Fucked My Bhabhi At Her House

Hello everyone after a long time I am here to narrate another experience of mine. My name is Harman and I am 31 years of age. 5 ft 4 inch in height, fair in color and a dick size of 6 inches. I have my own business and I am quite well to do. My wife is sexually disorientated and she doesn’t like sex whereas I am a sex maniac. I have already posted 2 stories of mine for whom I received very good response. They are titled:1) Amazing sex with a married lady2) Hot sex with a divorcee colleague

Lot of females mailed me and I even had sex with two females as my work takes me to different parts of country. One is from Gurgaon ( Jyoti) and another from Hyderabad.

Now let me come to my new experience. But before that I would like to thank few ladies with whom I have good friendship now: Jyoti from Gurgaon, Sweety from Hyderabad, Shobha from Bangalore, Monika from Ranchi, Arpita from Kolkatta and Sunita from Vishakhapatnam. I believe in no strings attached relationship and enjoying sex. Jyoti and Sweety knows how good I am in sex.

However this incident is about my sexual relations with a distant relative. Recently my brother in law got married. And this was for the first time that I attended any function from in laws side. Everyone knows me to be a very sincere and hard working man. I have earned a lot in my life. All relatives were very excited to meet me after 4 years. So one day before marriage we had a dance party in the night. There I met a cousin sister of my wife who was with her younger devrani. Her name was Pooja. When I saw her for the first time I was mesmerized with her beauty and personality. She is very slim and fair in color. Her figure is 34-28-34. She has a very charming personality. Quite very bubbly and ever smiling and joking. She was wearing a white floral suit and was looking very gorgeous. She met with lot of enthusiasm and I also liked her. It was like at the first sight only I wanted to be with her. My eyes were staring her only. She was also looking to be very interested in me.

I offered them snacks and took special care of her. So the party started and lots of people were dancing on floor. She was also among them. She was looking very hot while dancing and her dimples were adding to her beauty. People dragged me also to dance floor and she requested me to dance. It was very crowded and people were touching each other. I also took my chances and brushed myself with her. Once I touched her butts and boobs also but she didn’t say anything. I got encouraged with that but couldn’t do much we were surrounded with relatives.

Party finished and everyone was looking for place to sleep when my wife told me that I need to drop Pooja at her home as her son is waiting for her. I was shocked to hear this. She was so young and was not looking at all a mother of a 5 yr old kid. Anyhow I took this opportunity. We started driving and she was sitting next to driver’s seat. She also was very much interested in taking to me. On the way I got to know that hers is a love marriage and her hubby works mostly in night shifts. I jokingly asked her then why are you so eager to go home and she blushed. I knowingly touched her hands while changing gears. We got to know each other well. She invited me to come inside her house but I denied and I saw her face saddened. She said that she will be coming next day also for baraat. Anyhow for next two days we did not missed any chance to talk or touch each other. During the baraat we danced a lot and I complimented her for her looks. After the marriage my mother in law told me to go to their house to give them sweets and I decided to use the opportunity. I was praying to god to find her alone at home. When I knocked at the door she came to open the door. She was wearing a loose top and a Capri. She was very happy to see me and invited me inside.

I asked about others and she told me she is alone at home. I could see a tinge in her eyes while saying that. I also felt very happy. She got up and went to kitchen and asked me for tea or coffee. I said whatever you are good at. She blushed with that. Her hairs were falling from side. I went ahead and tucked her hairs behind her ears. She closed her eyes. I went ahead and planted my lips on her lips. OMG!! those were most juicy and sweet lips. She did not respond initially but then started kissing me. I was sucking her lower lips while she was sucking my upper lips. We were desperately kissing each other and vigorously sucking each other. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. We continued kissing each other for 15 minutes.

I took her in my arms and carried her on to sofa. I made her lay on sofa and kept on kissing her. Her voice was very erotic. I started kissing her on her neck and started fondling her boobs. Her eyes were closed and lifted her top. She was wearing a pink bra. Her boobs were beautiful, round and very firm. Her tits were fair in color. They were fitting perfectly in my hands and I started massaging them. Pooja was moaning and I was kissing her soft boobs. I was kissing on one and playing with another. Took her tits in between my fingers and twisted them. She moaned and arched her body. I kept on kissing her body and inserted my tongue in her navel. She was continuously moaning and releasing erotic sounds.

Then I lifted her butts and took off her Capri and panty. Her pussy was clean shaved with a small tinge of hairs. I kissed her pussy and licked her lips. My fingers were exploring her pussy and she was praying me to leave her. She was saying aaahhhhhhhhhhhh mai mar jaungi iiiii Please chor do muje. Mujse nahi raha ja raha. Ya aap kya kar rahe ho aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh plsssssss muje chor do. And then I released her. She said why you stopped and I said you only told me to and she said please keep doing that, When I asked her doesn’t your hubby licks you she said no. He only puts his dick in and that’s it. I started licking her pussy and was also pressing her boobs. She was enjoying my movements and was saying I am all yours now. Please keep doing it and I love it. You have given me true pleasure. Aaahhhhhhhh I could sense that she is near to her end. She was holding me from my head and was pressing me in. I was licking her pussy and my tongue was deep I her. I started tasting her salty cum. She was saying aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh mai mar jaungi aur taz karo , aaaahhhhhhhh and I was drinking her cum. I licked her dry and laid in side to her.

Till now I was in my jeans and then she put her hands on my dick which was rock hard by then. She took that out and her eyes widened seeing my dick. She said it’s very good. It’s thicker and longer than her hubby and fairer than her hubby. Her husbands dick was black where was mine is pink. I asked her what will you do now and she said I will eat it whole. She bent and licked my dick with her tongue. Gosh. It straightway jerked and she was rolling her tongue on my dick. I was really feeling happy to have my dick sucked by such a beautiful and horny lady. She was gulping my dick whole in her mouth and was very good sucking, it was the best blowjob I had. She was taking it whole in her mouth and then use to take it out slowly rolling her lips over my whole dick. I was holding her head and asking her to suck me very fast. She increased her pace and I was also about to cum. I said to her I am about to cum and she increased her speed. I ejaculated all my cum in her mouth and she drank all my juices. She was still licking and made me dry.

We lay on the bed and started playing with each other. I made her sit on my lap and started kissing her. She told me she wants to ride me. She took my dick in her hands and inserted it in her pussy. Even after years of marriage and a child her pussy was pretty tight. She was feeling pain in taking it in. I was relaxing on my back and let her take the charge. She started moving up and down slowly and gradually increased her pace. I was also lifting my butts. She was moaning in pleasure and enjoying the act. After about 5 minutes of fucking in that way I made her in doggy style and entered her from back. Her ass was beautiful and I was slapping her ass which was raising the excitement level. She was moaning in pleasure and yelling in between. Fuck me hard… aur tez karo… poora daal do ander … faad do meri …. Maja aa gaya… bahut maja aa raha hai…. Karte raho….. aur tez karo…. I could sense that we both are close to ejaculation. And then with a sudden burst she exploded and I was feeling her cum on my dick. I also increased my pace. I put one of my leg on bed and started drilling her hard. Within 10-15 shots I also ejaculated and loaded my cum inside her. I lay on her back for some time and we both were trying to catch our breath. After this she kissed me deeply and thanked me for giving her the pleasure which she was missing. I bid her goodbye. We are meeting frequently now and enjoy fucking each other.

So friends this was my story. Hope you liked it and please do tell me about it. Any lady interested in secret sexual relationship please mail me. Trust me it will be a closely guarded secret. Believe me ladies I know there are lot of you unsatisfied and you need not to kill your desires. I have also gone through same. Please mail me at [email protected]. Till then happy fucking!!!

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