her to sleep alone.

Then we three went to my brother’s bed room and started to continue our threesome act. My brother was admiring my wife and he wanted to fuck my wife for one more time and I said I will arrange for the next day. He agreed and I said I wanted to fuck his ass. Vani also liked the idea and wanted to see me fucking her husband.

She got some coconut oil and rubbed it on my erect penis and also applied some to her husband’s ass hole. My brother took the doggy position and his wife helped me to guide inside his ass. It was tight but after some try and more oil I was completely inside him and started fucking him in doggy style. He was giving soft lovely moans for each of my fuck. Vani was enjoying this scene and I busted in side him. Then I slowly pulled my limp penis out of his ass.

The next day morning my wife woke up as usual, but hugged me tightly and said ” dear, it was so nice yesterday night and I felt that you was different, which I liked very much, but could not remember much of it”. I understood that she was feeling happy about yesterday’s fucking without knowing who fucked her. We decided to drug and enjoy her until she willingly join to our foursome insect sex. This happened very soon and I shall tell you about the other incidents in another story. You may leave your comments and feed back at [email protected]

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