Fucked A Divorcee To Her Desire

I am wild during sex and soft hearted normally with full energy to fuck women with full of zeal and enthusiasm. I love to eat pussy and fuck butt holes quite often. I don’t care about the structure of women, I just need women with no barriers, I can go to any extremes to fuck women if she is willing. I can suck for hours and fuck for days as I am full of stamina with throbbing cock and can push my tongue to the core of vagina and can open butt hole by my magic tricks. This story is the reflection of one such incident and once my friend xxx introduced me to a women and the women was divorced in her 40s with a daughter of 6 years age, highly depressed, yet beautiful with bosoms protruding and breasts were looking like two balloons moving with flow of the wind towards the right and left directions. We talked and discussed everything during our first meeting. We exchanged our numbers and promised to meet again at her home if time permits.

After a week or so I received a message Hi uroog (name changed) I want to meet you to discuss some personnel issues with you and the place of meeting was fixed at her home. At 10:00 am I went to her house by hiring a rickshaw and as soon as I entered the house she smiled and greeted me. She told me that she want to marry again and it is difficult for me to manage time all alone. In fact my guys have proposed her but she denied for the sake of her daughter. There was no issue of money as her ex-husband has left a good property and money for her. But she told that sometimes she want to share her personnel issues with some one special and I responded and told her what is the problem in marrying again. She told that I am afraid if I will marry again what will be the fate of my daughter.

Then we discussed things in detail and I understood that the only problem with this lady is sex. She wants some sex in order to fill her desire for sex she wants to marry again and during the conversation, she started weeping and I consoled her by putting my hand on different parts of her body. In this act, I started caressing her whole body slowly and she started responding and within few minutes we were kissing so passionately that we started exchanging litters of saliva. I kissed her lips, cheeks, and started removing her clothes one by one, removed her bra and started messing her breasts, with moans at its peak I took the dark brown nipples in my mouth and started sucking like a small child.

While sucking the nipples I started messaging the buttocks as I put my left hand inside the panties and started rubbing vagina, mean while the panties dropped and I moved down by kissing all over the body. I used my lips and tongue to lick the oozing fluids from the vagina in a very erotic manner. With the heaps of voices, I was moving my tongue in and out of the vagina and some times licking the butt hole with full speed. I was collecting the fluids from the vagina and putting them in as crack to open the hole. She lost in paradise and cum started discharging from her body within minutes of tongue fucking. She now opened the zip of my trousers and started sucking my 8-inch cock with full vigor and I started finger fucking in vagina and thumb fucking in the asshole.

Pain, essay, and happiness became the rhythm of our actions and pleasures were at its peak. I was in heaven and I lost my control and my cumming was shouted to her mouth and she gulped every drop as if she was hungry from decades.

I started working on her vagina and within 5 minutes we were again ready for the show. I put my cock on the wall of vagina and started teasing her and she started begging for the cock. I put the cock on the entrance of her cunt and started moving to and fro very slowly initially and then with full speed in cow girl position. We were fucking as there was no tomorrow. I fucked her with thup thup thup voices echoing in the room and the temperature and sweet was rising in the room. I fucked her with full intensity and the vagina turned total red and wall become swollen and it was a very good experience for her.

I bought ice cubes from the fridge and started applying it in the vagina and again put my shaft in the vagina and started macerating the pussy with my rod. Then we turned into doggy position and as soon as I was entering into pussy she was moving forward due to pain but I with full energy entered deep into her pussy and started spanking her butt cheeks until they turned red. I fucked and the moans of shyyyyyyyyyy, oshsee, oyeeeeeeeeee, sheeeeee, hmmm, ooooohhmmmmm, fucckkk were reverberating the whole room. She discharged again and all my whole cock was covered by white sheet of cum. Then I used the cum as lubricant n her ass hole and started opening the but hole and within minutes I realised that hole is ready to take the cock with less difficulty I put my cock in the ass with full speed and started fucking the ass with spanking and messaging the breasts with full attention.

I fucked her in doggy pose leaving her tits hanging out. My tongue straight went to her nipples. While she wrapped her legs around my waist and guided my cock into her ass. I was biting her nipples and licking her boobs. She had her hand on my ass pushing me deeper into her. After fucking her for another 30 minutes I was about to cum. She withdrew my cock from her ass and sat down with her face near my cock. I jerked off on her face and some inside her mouth. She tasted my cum and gupled some down her throat. The moans of fuckk me hard, fuck me , ommmm, oh good, oh oh ouuuh fuck, fuck, fuck,. An amazing experience and while fucking the cock I put my finger in the vagina and I was pushing my rod deep deep and deeper. She was begging to stop but is toped only after filling her ass with hot cum that overflowed later and I applied the cum on her breasts.

She was enough tired and was not moving an inch, it was 12:00 noon and I left the house with a hope to return once more or may be again again in the paradise of that women. She messaged it was beautiful and now I do not need to marry but you will fullfill my desires as and when required. Reach me at [email protected]

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