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Hi ISS readers and I am raj from Ahmedabad. I want to share my experience with you all. I am 27 yrs old. I am a average good looking guy. I like mature girls and married women’s. I like to chat with married women’s than young girls.

This story about one of my chat friend Pooja and she is 40 but good looking Gujarati lady every day we use to chat in late night till 1 or 2 after that we became good friends. Her husband is a bank manager working in Surat. She has 2 children.

One day we were discussing about her personal life at that time she told that her hubby is a waste fellow. He doesn’t like her and he had some affair in Surat. She was very upset at that time I tried to convince her but suddenly my mind changed I want to use this chance.

So I tried to seduce her after few minutes I asked why you don’t have some affairs after hearing this she became angry and said shut up. I said sorry and left the chat that day after two days she mailed me that she feels sorry for scolding me.

She want to discuss some personal things come online by 10 and I was very happy that I got green signal from her at 10 we started chatting she asked do you have girlfriend I said no and she asked why your good looking guy then why don’t you try for a girl.

I said I don’t like young girls I like matured women’s than young girls. She suddenly asked why you like matured women. Now I want to move on further so I said they will be beautiful and good looking than young girls big boobs and butts of mature woman excites me more.

She asked am I looking good. I said of course you are so good. I love to marry a girl like you. She asked really am I looking good. I replied that really your hubby is waste she don’t have any sense to lose such a beautiful wife if I would have been your husband I want leave you at any instance after hearing that she became very happy.

She didn’t reply for 5 minutes I asked what happened she said that she loves me very much. I was very happy and I told I love her too and then we chatted emotionally later I start sexual talks she became very happy and horny. We exchanged our phone numbers then we chatted over phone daily.

One day I got a call from her she called me to her home. Her children were gone to native so she s alone in her home. I started from my place and I reached there by 8.30 and she invited me with a big smile in her face.

I hugged her tightly she also hugged me and gave me a kiss in my cheeks then we had dinner and after that we were watching TV while watching there was a hot kissing scene by seeing that she got horny then she came near me.

I understood her intentions slowly I placed my hands on her shoulder and I hugged her tightly after some time I felt something in my chest. I saw that Pooja is caressing my body I saw her he gave me a smile her eyes were full of lust.

I kissed her I her lips she responded well then she was telling that you are my husband do whatever you want. She lied in the couch then I kissed her from top to bottom then I licked her whole body and she was moaning in pleasure the room was full of her sexy tone.

By hearing that my dick became rock hard and trying to tear my trousers. She got my dick in her hand and started playing with that she kissed my dick my god that was a nice feeling then she started giving blow job and I unbuttoned her blouse.

Her boobs was very huge and soft I squeezed it with my hand then I placed my face in between her boobs and I kissed that and I licked for 15 minutes and I squeezed it hard she was moaning aahh (chusi le mara bobla dabawi dabawi ne) come on lick it more then I sucked it for 10 minutes.

After that I kissed her cute navel and I sucked her navel then I removed her panties her pussy was clean shaved and I can smell her aroma it was very erotic then I opened her pussy lips and kissed her pussy the taste was good.

I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and I licked her pussy after that I inserted my middle finger in her pussy then I finger fucked her for 5 minutes and she was screaming in pleasure (chati le mane khai ja raj keti rai pooja aunty) do it faster fuck me

I can’t resist then I took my dick and rubbed it on her pussy and inserted slowly her pussy was very tight and she screamed in pain then I planted a kiss on her lips to close her mouth then I started pumping.

She was screaming hmm then we changed our position. I fucked her in doggy style for 10 minutes after that I took some honey and I poured it on her boobs and pussy and I like she liked it very much after that I fucked her in missionary position then I cum on her pussy.

Later she gave me blow job for 10 minutes then my tool became rock hard this time and I fucked her ass and she was screaming in pain and pleasure. I rammed her ass and pussy alternatively then after 20 minutes and I cum on her face she drink all my cum.

After that we slept nude by hugging each other. Next day morning she wake me with coffee I grabbed her over me and I kissed her then again we fucked in morning. After that I had breakfast I came to my place. She said that I am very good your wife is so lucky.

After that we had sex weekly twice. Now she went to Surat. I miss her very much. I hope you all like this story kindly send your feedback.

Any girls or matured married women from Ahmedabad mail me [email protected]

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