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Our 2nd anniversary was due in a week, and my hubby decided to take me to Andaman for vacation. I was really excited to spend some time with him, when he won’t be distracted by his work, and was also looking forward to the water sports. I decked myself up in a pink chiffon sari, with a darker blouse and petticoat underneath, and we left for the airport. Little did I know what was in store for me. After having obtained the boarding pass, we got in the queue for security check in, and it was a long queue. We had to stand in different queues as it was gender specific. The female section was more loaded as there was only one female cop at the station, and she was being helped out by a male cop. As a result it was moving very slowly. Suddenly, the male cop helping out in the queue left, and another guy replaced him. I recognized him immediately, and was shocked to see him. He was the same cop who had caught me about a year ago, and fucked me in front of the criminals, and later handed me to them in exchange for money. (Link:

Images from the day revisited my mind, and I was hoping that he doesn’t recognize me. The moment he looked at me, I knew he remembered everything. He was constantly gazing at me, and made perverted gestures by rubbing his cock whenever I looked at him. When I walked up to front of the security check in queue, he stood next to the metal detecting gate, and as soon as I entered, it sounded a beep. I knew it was the cop who had done it, but I couldn’t raise my voice against him, as I was afraid that he may spill the old beans. I walked up to the lady cop for a better frisking, but he interrupted, and told the lady cop, “There is a long queue. Let me take care of her.” I walked up to him, and he was giving me a wicked smile. He shouted aloud at me, “What are you carrying Miss Universe? We should be more careful with people like you.” Everyone around stared at me as if I was a terrorist, and he got the free pass to check me out. He put his hands around me neck, and took my necklace off, and whispered, “How can I forget you darling!” I was totally stunned, and did not say a word. He took out my bangles and ring, and started examining me with the hand held metal detector. It sounded beep at many places, and people were staring at me as if I was a human bomb.

My husband came to the scene, and the cop said that he will have to examine me with his hands. He started with me legs gently moving his hands over my sari, and as he moved up to my thighs, he was pressing harder, and gave me a gentle squeeze on my buttocks right in front of my husband and the passengers. My husband appealed that the female cop check me out, but he replied back, “Sir, we can’t stop the airport because of one suspect like her, she has more important things to look for.” He put his hand on my bare waist, and gradually moved his finger inside the rim of sari around my waist, loosening it a little. He moved his hand further up, and his fingers went inside my blouse from below, and he pulled my bra snapping it on my skin. He was looking lustfully in my eyes, and I was beginning to enjoy the frisking. His hands moved up further, and now it was under my pallu by the side of my breasts patting them gently. My breathing became deeper, and I was exhaling right at his face, still maintaining eye contact with him, After spending some time with my breasts, his hands reached at my bare back, and his fingers dipped down my blouse. His hands moved around my neck till he managed to poke his nail on my breasts.

He looked at my husband and said, “I am unable to find anything like this, and I can’t explain why the hand held detector is sounding the beep. I can’t let you go like this, but let me see what else can I do” He wen’t on to the male side, got another hand held device, and checked me again with it, making sure it beeps around me. He turned back to my husband and said, “I will have to do a closer inspection, as two of our machines cannot give the same results. I will be taking her inside the room, and you can come in too. But for security reasons you will have to stay at the other side of a wall. Don’t worry, we do have a female staff there in the room.” The cop had left a very good impression on everyone around, and the slightest disagreement from my husband side would have made us the bad guys. I, on the other hand wanted it to carry on. We went to a room, and my husband was seated. The cop took me to the adjacent room with all our baggage. I noticed that the wall was very thin. However, there was no female staff there. There was a sofa in the room, and the cop made me sit there, and sat next to me, and whispered, “You know darling what I exactly want, let us not make any noise as the wall is very thin, and enjoy the moment.” He moved closed to me, held me by my waist, and made me stand opposite him.

He put his hands inside the waistline of my sari, and untied my petticoat. Lowering his hands down to my feet, he put his hands inside my sari, and rubbing my legs, reached up for my petticoat, and pulled it down in a flash. He stood up, and planted a kiss on my lips, and moving his hands up my back, he unhooked my blouse, and then my bra. I lowered my pallu, and in a moment my bra and blouse was off too and I was topless. He put my pallu back, and walked away from me towards another door, and he let three other cops in. I was up for yet another session of gangbang with the cops. The cops had red shiny lips smeared with paan, and a bright gleam in their eyes. The first cop also took a paan in his mouth, and came back to me. Holding me at my waist, he placed me on the sofa. He held my legs, and pushed his hands up inside my sari, and rubbing my thighs, he reached out for my panties, pinched my labia, and peeled my panties out. I was lying there in front of four horny cops, wearing only a pink chiffon sari. The cop jumped on me, and pulled my pallu down revealing my breasts with erect nipples. He started sucking on my breast with his tongue, and was tingling my nipples. At the same time, his other hand was twisting my other nipple gently, and I was getting hot with every passing moment. My hand went down my sari, and started rubbing my cunt. The other cops got naked while the first cop took my sari off.

I was lying naked on the sofa, and two cops jumped on me kissing my body, and smearing it with their paan stained mouth. The first cop also undressed in the mean time, and all of us were now naked. I was not making any noise, so as to avoid my hubby waiting on the other side of the wall from hearing it. The cops got cozier, and started kissing me. They loaded my mouth with the paan as they kissed me one by one, laying down naked on my naked body. Our bare legs rubbed against each others’ and I was loving the flavored kisses. Our passion grew as we continued to kiss and exchange the paan, while vigorously rubbing our bare thighs against each others’. I felt his cock poking harder and harder in my groin with every passing moment. My hands reached down to my clitoris, and I was rubbing it when a cop came down there, removed my finger, and put his tongue in my pussy. It burnt for a while and I knew it was the paan doing the trick, but I was excited with the burning sensation down my cunt. His tongue was frisking my vagina, and I started to get wet. The cop who was kissing me moved down to my tits, and was sucking them one at a time. My mouth was left unattended and I was finding it really hard to stay quiet. As the cops continued to stimulate my tits and clit, I started moaning only to realize that my husband is able to hear it. I immediately grabbed the cock of a third cock, and shoved it into my mouth. I was sucking the cock very hard so as to avoid making any noise, wriggling my body as the other men stimulated me.

I was now all wet and ready to be fucked. I stood up and one of the cops took my position on the couch. I sat on his thighs guiding his cock in my pussy. I moved gently and his tool moved inside my vagina. Another cop started to push his fingers in my ass, and circling it inside while I continued to get fucked. He put his finger in my mouth making me taste my shit. The next moment, he positioned himself behind me, grabbing my breasts, and I felt his cock trying to push through my asshole. I was about to be double penetrated for the first time. He pushed in gradually, and I could not control my moan. He immediately put his hands over my mouth tight preventing me from making any noise. The guys inside me moved gently, and I was loving two cunts in my vagina and my ass. A third cop positioned behind the couch, and guided his cock in my mouth. The four of us moved in rhythm shoving their dicks inside me. The guys changed positions with each of them exploring all my holes. By the time the fucking session was over, I was totally exhausted, and drenched in my sweat along with the sweat of the cops. I went down on the floor on my knees, and the cops circled me pointing their tools all around my face. They stroked and in no time, I was being shot at by four penis at the same time. My entire body was covered in cum. While I licked their fluid, they started spraying me with their urine. I slid my fingers through my hair while they sprinkled me with the golden shower.

They wiped me with my panties and bra, and kept it as souvenir. I put on the rest of my clothes, and the cops walked me out of the room with the baggage totally exhausted. It was almost an hour inside, and before my hubby could have asked, I told him, “These cops totally messed my luggage, took me so long to put them back in order.” “The cop immediately smiled and replied, “Just doing my duty madam, sorry for bothering you. Have a good flight!”

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