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Hello, everyone, this is Rajeev again, thanks for all your emails and comments on my stories. Today I want to narrate an experience with one of the readers of my stories. As usual please provide me any comments and any ladies looking for fun in Bangalore you can contact me at [email protected] complete 100% secrecy guaranteed

Now diving into the story, I had not checked my mail for a few days as I had gone home post my return from Bangkok, normally I check my mails almost every day. Once I was back in Bangalore I opened my mail and saw a lot of useless mail and was deleting them one by one when I saw a reader by the name Rupa (name changed) had written a mail to me appreciating my story, I replied with simple thanks. I did not expect back a reply from her as the mail was like 5 – 6 days old. Next day evening once I came back from office I saw another mail from her, which was just a general e-mail asking about the delay in replying, what I do etc. etc.

I was careful in replying as I have heard stories of many honey traps set by men like this I gave her answers but very vaguely and asked her the same questions back. I think she was online as within 15 minutes her reply came.

She had described herself as 28-year-old divorcee from Bengal, she was currently working in an IT company in Bangalore as an app developer. Her ex – husband was also an IT person but when she found out that he was having an affair with an office colleague she divorced him and it has been a little over a couple of years since they got divorced. Since they did not have any children they got a mutual consent divorce and she moved her own way and later she came to know married his colleague. Since then she has been relying on her fingers and porn to satisfy herself as she was not looking for any long-term commitment or anything serious.

I also replied that I was not looking for anything serious and what she had in mind and asked her to share her pictures, she sent across a selfie of her face (she was cute) and asked me for my picture, before I sent it to her using the photo I did some online verifications and it seemed to be a genuine selfie and I too sent back my selfie. She replied with a smiley face. That ended our mailings for the night.We kept mailing each other back and forth and a week later she wanted to meet up and she asked me to come to a popular brewery in Central Bangalore, till then we were just chatting on emails and had not even exchanged numbers. I agreed and the plan was set for Saturday evening – she said that she would take care of the reservations and messaged me that I should not expect sex on the first date itself with a smiley face.

I too replied with an emoji.On the D – day I reached the bar and started looking out for her and then I realised I should have asked her for her number as I had never seen her or met her save for a few selfies we exchanged over email however I guess she was more observant than I was as she immediately picked me out from the crowd, she had got us a table in the smoking area. We ordered two beers and we started talking about work and other stuff, as I had seen her in person I was a bit more comfortable. To describe her – she looked like a perfect Bong girl she was short with her hair tied neatly in a bun quite busty breasts and a flat tummy and an affinity towards red, she was wearing a red dress which was up to her knees and red matching shoes and red lipstick. She was cute and did not look like 28 at all.

We kept ordering as we both are from Bengal we kept talking about Kolkata, where we studied in Kolkata and where we lived. Surprisingly we lived very close to each other in Kolkata. We kept ordering beers and food and were there until closing time. As she lived on the way to my home I offered her a lift home. I called up an uber and got a cab, her house was on the way but the driver we got was an obnoxious guy and he refused to take a small detour to drop her and hence even I had to get down near her house and then I called another uber, the guy came in two minutes as he was just two lanes away. She hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheeks thanking me for a good time and said that we should do this again sometime.

I agreed and we exchanged numbers and I left for home. After I reached home I took a shower and was about to hit the bed when my phone beeped, it was Rupa she had sent me some forward saying good night, I also messaged her good night and slept off. Next day, as usual, being a holiday I woke up late and saw there were 10 – 12 messages from her. Supposedly she tried waking me up and I guess was unsuccessful I replied good morning to which she said its past 1 so should be a good afternoon and asked me if I was in a hangover. I replied back saying that on holidays I generally tend to sleep till late as on weekdays I am awake till 1 or 2. She said ok, she was coming to my area for some shopping and wanted to meet.

I agreed and freshened up and met her outside the shopping mall, she was wearing a sleeveless top and flip flop and was looking hot. I hugged her and whispered in her ear that she looked hot today to which she smiled. She had to buy some formals for her office and we went into Shopper’s stop. She liked three shirts which she purchased and then went for lunch as I was starving and had a KFC burger. After that, she said she needed to buy some lingerie too and she went in alone into the Zivame showroom (there was a big notice board outside saying no guys allowed) while I waited for her. She thanked me for accompanying her for shopping and was about to call an uber when I offered to drop her home in my car, she initially refused but then I forced her and she agreed.

We walked to my apartment and I took my car out of the garage and we headed towards her home on the way we spoke about random things. Once we reached her apartment building I took her to leave but she insisted that I at least have dinner and go as I had come all the way to drop her. I kept refusing saying I had work the next day but I gave in to her resistance finally. She lived on the 15th floor and she had a good view of the whole city from her house. The house was big and she said that her father had given it to her as her wedding gift. she had a maid who came after half an hour and she told her to make food for me too. We were sitting in the drawing room and chatting generally.

Then she asked me if she could ask a personal question, I replied yes. She asked me when was the last time I had sex. I smiled and told her about my Bangkok experience (the story had not been published yet by then hence she did not know about it). I asked her the same she said she had not been with a guy since her husband stopped sleeping with her which was two years back. She asked me to describe my Bangkok experience to which I said once it is published she can read but she kept forcing me and then I explained it to her about how scared I was at first and then how I became a bit more open about it.

Then her mom called and she was on the phone I moved to balcony to have a smoke and was smoking and taking in the Bangalore sunset view after I finished my smoke I saw her taking the clothes she bought and clicking photos, she was sending the same to her mother as she had asked for it, her mom replied to wear and send a selfie to which she went into the room and changed each shirt and came and took a selfie and sent it to her, she showed me her mom’s message praising the shirts. She asked me if I also liked all that she had bought today I replied with a mischievous smile that till now I have only seen the shirts and not everything she bought today, she gave me a light punch on my arm and smiled.

By then the cook had finished making food and left, it was only 6 and she suggested a game of squash in her clubhouse I refused as I had not bought a change of clothes she took me to a shop just opposite her complex and I bought a t-shirt and shorts for playing, we had a good three games and then we trudged along to her flat back she showed me the shower and gave me a towel and she too went into her room to shower, I got out first and was relaxing on the balcony having a smoke and then she came after her shower she was looking like a sex goddess, she was wearing a spaghetti top and pyjamas’ her hair was wet and open and I could make out she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were poking through her.

I complimented her she blushed and gave a soft pinch on my arm then we sat down for dinner and once I finished dinner I took my leave and she hugged me deeply and thanked me for accompanying her for shopping and the good compliments on her dresses, while leaving I again told her that I had not been able to pay compliments on all the dresses she bought, she gave me a grin and I left my phone beeped a couple of times in the car but since I was driving I did not see the messages, when I reached home it was full of thank you messages and all, I replied no problem and was preparing for sleep when I got a few notifications from her in one go. As I opened the message my mouth was left hanging she had taken selfies in her lingerie that she bought the same day along with a caption give me a compliment now. She had bought about 3 sets of lingerie and all were amazing, her breasts were enormous and she had a nice ass too, her skin was flawless and smooth she struck some poses in all the pictures. I replied saying that she should consider modeling instead of wasting her time in IT. She replied with a smiley.

Post this incident we kept on messaging each other and meeting up for drinks and dinner almost every week our talks started getting more sexual, but nothing progressed more than a kiss on the cheeks. I badly wanted to bed her but did not want to force her or do something that I would regret later. One weekend after playing squash we were back in her apartment and while eating dinner it started raining heavily, the current had gone too but as she had power back up in her complex there was no problem. I was taking leave but then the rain was so hard that she asked me to stay back as she did not want me to drive back in this rain as it was not safe. That sort of hit my pride and I started telling her stories of how I was an expert driver and I had been driving since last 10 years etc. then she said that if I left in this rain I could consider the friendship over and I relented and decided to stay back, however, I went down and took my car and put it in her parking slot (she did not have a car) from the guest parking. I was not feeling sleepy neither was she so we decided to watch a movie together.

She downloaded an English comedy movie on her laptop and we connected it to the TV and sat on the sofa watching, she sat very close to me and was resting her head on my shoulders while watching the movie, after a while, we were proper cuddling while the movie played.

After the movie got over we still were not sleepy and hence we started chatting and we our talks started getting hot she had put her hand inside my t-shirt and was rubbing my chest and my hands were rubbing her back, after some time I just planted a kiss on her lips and she smiled and hugged me hard and kissed me back, we got into a passionate kiss that lasted for a long time and when we broke we both could see the lust in our eyes, she put her hand over my pants and started feeling my dick and was feeling her breasts over her night suit, then she held my hand and took me to her bedroom and pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and started kissing me hard. I also raised her nighty up and started massaging her ass through her panties, when we broke the kiss she pulled off my shirt, shorts, and underwear in a swift motion and I too removed her nighty and her undergarments in one go, now we both were in our bday suit.

She started kissing me on my chest and slowly going downwards when she reached my cock she started teasing me by running her lips and tongue lightly around the tip. I was going crazy and seeing me unable to control she took it into her mouth in one go, I let out a gasp in pleasure, she gave me an amazing blowjob, I guess she could sense that I was about to cum soon because she stopped sucking me and spread her legs and asked me to return the favour, I immediately pounced on her pussy, it was clean shaven and just slowly started licking her clit she was so horny that she started pushing my head into her pussy in about two minutes she had her orgasm, her whole body went into an arc and started spasming.

However, I was not done and I went on top of her started kissing and asked her if she had a condom she asked me to fuck her without a condom and not to worry about pregnancy and she would pop in a contraceptive tomorrow morning. She gave me another blowjob and made my cock nice and wet and bought my dick next to her opening and I started teasing her by only inserting the tip, she started begging me to fuck her then in one go I just pushed inside and buried my cock deep inside her she gave a small scream, she was very tight I and was meeting each of thrust well, we continued fucking in the missionary position, then she came on top of me started riding me, her big boobs were bouncing and that was turning me on more she fed her breasts to me while riding,

I was close to cum to which she got up and we switched back to missionary again and asked me to cum in her, we both came together I could feel her pussy walls gripping my dick tightly and also my seed flooding her womb. We just lay to each other after that and went off to sleep naked.

Next day she woke me up with a fantastic blowjob and we had a few more sessions in the day where we tried new positions, we even did it in the shower while bathing. She agreed to everything and let me fuck her ass once but as she did not enjoy we never continued having anal sex. Even now every second week we meet each other and have crazy sessions. Since we were having so much sex she went and had an implant done so that we don’t have to worry about pregnancy. She wanted a friend with benefits kind of relationship which I was too happy to provide. We have even done a bit of role playing where she was a cop and I was a civilian and to get out of trouble I would have to fuck her and vice versa. I can happily say this relationship is going well. In fact, I just finished a session with her before writing this story. Please stay tuned for the next story where we decided to spice things up in the bedroom by introducing her colleague in our lives.

Thanks for reading, like always any ladies in Bangalore if you are looking for a hookup and NSA sex please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, I will not be sharing Rupa’s contact details or pictures so please don’t ask me as I have promised her 100% secrecy.

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