Fucked my childhood crush cum cousin sister Swetha

Hi readers, I am writing down my story which happened recently. I am going to tell you how I got a chance to fuck my cousin sister Swetha (name slightly changed).

A little bit about us. I am a 27-year-old man presently living in Hyderabad. About her, she is 23, and her stats are 34-26-34. Currently, we both are working in IT.

Swetha is a distant relative of mine. She has always been on my crush list since my college days. Once I even tried to get her when I visited her place in Vizag. We were discussing something while sitting on the sofa and I slowly caressed her back. She did not resist. I thought she was enjoying it and I should continue further.

But, all of a sudden, my cousin sister stood up and went to the hall where every one of our family was there. I was shit scared that she would tell them. But she didn’t. I did not know what to understand from that and I never dared to talk about that matter later.

Years passed and we were not in touch after that incident (no messages, calls, nothing).

Recently, I got to know from our common relative that she was also in Hyderabad. I took her number from him and messaged her if everything was ok in the new city, blah blah. From then on, we did regular messages and calls and we started meeting here and there whenever we got free time.

It went on for a few weeks. I liked the way how things were going on between us. One day, I asked my cousin if she could come out to watch a movie, to which she said yes. So, I booked the corner seats for writer Padma Bhushan(a Telugu movie) in AMB cinemas.

We went into the theatre which was barely filled with an audience. After 40-45 minutes into the movie, I rubbed my hands on hers and pulled her closer to me. She was so shy but did not say anything. I took it as an opportunity and decided to spice up things further. Her face was so close to mine.

I turned toward her and immediately planted a kiss on her rosy lips! We lip-locked for about 5 minutes. Then I gently placed my hands on her boobs and slowly started pressing them over the top. She adjusted herself down on the seat and made me more comfortable with what I was doing with her.

I put my hand inside Swetha’s bra and started pressing her boobs. Soon, I started feeling her boobs. Ohh! They were so soft and firm. I sucked Swetha’s boobs one by one. I continued my action by sucking one boob with my mouth while kneading the other with my hand. My cousin sister was enjoying my sucking and playing with my hair. Meanwhile, I was switching between sucking her boobs and kissing her lips passionately.

But, after some time, she was feeling a little uncomfortable. She felt so nervous and requested me to stop. I stopped it and then we proceeded with the movie, had dinner, and came back to our respective PGs.

Night scenario:

Me: Hey Swetha! Em ayyindi ra ii roju theater lo? Niku nachaledu aa (What happened yaar? Didn’t you like it?)

She: Ala em ledu (Nothing like that).

Me: Mari enduku aapey annav. (Then why did you ask me to stop?)

She: Naku nachindi kani Evaraina chuste enti mana paristiti Cheppu. Naku Chala bhayam vesindi. Ayina ala public lo unnappudu inkeppudu vaddu, please (I liked it but I thought if we get caught, it would create problems for both of us. So, do not do such things again in public).

Me: Ok! Done. By the way, your lips are so sweet, darling. Malli eppudu chance istav? Naku ayte ade gurtu vastondi. Assalu aapukoleka potunna ra (When are you giving me the chance to taste your sweet lips again? I just could not control myself thinking about that).

She: Hmm! Chuddam (We will see).

Like this, our erotic conversation continued for hours. We also had phone sex for the next 3 days and finally, we decided to meet in OYO over the next weekend.

The next weekend:

I was desperately waiting for that day. Swetha told me where to come to pick her up. She came in blue denim jeans and a black top. As soon as we entered our room, I hugged my cousin so tightly and kissed her forehead, neck, and lips madly. I gave her a gentle warm kiss on her lips by holding her big ass. She too got aroused by this and started reciprocating my kiss.

She was sucking my lips and soon, we started exchanging our saliva. I broke the kiss and laid her down on the bed and removed her bra top. Her melons came out. They were huge and I started sucking her nipples. After that, I went down and she opened her legs for me. Then I removed her jeans and a blue color panty.

I inserted my finger in my cousin sister’s clean shaved pussy and she moaned, “Shhh..ohh god” and then I doubled the dose by inserting my two fingers. Swetha started screaming loudly as both my fingers were stimulating her clit. She was on cloud nine and pleaded with me to do more and more (Abba alane cheyyu ra pleasee).

I finger fucked her and after some time, she released her juices. I did not want to waste even a single drop of it. So, I started eating her wet pussy filled with juices. She grabbed my head by my hair with her both hands and pushed my face deep into her pussy. I drank every drop of it and I gave her a long kiss on the lips.

After that, she took my dick in her soft hands, giving my tool a gentle massage. Then she started slowly taking my whole dick in her mouth and giving me a nice blowjob. I was over the moon. And I asked her, “Idi ekkada nerchukunnav (where did you learn this?).

Then she gave me a wicked smile and told me about her ex and how they used to have fun in her college (I had no idea about her past. Long live her ex, he trained her so well).

She gave me an amazing blowjob. That was the best blowjob that I got so far. Then I lifted her legs, rested them on my shoulder, and slowly entered my dick into her pussy and started ramming her pussy in missionary. It was so tight and Swetha let out a big moan with pleasure as I entered her pussy. She closed her eyes, pulled me above her and started kissing me again.

I could see her boobs juggling while I was fucking her. I slapped them hard and I saw those nipples became erect. I sucked her erect nipples and continued fucking her pussy with the same pace for the next 7-8 minutes and then I came hard.

I collapsed on her and we both were in each other arms for the next 20-30 minutes.

Then we both got up. My cousin came on top of me and kissed my chest, and my nipples wildly. She pinched my nipples hard and we both laughed at each other for her act. We again kissed for 3 minutes and then I guided her to ride my dick. I was enjoying the bounce of Swetha’s boobs as she was riding my dick. I held them firmly.

She bent forward and gave her boobs to my mouth. I sucked them crazily like a baby. We again engaged in a sensuous kiss. She rode me for a long and then we switched our position to doggy. She was moaning heavily, “Ahh.. don’t stop, baby. Keep going” while I was taking her from back in doggy style.

I gave her a deep long thrust into her pussy. She loved it. I went deeper and deeper for 10 minutes and I told her I was about to cum. She turned toward me and sucked me off dry like a horny bitch.

We both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. We slept naked by hugging each other for some time. We had a few more rounds of sex that night. We were there till Sunday. we had plenty of such sessions.

Guys, I hope you like my story, If there are any mistakes, kindly forgive me. I am sorry for that and if you want me to tell how I fucked her on Valentine’s day in my car on the city outskirts (Vikarabad Antantagiri hills forest), give me your feedback, please. Also, single ladies in and around Hyderabad, feel free to reach me out at [email protected]

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