Fucked Him In Sugarcane Fields

Hi all ISS readers,

Thanks for appreciating my stories and sending me those inspiring emails. For all of you, I am bringing out another true sex story from my sex encounters.

This story dates back to the year 2013. It was one of the hottest summers going on and I had to travel to one of the hottest city of northern India- Amritsar. I could have stayed at the hotel but I decided to stay at one of my relative’s place.

In the day time, I had a business event to attend. At the event, I had a super big hard on and it was so difficult to hide. I went to the restroom and locked myself there. I was rubbing my cock and on the other hand searching on phone for people around me on a gay app.

Unfortunately, couldn’t find anyone to take care of my super angry cock.

Then, at last, this guy came online and was ready to meet but didn’t want to share his pic or stats with me. Desperate times desperate measures. I agreed to a blind date. We decided that he will pick me up from my event and we will go somewhere.

I told one of my colleagues that there is some emergency at home and someone is coming from home to pick me up, so just handle it.

So I went out and started waiting for my blind date by the road with a clear hard on visible through my dress pants. I have noticed girls, ladies and some boys staring at it while passing by.

Soon a barely eighteen boy stopped his Pulsar 220 next to me and asked me to hop onto the back seat. I couldn’t believe that this is my blind date. He was around 5’6″ with his legs barely touching the ground when riding the bike. He was slim, fair and hardly any facial hairs. He had those soft pink lips that were asking me to kiss them right there in front of everyone on road. However, I controlled myself and sat on the bike and we went away.

After talking for some time I asked him where we are going. He didn’t know any place. So I decided to go to a hotel but he rejected. He wanted to go elsewhere. I told him clearly that I am super horny and want to fuck asap so let’s not do this crap and it will be totally safe. But he kept rejecting. After asking many times he told me that he is a son of a big hotelier in the city and he can’t risk himself like that as most people know who he is.

This made my horny dick situation more complicated. He then suggested that they have some fields outside the city and a tubewell with a room. I was already like yes yes let’s go. On our way, I bought some moisturizer. It was around half n hr out of the city and we reached this lonely place with just fields of sugarcane as far as you can see.

We went on a dirt road from asphalt and went a km inside those sugarcane fields and there was this tubewell. We parked the bike and my first question was that if we can turn on the tubewell, to which he just turned it on without answering me.

I quickly got out of my clothes and stood naked in front of him with my dick pointing towards him. He stood there staring at my dick in denial. I slowly walked to him, grabbed him close to me and placed my lips on his juicy pink lips. He hugged me and kissed me back. I slowly took his clothes off. One of my hand was stroking his small dick and the other was squeezing his super soft ass. He was holding my dick and his small hand couldn’t handle my throbbing cock. His hand was now wet with precum.

Then I got away from him to look at him and I was stunned to look at that sexy, young, soft, fair body of his. After a minute we were in a lip lock again.

Then we both naked went into the tubewell pool water. Our hot bodies in the cold water were making me super horny.We were continuously smooching and I was trying to explore his asshole with my finger. My finger couldn’t get in that tight little hole. To that, I was surprised and asked him if he was a virgin. He said its actually the first time he is touching someone like that today. He never had this done before because nobody met him on a blind date.

This made me even hornier and started kissing him everwhere. Soon I sat on one of the walls of the pool with my cock super tight. I slowly grabbed the back of his head and pushed it gently all the way til his lips touched the tip of my dick and left it there for him to decide what to do and how to do.

He was nervous but I tried to comfort him by rubbing his hair and back. He slowly tasted the tip of my dick with his tongue and stopped and then took a deep breath and put the complete head in his mouth. He started sucking. I had to guide him not to let teeth touch dick couple times, and then his skills improved.

He kept sucking the head for a long time. Now it was time for more. I grabbed his head firmly and asked him to open his mouth as wide as he can. I told him that I m going to fuck his throat and don’t try to fight. Let the dick go all the way in. Just tap my legs when you want to breathe.

He opened his mouth and I slowly slid all 8 inches into his mouth until my balls hit his chin. He tapped and I took out and after few seconds I pushed it all at once and fucked his throat for a minute. We did this for around fifteen minutes and stretched his throat good. By now my dick was out of control and wanted the taste of his virgin ass pussy.

I flipped him on the wall and stretched his butt cheeks exposing his pink cherry. He wasn’t expecting what was going to happen. My tongue went there and he just sighed and moaned in pleasure. Calling my name, again and again, he wanted me to go deep and deep with my tongue. My tongue filled his hole with a lot of natural lube. But that wasn’t enough to pop his cherry smoothly with an 8 inch. So I grabbed that bottle of moisturizer and put a lot on my dick and then a lot in his hole.

Now was the time to take his virginity. And I slowly started to slide my dick into his tiny hole and his eyes began to pop out lol. I stopped and guided him to just let it go in and don’t fight. Instead, use a pressure like you are in the loo. Voila! That brave champ got my balls hitting his balls from behind. He was all stretched.

Now began the slow pounding and his painful aaaaaahh changed to a pleasure aahhhhhhhhh. This champ has bravely taken his first dick and now ready to take his first big pounding.

We moved out of the pool into the sugarcane field where he was now a doggy and with little moisturizer easily took the dick. I held his arms back and his face was on the ground in a mixture of grass and soil. Now his ass started taking big pounds which were faster and deeper than before. Dick was sliding all the way into his colon. He was moaning like a little slut. This went on for 10-15 minutes and he was then flipped into the missionary position. We were lip locked and his legs were folded all the way on his chest to my shoulders and my 8-inch shaft was digging as fast and as deep as it could. This stayed for another 10 minutes.

Then my dick began to swell and his eyes began popping out again with an expression on his face like he is going to die. Then a huge volcano of cum erupted in his ass, of course inside the condom, but it relaxed me.

I got up and took off the condom and suddenly he took my semi-solid dipped in cum dick in his mouth. He was still excited and wanted more of it. He kept sucking and my dick swells back into its biggest form and was stretching his throat.

This time missionary was our only choice and no condom or lube. Just his saliva was good to take my naked dick in his recently popped cherry. This time it was more of a drilling. He came in between somewhere of that long session.Let me know at [email protected] if my sex story gave you some guidance and made you horny as well.

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