Fucked My Friend’s Sister On The Beach

Hi, ISS readers, how are you? By the way, I am Nani, my age is 27, my height is 5’8, with a good physique. I live near to Visakhapatnam. I was excited by reading stories on our favorite site. I also want to share my experiences with you.

Coming to my story I am going to explain how I fucked my friend’s sister. Here the story turns around three persons

Me (Nani)
My friend (Raju) name changed.
His sister (Rani) name changed.

Every time I visit my friend’s house, I talk with everyone in his family. One fine day I entered his house, only Rani and her grandma were in the house. I sat on the sofa, in front of me Rani sat on the floor and done something with books. I asked for a glass of water. She gave some and I drank.

After that Rani bent in-front of me. I saw her boobs for the first time. Guys her boobs were awesome. Sorry, I forgot to explain about her. Rani was 23 years old, height 5’4, milk-white skin tone, curly hair, rosy lips, with perfect properties. Maybe god made her with special attention.

From that time my mind thinking bad about her. From that day I started dreaming about Rani and done handjob every two days. I decided to fuck her at any cost. One fine day I crossed my friend’s house on my bike. I heard a smooth voice called me to stop.

That was my angel (Rani). She gave her phone to me and said I was facing software update issues, please solve it. After a few hours, the problem solved and saved my mobile number in her phone and gave it to her. In the evening, I got a message from her, “Thank you.”

That is the foundation of our chatting. We chatted simply for a few minutes and ended with goodnight. I want to see Rani. I made a cause of meeting Raju and went to his home. As I expected Raju was not in the house. I entered their house and started watching Rani. She observed that I was checking her.

Later my friend came we talked for an hour and left his house. I got a message from Rani,

Rani: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Rani: What are you going to?

Me: Thinking about you.

Rani: What?

Me: Yes, you look beautiful everything in you is specially made.

Rani: Hahaha, thank you.

Me: I am not joking

Rani: Ok I saw you admiring at me, what is the matter? Are you trying to flirt with me?

Me: No.

Rani: Then, do you have to love feelings?

Me: No.

Rani: Then, what is it?

Me: Purely lust

She was shocked by the message and said sorry to me. No messages for a week

Me: Hi.

Rani: Hi, what are you doing?

Me: Thinking about you.

Rani: Why are you thinking like that? What do you want?

I said simply that I want to kiss her and I want to do sex with her.

Rani: I can’t do that with you. Please don’t ask me about this.

Slowly conversation gone like that. I convinced her to do sex in chat, she agreed. We had sex in chat thrice a week for a month. She asked a lot of doubts and feelings about sex and reproduction, usage of condoms, etc. I explained everything.

One month was completed. She messaged me that she was not felt good for this sex chat and she wants to stop it. I respected her feelings and stopped. Three months passed away no chat between us. I and my friends went to a colleague’s marriage function in my car.

We entered the function hall and I sat on a chair. My friends went out to bring a gift. I started watching women and girls, all are good. There I saw a girl wearing a red saree and black sleeveless blouse. She was my angel Rani.

Guys just imagine a girl with 5’4 height, white skin tone, curly hair, rosy lips, perfect properties wearing red saree and black sleeveless blouse. I couldn’t control my self, the monster inside awakened.

She saw me and came to me, we talked for a while. She asked me, “What are you doing here?” I said that the boy who was getting married was my friend. She said that the girl who was getting married was her friend. We felt happy and talked for half an hour.

Her friends called her she went. My friends came. We presented the gift and completed our dinner. We got ready to leave. But, my sixth sense warned me to stay. I convinced my friends to leave without me. I dropped them in the bus complex and came back to the function hall.

I sat alone there for 2 hours. Some marriage tasks were over. The bride and bridegroom went to their rooms. Few people left in the function hall. Suddenly my angel Rani came near me and started talking with me. I was very happy about her arrival.

It was around 12.15 am. She felt bored. I asked her to go to the beach which was a few kilometers from our location. She said nothing for a moment and accepted. I thought this was the time to cash the opportunity. We took my car and went to the beach.

I parked my car and looked around to confirm that no one was there. We entered the beach, walked for a while and enjoyed the cool climate. The monster inside me asked me to fuck her. I want to use the situation but I feared. Because if anyone comes or anything goes wrong it will be dangerous.

I dared and grabbed her from behind. My dick touched her ass. She understood my intention and remained silent. It was a green signal. I started kissing on her neck, licked and bit her ear lobes. She was breathing heavily. I pressed her boobs from the backside. They were like sponge balls.

I turned her to my side, held her face with my hands and started kissing her lips deeply. I made her lay on the beach sand and removed her saree and blouse. Guys just imagine she was shining like a pearl in the moonlight. Her body and fragrance from her body made me mad.

I sucked her boobs and kissed navel, her navel view is awesome. I slept on her and kissing her lips. She said in my ears with heavy breath, “Please do as soon as possible, someone may come.” So I spread her legs and removed my pants. I placed my dick on the top of her vagina and teased her for a minute.

I inserted my finger in the vagina it was already wet. Slowly inserted my dick in her vagina, it took some time to go inside. I felt the heat inside her vagina. I saw that her eyes and mouth were wide open. She asked me to wear a condom. Once again I respected her feelings and applied condom and again inserted.

She was in pain. I slept on top of her and fucked her. She was making sounds. I locked her mouth with my lips and kissed. Finally, we were done. After this, we took a bath on the beach, played naked for a while and dressed up. I went to my car.

Now the AC is on and relaxed for a few minutes. Later went back to the functional hall. She moved to her room, got fresh up and dresses neatly and came to me. She warned me like this, “You took my virginity. You going to pay for this,” and winked at me.

It’s a hint to get ready for another session. Thank you for reading my story guys. Any queries or if anyone interested in me. Please leave me an email on [email protected].

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