Fucked A Lady In Her 40’s – Part 1

Hello readers .This is Prem (name changed) a south indian guy. I am 47 years old, tall guy. I am working in gulf.A regular reader of ISS. I am narrating a story recently happened to me. Women aged more than 30 years can contact me [email protected]. Up on receiving the comments I will update the second part.

While coming back from vacation I met radhika ( name changed) in the flight. I boarded first and after a while a lady in her 40’s walked in.. For a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes. A very gorgeous women in her mid thirties. Her wheatish complexion, big eyes I noticed first. Then like every male I stared her boobs. It was big and round. She wore a tight kurtha and leggings. Her thieghs were big. And a big round ass which I noticed while she entered to the window seat.For a moment I was speechless! A real sex bomb.

After some time I casually said hello and introduced myself. She replied and gave me the most seductive smile I have ever seen. Nice lips. And when ever she talks, she directly look in my eyes. I got an instant hard on! We talked a lot in the flight and she giggled a lot with every joke I cracked.

When the journey is over, I just passed my business card and I told her to call me while free. She shook hands and directly looked in to my eyes and said bye. I was speechless while I watched those swinging big ass while she walked away. I reached home and masturbated twice.

Two weeks passed away. One day I got a call from radhika. She asked me whether I am remembering her or not. I said how can I forget such a beautiful lady and she giggled. I said in a humble way that I was not expecting her call as I am looking not that great. And I said beautiful ladies like you wont like such men. Then he said no no don’t say like that, you are looking handsome and your wife is very lucky to get such a person. Then she said she is in the office and cant talk much. She added me in whatsaap and we started chatting this and that.

One week passed. We chat almost every day. One day she said she is feeling sleepy, immediately I asked why your hubby didn’t allow you to sleep? Then she said no nothing like that , the previous day she watched a movie and slept late. I said I am feeling sad while thinking of your hubby as he was waiting for you to come. She paused for a while. Then I said I am sorry and I am not supposed to say like that. Then she said its ok fine, and she said she don’t have a physical contact for a long time, as he don’t like her and don’t treat her very well. I said I am sorry and things will be fine soon

In the next few days somehow we got very close and started talking about our personal lives. One day she asked me am I feeling sleepy and we burst out of laughing. I said if you were in place of my wife I would have been sleeping all day. Because I will be tired every day after the hard work in the night.

Then she asked me every day? I said yes. Because how a man will be able to sleep while such a sexy lady is nearby. She put blushing smile icon. I casually asked when are we going to meet again. She said why we want to meet? As we are chatting almost every day. I said I just want to see once again as I couldn’t see you well during the flight journey. She said it is not possible as it is difficult for her to meet outside. I said I can come to your place one day for half hour or so. Just we will meet and chat little. She said if it is like that come one day during the next week 10 am to her apartment as children will go for school and hubby will be going by 8.30. I agreed and I said while coming please give me 2 kiss. Then she said no kiss or touch business, just talk. I agreed that day. But next day I again asked the same. This continued for a week. One day she asked me why 2 kisses. I said if you are willing to give more, I am happy. Then she asked me where I want to kiss. I said one kiss on your shoulder and next one…I paused.

Then she asked me where where?. I said I can’t say that because if I say openly our friendship will be break. Then she said tell me tell me. Then I said I want to kiss your cuckoo. She asked me what is cuckoo. I said its a code word for pussy. Then she asked me do you really kiss a cuckoo. I said every time I kiss that and eat it. She said her hubby never ever kissed there. Then I said I will do it only it is fully shaved. She said I am not going to shave, so that you wont kiss. I said for you I am ready to do anything as she is the most sexy women I saw in my life. I praised her too much that day as usual.

Finally the day has come. I reached sharp 10 am to her flat. The door was not locked as agreed. I quickly darted from the lift to her house to avoid the eyes of neighbors. I bolted the lock and found her staring at me with a sweet smile on her face. Her hair was wet . She was wearing a very sexy white top and black mini and I was able to see the milky white legs. Her feet was looking reddish. We stared each other for a second and she came to me and hugged me. I kissed her passionately on her lips and soon our tongues met.

We kissed for a long time and my hand started exploring her butt. It was like a football and so tender. I explored deep inside her but and found her anus. I touched her anus, she giggled I am really an ass lover and I never leave any chance to fuck in the ass . We kissed again and again frantically and I sat on my knees and kissed her pussy from outside. She slowly massaged my long hair and pressed my head .

Slowly I put her on the couch and knelt in front of her. I kissed her thighs and started licking towards her pussy. I kissed on her while laced panty and after that I removed that. I found it was fully shaved and I said thank you, and she smiled. After removing the panty I kissed her toes. I felt its just like a flower. I put the fingers in my mouth.

Then again I started working on her pussy valley. I inserted my tongue deep inside and play with her clit. She started moaning and pressed her thighs around my head and pushed her sweet pussy on my face and immediately she came. Then she sat and touched my tool, just measured it and amazed by knowing its length. I have a long cock but not that thick.Women always compliment about my length.

I started kissing her boobs. Its big one still firm after giving birth of two kids. I felt her hubby never play on them. I kissed one and the other one put in between my fingers . She became violent while I sucked her nipples. I rolled her and put her on knees. From behind I again touched her nipples at the same time my tool touched her pussy, but I didn’t t tried to insert. I thought of teasing as much as I can but she couldn’t wait for that . She begged me to insert and I rolled her again and inserted my tool slowly. Just like a knife enter in the butter it went inside. She gasped while I entered and her eyes rolled back. I kissed her lips and massaged her right boob. After three or four strokes she became violent and with a big moan she came. I rolled her. Kissed her butts. I kissed the crack and she immediately raised her butts. I felt she is ready for the next orgasm.

I kissed from the crack of butt towards her ears. And I bite her ears then massaged her shoulders. Her back is milky white and from behind I again touched her boobs. Slowly I entered her pussy. She started raising her butts for every stroke. She came twice in that position. Total 4 times. But mine I didn’t come and my tool stood as a rock. And she exclaimed why I didn’t come so far. She said her husband will come in forth or fifth stroke.

She gently kissed my tool and started teasing it. Slowly she put the 3/4 of the length in her mouth. I felt she was not good in blowjob and I was not enjoying. So I withdrawed and started kissing the ass crack again. I licked and ass area by making a circle. She became hot and I rolled her. In the missionary position again I started pumping. She wrapped her hands on me and pushed from down. I increased the speed and she yelled what kind of length it is and it seems it reached up to her mouth. Such words made me crazy and I felt I am going to come. While panting I told I am going to come baby and we came together. She was coming for the 5th time which I never felt with any female.

Later she said she came that time only because of that I murmured that I am coming.

We lay side by side and I squeezed her shoulder and keep on kissing her lips ,forehead and nose and wherever I can. She said this is her best fuck ever and no one treated her the way I did. She said normally men roll over and sleep after the sessions and her hubby do the same. I gently kissed her feet and toes. It was having a fragrance which I never experienced before. Then I said we will bath together. Shyly she wore the bath rob around and said….. Sweet rascal!

To be continued….

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