Fucked My Hot & Sexy Senior In Australia

Hello guys, I am Sam once again with another experience.

This is the story about me fucking my senior in her room. My senior is one year older to me and I used to call her sister. She has the best structure but her face is not very attractive.

Coming to her she has the measurements of 34b-26-36. Her name is Manasvi, she is my senior in my B-Tech. To my luck, she has joined masters in my college in Australia.

As she doesn’t know anyone over there and heard that I am also studying in the same college, she contacted me over Facebook and our friendship started. During B-Tech we didn’t even talk to each other. But here there is no option for her as she does not talk to anyone.

She thinks like she is ‘Miss Universe’. I don’t like that but I don’t know how we became so close to each other.

One day we went out on a trip with our friends by car. At first, she sat in between me and another guy. She was not comfortable there and asked me to sit in the center.

We didn’t get a chance to change the seat. So she stood up and asked me to move to the center and started moving. While moving she fell on me due to bumps and directly sat on my dick.

As I wore boxer she could feel my hard dick but she acted like she didn’t feel anything and we changed our seats. During the drive, I fell asleep and slept on her shoulder.

After some time, I got up from sleep and saw her sleeping and my hand is touching her boobs. I got a hard-on and started to feel her body by touching her with my hand and acting like I was in sleep.

During that trip, I literally showed her heaven with my touching and pressing my cock to her ass while playing. Finally, on the last day of our trip, we played truth or dare while drinking.

One guy gave told her to remove her top as a dare. As she was drunk she removed it and everyone’s eyes were wide open when they saw her boobs.

The game was over and everyone slept there itself. But I didn’t drink much. I was ok and went to the balcony to have a smoke. While returning I saw one guy is trying to fuck her, but he is not able to do it as he is drunk.

I heard her voice calling my name, saying, “Sam fuck me hard,” and all such stuff.

So after returning to our college, we went to our respective rooms and everything was normal. Once she came to my room for cooking. While cooking I was sensing something different from her.

She kept on trying to get close to me by taking selfies, by holding my neck and pressing my head to her boobs, etc. Then I understood her intentions and kept quiet.

This repeated for a week. Then I asked her for a party. We got drunk and then played ‘Truth or Dare’.First, it was her turn to choose and she chose truth.

Me: Whom will you choose to have a date with?Maan: You only, I would like to do anything on that date.

Again it was her turn this time she chose dare and I directly asked her to remove her clothes except for her inners, and she did it with some hesitation. Next, it was my turn, I chose truth.

Maan: What is the best thing you like about me?Me: Your structure.

With that, we both laughed.

And again it was my turn, and I chose dare. She asked me to do the same thing, to remove my clothes except for inners.

Then it was her turn and she chose dare. I asked her to bend over the table and not move until I say. She went to the table and bent over it. I went near her and held her waist.

I pushed my dick on to her ass cheeks with full force. She got hurt and asked me not to do that. Then I went few steps back and saw her structure clearly.

Then I was in full mood. I removed my inner and went to her. I slowly removed her pants down and she was about to turn back. I pushed my cock into her pussy in a hurry.

She started screaming and asking me to remove that, and saying we can’t do it. She said that she was my sister and I cannot fuck her.

I said you are not my sister and started ramming her at full pace. After some time, she realized that there is no way to escape and decided to enjoy.

She started cooperating with me and she was moaning very loudly. Due to that I got very horny and increased my speed. Within 15 minutes I came in her pussy.

After she realized I came in her, she started crying and started asking me what to do to avoid pregnancy. I said we can take control pills and there is no issue in that.

Then we started to fuck in each and every position and each and every possible place. While doing that we forgot to lock the door and after several sessions, we both were exhausted and slept there, naked.

I don’t know when my neighbor came and started to fuck her and blackmailed her by showing the video of her and me. As he is very close to me and deleted her video but asked me to arrange one full day session with her as she is very hot and sexy.

I will post that story in the next session and I even fucked her ass. We continued until she left her studies and went back home. But she said she will come back soon to complete her masters.

Then I will post if we experience any session. Thank you, guys. You can mail me at [email protected].

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