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Hello friends, I am Namit and You can contact me on – [email protected] Greatful to this place as so many stories, that just raise my tool and feel so pleasurable. No one dies virgin, life fucks everyone! I am from Pune and I love this city. This incident happened in Last week. This girl was my colleague.

No names, as she is also a fan of this website, and she will get to know that I published this, and will go mad at me. We are good friends for about 1.5 years and suddenly something went wrong and I started to hate her, and so did she. Neither she nor I had a crush or love or feelings for each other, just friends and nothing more at all.

Now this quarrel happened between me and her and we were not talking for about 6 months. Let me tell about her, she is about 5ft and me 5.8ft and she has a nice body. She is not exceptionally hot, but she does dress up in ways to show her shapes. She is Wheatish and ample ass and nice lusty lips. Best is her Boobs.

It would be wrong if I said Boobs, because she had an awesome pair of Boobs, it was damn good. While she sits on the chair, and if u stands in front of her talk, u will still be able to see her cleavage. That is how fruitful they were. Anyways let me come back to the incident. We were still working in the same building, and not talking for 6 months, but still not talking and hating each other and stuffs like that.

It was a Sunday and all of a sudden I got a message from a unknown number saying this is my new number, and I did not know who it was, so I called the number and it was this girl and she apologized saying that she had changed over to a new connection, and was messaging her number to all her known one’s and accidentally messaged me too.

I said it was Ok and she asked if I was still angry with her, and I said “not exactly”. She immediately asked me if she can meet me and it was around 7pm and I said ok and deciding on the place. We decided will meet at her home, because at this point of time both of us did not have anything intentions.

I met her at her home in like an hour’s time and she said can we go for a drive, and I said yes and we hopped into my car and drove for almost 75kms, and during this time we discussed everything about the quarrel and she apologized and me too the same and we were holding out hands in the car while driving.

This is where something started to itch inside my pants. Somehow I controlled and dropped her home and it was like 10.30pm and she asked come inside, I said it was too late and she said it was OK, I still did not want to go as I was having some intentions in me, but she again insisted and I gave a reason her parents might not like a guy visiting their daughter at this time and she said her parents were not in town and they were retuning on Wednesday (this happened on Sunday),

I still wanted to avoid and said that “your sister might come anytime” (her sister was married and was residing 3 homes away from here). She said she is gone with her parents too. Now I thought may be I can be lucky and though that she too wanted something, so parked my car and went inside. She told she was hungry and asked if I wanted to eat something, we shared the food which was prepared by her in the noon. Then we were watching TV and I said, It were sitting on the couch, and in fact the couch so huge that 2 people can nudge and lie on that.

I was sitting in one corner and she in the other and she told she was going to change and went in, and I was waiting for a chance, and was astonished when she returned. She wore a satin night gown, which covered just below her knees, my jaws almost dropped. She came near me and asked what, and I said nothing.

She sat beside me and watching TV and I could not control and suddenly she fell on her side on the couch and her gown went up to her thigh, and I could not stay without seeing her legs and she then put her legs on her thighs, and I just put my hand on her legs and it was as smooth as silk and soft as cotton.

I asked her would she mind if I slept next to her, and she said it’s Ok. I nudged between her and the wall of the couch. I put my one leg on her and one hand on her waist. That’s where it started. I asked her to turn towards me and talk, as its been long time since we spoke freely, she turned towards me and we were close and I just kissed on her forehead and apologized for all that I had scolded her 6months ago and she said it was Ok and kissed on my cheeks, as we were talking this I slowly moved my hand on her cloths onto her breasts. She just let a slight sigh and asked what are u doing,

I asked can u just kiss me. She said no, but was smiling. I thought I should let this go and took that as a entry and carried her and went to her room. As soon as I put on the bed, I straight went on her and started to smooch her wildly. She too was responding, we almost kissed for at least 8-10 mins and slowly started to lift her gown and and there she was just her bra and panty. I hurriedly took off all my clothes and I was named in a second, She said this was her first time (it did not believe it that time, later yes).

I removed her bra and tore her panty. She scolded me for tearing it. Anyways I was not interested in that, and started my work on her boobs. I really like her nipples. They were small, but as I sucked them it because to the size of a 25 paise coin. They became too big and I did this for about 15mins at least.

Then I went down further kissing her all over her body and parted her legs and noticed her pussy and yes she was virgin. I parted her lips a little and put my tongue at the starting edge of her pussy, immediately she moaned. I licked her for about 4-5 mins and she had her first ever orgasm.

She was shaking vigorously and came back to normal after few mins. I came back on top of her and was lying next to her and she asked me to suck her again, and I asked we can get to 69, she told she does not like to suck dick (this was her first time). I tried to convince her but she did not agree,then I told we can get to 69 but she does not have to suck me, u can massage my dick and she agreed. We got to 69 this is the best one, this went for at least 20-25 mins and as I started to suck her she did not do anything to my cock and as it progressed, she started to moan and started to rub my cock as my licking got faster and faster juice was oozing of her pussy andI don’t know what happened she started squeezing my dick very tightly and to my surprise she started to suck my dick,

So it was clear that she was returning the favor, She had 2 more orgasms, I started to feel too good and told her that I might cum and she did not care and she just went on and I just sprayed my cum in her mouth and she still did not leave my dick and continued to suck for few more mins and then both us were tired and we were lying in each other’s arms. When were next to each other, we were just kissing and I was playing with her nipples and she was playing with my dick and in about 10 mins my dick grew up and was ready for the final showdown.I asked shall I enter her, she told that this is her first time and was scared.

So I asked her to get some Vaseline. She got the same and I applied some on my dick and some her pussy and spread her legs and slowly put the tip of my condom covered, Vaseline coated cock in the entrance and pushed in,it did not even enter her for an inch and she started to complain of pain and then I decided to finger fuck her for some time and did the same. After about 15 mins I again tried to enter her, and this time it was little easier. But was not able to get full access, so I placed a pillow and a paper on the pillow and placed it under her but and started to push, she increased her voice, and I placed my mouth on her lips so noise does not come out.

I pushed in completely after entering little by little for about 8 to 10 pushes once in completely I was there for few seconds and then slowly started to and fro. She was complaining of pain and later started to enjoy the pleasure. I fucked for some time and was confirmed that she was a virgin.

There was few drops of blood from her pussy, then asked to get on all fours and did doggy. This went on for about 20 mins and asked to ride my. Oh this was amazing. This was on me, fucking my dick and her boobs were bouncing up and down and this was a awesome scene to watch. I knew I was coming and I was not worried because I was wearing a condom and I came.

She was still fucking me for few seconds and she got her 4th orgasm for the day on her first time sex. Finally she feels on me and my dick was still inside her. After about 5 mins, by dick was lymph and she went to the bath room to wash and I followed her and had a fuck in the bath room. We finished at around 3 and slept naked on her bad and then woke up at 10 am and I left.

From then until now we are regularly fucking each other. I will tell u my next experience, which happened in just few days in my house. But before that, if you liked the way have had sex please post your comments below and Can contact me on – [email protected]

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