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Hello guys, I am Raj, born and brought up in Mumbai. A 22 year old engineering graduate, tall lean extremely fair body with genetic non hairy body and extremely talented with the dick and tongue 😉 Any females, preferably mid aged or married may contact me on my email i.e [email protected] who might have any doubts about my description. I provide additional hot body massage after you have fulfilled all your desires with me 😉 waiting for your feedback. This is my first story.

To proceed with the story, this is about my 40 year old female, Radha(name changed) vital stats 34-30-36, quite lean figure, wheatish complexion and a hot ass. As our building was recently redeveloped, she was one of the newest tenants in the bldg. among all the ugly and fat ones, she stood out from all of them, and her first sight was she wearing a tight top, high waist pant and headphones in her ears; nobody would say she was a mother of two. I had quite the eye on her since the very beginning.

Since I lived on the third floor and she on the 5th, we would quite frequently travel in the lift at the same time; or lets be honest sometimes is used to wait around 5-10mins just to travel together with her 😛 The first time we did, I pressed her floor number before me, and out of courtesy she smiled at me, and asked what did i do and general stuff. that was our first real interaction.

Cut to holi day, when all the families gathered to celebrate it, i saw that her husband was quite a short guy, maybe even shorter than her, bald and looked quite old. He was someone whom you would definitely categorise as impotent or incapable in the first glance, and thats what i did too. That day i decided it is my responsibility to make that woman happy and give that woman the pleasure she deserves.

So the next time we travelled in the lift, I complemented her on her fitness, figure and how she has maintained and she always blushed and thats how our friendship grew. We eventually exchanged numbers and became quite good friends.

One night I texted her to check whether she was awake, and she was. I asked her why is she awake, is there some ‘Night activity’ going on. She asked me what did i mean, and i said ‘Something that is done after the kids have slept.’ She replied that it doesn’t happen quite a lot and her husband was long asleep. I asked her if anything was wrong to which she replied, its just a phase in any marriage.I said what do you do then, she said, a woman has her ways 😛 I asked her i am her friend now and I can be of any help whatever she needed. She laughed and said lets talk about all this tomorrow. THAT was my first sign of making a move.

Next morning around 10am, I went upto her house since i knew that was the time she is all alone, to ‘discuss’ about yesterday. She welcomed me and we started talking. She ws hesitant at first, but later said , “Ab kya karu, koi aur option hai?”

I said, “Hu na mai, kaha toh tha kal”

She hit me in my hand in a typical girly way and said “Hatt pagal chup”

Thats the time i held her hand, pulled her towards me and held her by her waist. Brought my face extremely near to hers and said, “Sach bolra hu”

She didn’t utter a word because maybe she was shocked. I wasted no time and started kissing her. She didnt move for about a minute but then started responding. Opened her mouth, and we started sucking each other’s lips. We played with our tongues, had a big wet kiss, sometimes slowly sucking the lips while sometimes increasing our pace and exploring the whole mouth with our tongues. We were so lost in the rhythm that we couldnt even hear a thing of the exterior. aaah that was such an intense kiss.

meanwhile i slid my hand under her kurta and held her right boob in my hand. She had completely surrendered, or rather wanted it to happen. she moved behind and i quickly removed her kurta and her salwar. There she was, my fantasy my babe in a red bra and black panties. Wow that sight was so mesmerising it took me two whole minutes to completely check her out.

She held my hand and took me to the bedroom, where she made me sit, then sat on me and removed my tshirt. She was so excited to see my hairless white chest as she complained her husband had an ugly hairy one. She started to lick my chest, my nipples aah such a wonderful feeling. She sucked and licked it wet, like a wild animal. I then turned and threw her on the bed, pulled out her panties and smelled them. That aroma of wet panties is the best thing in this world. She just looked at me with such lusty eyes.

I said to her, “Aj mai tumhari har khwahish poori karunga” to which she smiled and said, “Mujhe aaj tera banade, jo karna hai kar jaha chaatna hai chaat bas rukna matt”

This just charged me, and i removed her bra and started sucking her nipples. Her boobs were so amazingly soft, And nipples brown and hard and erect. while i sucked her left nipple, i started fondling the right boob, pressing the nipples, fingering the areolas, while all the timeshe moaned like “aaahhh boht accha karre ho rukna matt jaaan aaaahh”

Her moans were such a booster to my feelings. I decided to go down on her. I made her lie on her back and told her to raise her hips up. So there it was, her beautiful ass, her dripping pussy right at my face. I started licking her ass, softly nibbling it and kissing it sucking the ass.

Then I pulled them a lil apart to peek inside the ass crack and saw the two beautiful things; the wet pussy and the asshole. Trust me, as gross as it sounds, being licked at the asshole is one of the biggest pleasures.

I started the journey of my tongue from the start of her pussy from the bottom, and kept licking all the way upto her asshole. This time she shouted while moaning. She was amazed at the amount of pleasure and said “AAAHHH wapas karrrrr was soooo sexxyyy”, and thats what i did. i then kept licking her asshole kissed it, then put my tongue inside her pussy hole. I literally smooched it; sucked the pussy lips and circled my tongue around the whole, inserting it slowly and steadily. She was in 7th heaven by now. She was in immense pleasure. “40 saal me meresath aisa kisne nahi kiya tu rukkna matt bilkul mere sher aaaah bas karte reh”. She got some 4-5 orgasms while i did that and was just worn out after that. We both were lying in the bed after that.

She said, “Ab tere liye kuch special” and she too my 6″ shaved dick in her hand, looked at it and took it in her mouth in one go. aaaahhhh she sucked it so amazingly. right from going to the bottom, she came up with her wet mouth and started sucking the tip. “Acha gora hai tera,clean bhi hai ” she said, as she had to do it to her husband’s black and hairy cock. She sucked mine with so much passion i was so lost in the feeling.

She gave me a simultaneous handjob and a blowjob. I came after 10 minutes in her mouth and she drank it. we both were tired after that, and slept hugging each other’s naked body. By the time we finished all of this it was already 3pm; her daughter’s returning time. So we hurriedly dressed up, and once again kissed her and i came back home. After that everytime she is alone, or I happen to be alone at home, we called each other for a nice quickie or a biggie, and enjoy. I would describe that in the next part depending on the feedback.

Ladies in Mumbai especially Borivali, Andheri Bandra or Dadar or nearby, feel free to contact 😉

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