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Hi!!!It’s the first time I am publishing a story here. About me, I am hunterr and I am from Gwalior and it’s the story of a girl who lives in my colony.

About me, I am 25 years older, footballer, physically fit, 6-inch drilling machine, hardcore licker.Name of the girl – Anjali.

Contact me on – [email protected]We are just colony mates. She’s around 24. Pursuing ca. Her vital stats are 34d 28,32. Chubby girl. Tottaa you can say. She loves to wear shorts or mini

Skirts with skin fitted tops. You can easily see the bra liners under the tee. She have semi straight hair with fair complexion.We used to chat daily by online apps. We used to share dirty jokes, used to talk about sex life. She knows that I used to give body massage and I have my eyes on her from the beginning. And my luck was on fire too. The day arrived soon when I got the chance to fulfill my desires.

It was the time of holi and I casually visitedHer house to wish. I found out that she was the only one alone in that house. Knowing that I got excited. She was wearing a crop top with a micro mini. Just looking like a girl who is lusty from ages. Just a look at her and the bulge in my joggers

Start raising. It was hard for me to control that. She saw that and gave me a kinky smile. I just smiled at her and she welcomed me in. After entering the house she sat beside me. Now, she putHer one leg above other and she sat close to me. She simply asked me like one bad actress that what would I like something hot or something very hot? I simply

Said that I want to taste the fresh milk. I was nervous and sweating a lot. I drank and I am feeling shy to look at her. An almost half-an-hour passed. She went into other room. After a min, she came back with a devilish smile. But there was Something strange then I noticed that there is something pointy under that top and wow she was not wearing any bra. She asked me that you want to drink the milk here itself or want to drink in the bedroom. After hearing this I hugged her, I am running my hands all through her back now I am relaxed a bit. I hold her face and kissed on her forehead, then slowly I came to her lips. We had smooched each other for long. Our tongues are rolling inside. We were french kissing at that time. I don’t know about the best kiss I have ever got but she was wild for sure. She starts scratching my back with her nails. I simply start kissing all over her Neck.

Giving her love bites. Making her moan. My one hand was playing with her boobs and other was rubbing her thighs. While rubbing her thighs I raised my hand to feel her pussy and she was completely wet. Can feel that from above the panty too.I then inserted my fingers into her panty, it was sticky and smooth.. So rubbed over there… and kept my middle finger into her hole.. It easily went inside. I started fingering her pussy… meanwhile I am top of her and kissing and massaging on boob and playing, I then completely came down. I tried to remove the panty but she is holding my hand,,, then I placed my head and kissed on her panty, removed a bit and kept my tongue and started to lick her pussy.. It was one kind of feeling. She ejaculated white fluid. I drank all the cum. After some time she placed her hand on my bulge and start rubbing it from above. I told her to satisfy my machine with her juicy lips. She simply gets down and start lowering my joggers.

She quickly removed them and she saw my 6′ dick and she holds it in her hands. She simply winked at me and start sucking it like a pro. She was licking it with her tongue. Making me Shiver my knees. I hold her head and start fucking her mouth for next few min. I told her that I am about to come and she said to me that she want every single drop of my cum. I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank every single drop of it. After that, I simply lift her up in upside down position her mouth satisfying my dick and mine satisfying her pussy we were standing in 69 positions. Now, I start licking her pussy and in between biting her juicy lips.

Whenever I bite her pussy she just simply scratches my ass with her nails. I was Making her pussy completely wet so that it can take my dick in one go. Then I simply throw her to bed and come on top of her. She simply spread her legs and then I placed my dick on her juicy lips and it made my dick completely wet. I told her to look into my eyes and then next moment I pushed my dick in one go. She justPulled my hair, tear rolling down from her eyes and wwwhhhoooo she lost her virginity. I still rem. The scream and it made me go wild. I start ramming her pussy Roughly and then after 10 min. I told her to get into doggy position. I came behind her and placed my dick over her pussy. I told her to look back and as soon as she turned I inserted my dick from behind and while ramming her from behind I pulled her hair and Then start spanking her wildly. I rammed her for 20min.

And after that, I simply told her to lick my dick and we came into 69 pos again. Love to lick pussy. That was the first The time she got satisfied by me and till now I fuck her once in a week.

Anyone who wants to do phone sex, want body massages, services can contact me onMy mail address which is [email protected]Privacy is the first priority. Love to lick wildly. Will satisfy first then will talk :*

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