Fucked My Mausi While I Attended A Marriage

Hello all ISS readers, I am a 18 years old boy,,,, I thought to share my real life experience with you so here it goes … generally mausi is sister of our mother but I have 4 more mousi which were not my mother’s sister, since they far away relatives my mother told me to call all 4 of them mousi… And so I did. Now it was summer season and we had to attend an relatives wedding..We reached at wedding venue ..Since wedding was to be done late night, I was getting bore. I went to my friends and played for about an hour.As the time was passing relatives were arriving, and after playing I had lunch.

Then it was around 4 pm when my sexiest mausi arrived there. She was wearing a dark green saree. Her blouse was so designed that the tunnel between her boobs was visible. Her navel was clearly visible and she was wearing some type of jewelry in her navel. She was looking so damn sexy that every single men was looking at her at that time and so sure that everyone was thinking to screw her up there like a doggy. Believe me this is a real incident. If you would see her you will also want to her there only. So after that she started to talk with other ladies and started to meet relatives, I stared her whenever I got chance, wherever she walked I walked behind her and stared her. She noticed me 2-3 times staring at her. Then she started to help other ladies.

While she was working I took my phone out and took some great shots of her in sexy positions. She then again noticed me and ignored me. Then my mother called me told me to do some work and help others. I was annoyed by this but then I thought that this is great way stay near my sexy mausi and to help her. I started working and slowly I was going near to her. When I got much near to her she suddenly went somewhere.

After 5 mins when I was helping near two ladies she came near to me and started to help me. I thought that why she was helping and then she asked me in very low voice that why am staring at her for a long time. I was shocked that she caught me and also I came to know that why she started to help me (as she wanted to ask me).I said nothing and told her sorry. She said that tell me why. I again said sorry and kept quiet and then she said that tell me why or else she would tell this thing to my mother and she forced me and I was now scared. I said that she was so sexy that I could take my eyes off her. Her navel, belly, lips, saree and I told her everything. At last I requested her that not tell this to any one pls.

She was now very angry and I was very scared. She went somewhere and I standing there was praying that she would not tell this to anyone. Exactly after one minute she called me upstairs in room for her help. And I quickly went there. There was no one upstairs and I just thought that what was she doing here and when I entered the room I saw her sitting on bed and then she said to come near ( I had no idea about what she was about to do)and as I went near to her she suddenly pulled me on her and took my both hands on her boobs and started to press her boobs hard with my hands and I was fully shocked and wet

After 30 sec I regained my brain and came to what was going on. It was full green signal from her side. Then I started to press her boobs by my own and she unzipped my pant and took my rock hard cock out and started move it in to and fro motion. My cock was feeling her saree. I just could not explain you how was I feeling .Then I tried to kiss her juicy lips but she turned back and said to press her boobs hard.

After some minutes she pressed my balls so hard that they could have blasted and I asked what the fuck happened? She said press me hard in a horny voice and then I started to press them so hard that started to moan in loud voice. As I kissed on her neck she stood up and went downstairs and now I was thinking that my mousi is such a dirty bitch.

Then it was around 10 pm when the baratees came and my mom told me have dinner.I went where all baratees were having dinner and I saw my mousi also having dinner there and then I took my plate and went to my mousi and said “so,when we are having our little baby” I totally meant that when we are having sex and then she kept quiet and after some seconds she took glass of water, took a sip and then quietly poured back the water in her mouth in glass and asked me that do I need water and I said yes and she gave me her glass and I just drank the whole water, it was so yummy and tasty.

After that since there was no tap for washing hands so she asked whether I would help her washing her by glass and I said that wait am bringing water and she said that lets go behind the tent as there was mat.(tent was organized for baratees to have dinner).When I started to pour water on her hands she bended a little forward so that water do not rebounce on her after hitting the ground and at that movement what I saw was the most beautiful thing ever I have saw. I knew that I have touched them before but she didn’t allowed me to see them clearly and kiss them.

She noticed me and pulled me on her such that my lips started kissing her boobs. Oh god ….Such soft thing. I could not explain her boobs. It was like I have got two pillows from heaven to sleep. After 10-15 sec she pushed me back and said me to show my tongue. I did. And she just touched her tongue with my tongue like we swipe card in atm. Her lips were so smooth that I could not just imagine that such a smooth thing is also on earth and her saliva was like very -very fined cream and then she just again went somewhere. She was killing very slowly and I had already waited a lot after pressing her boobs and I was out of my mind.

I just started to find her and after 15 mins of searching I saw that the lights of upstairs floor were on. It was around 11 pm when the marriage was and as we know that India has a marriage system of 2-3 hours and I went to see who was upstairs there and when I reached there I saw mausi was trying take something from shelf which was very high and she was not able to reach.

She was probably helping someone. When I saw her from back I lost my mind. She was looking so damn sexy from backside and stretching her full back. I knew that tomorrow morning me and my family will return to our city, and this was my only chance and so I shouted the door, took my step forward and took hold of her back tight and made her turn quickly, she was totally shocked and then I kissed her on her lips….Oh my goodness what the hell was that thing so smooth like fresh juice from mango. She opened her eyes fully in shock but closed them as she saw me.I slowly took my hands from her smooth back to her boobs. Pressed them once and again took hands to her hips and started to stretch them apart…

Then we touched our tongue and started tongue kissing. We kept kissing for around 20 mins and then I dropped her saree pallu and pulled her whole saree out by making her spin like a bablede and then she only in her blouse and petticoat. She then pushed me on bed and sat on me like boys sit on bike, took her all hairs one side, bent over me and started to unhook her blouse.

As she unhooked first button my cock become most erect and stood so up that it touched her hips from my pants and she feet it and turned back in a naughty style and then gave me a very naughty smile. As she unhooked second button I came to know that she was not wearing any bra inside it and then she unlocked third button and left the two button closed and I was getting killed. Then she unhooked all buttons of my shirt and took off my shirt. After I pushed her on bed and I sat on her but I didn’t unhooked her blouse as I wanted more and more thirst. I then started licking her navel. As I told that she was wearing some sort of jewellery there.

As I licked it,the jewellery was like garnishing on her navel.I licked, ate her navel around 10 mins.She then said wait told me get up and I did and then she took gulab jamuns from drawer and it looked like that she was already planned and she said that “she knew that tomorrow I am going and am going to make her lay on bed tonight and that why she was planned”. She sat on me, took one gulab jamun and just crushed and mixed it up with her saliva in her mouth and poured everything into my mouth. You can imagine that how was that feeling. It was full of her saliva and then I poured it back in her mouth and then she once again poured it in my mouth and then I drank everything.

Once again she took the jamun and this we swapped it from mouths for about 20 times and at last I don’t wanted to give the liquid to her and I drank everything and then she suddenly pressed my mouth hard and made me open my mouth ( I thought what happened to her) and she spat, her saliva in my mouth and said I wanted to drink that and now I would get punishment for that, I asked which type of punishment, she replied that I have to drink her saliva every time she spits in my mouth and I agreed and then she started to spit and I started to swallow every bit of her saliva and after every spit she counted it and after some time I said that can I close my mouth once as it was paining now and she said that no and she spitted exactly 250 time. Believe me or not, she spitted 250 times in my mouth.

Now since she sitting in me and my tool was touching her hips. She started to move her hips and was touching my tool very lightly which was killing me. When I got out of my control I just pulled her blouse breaking the last two buttons. And now the two birds were free out of the cage. They fully shaking in jiggle jelly way and I took hold of them and she stopped moving her hips and I hold her boobs like I have got the most costly thing in the world and started to lick them.As I licked she started to moan and then after sometime I started licking them hard and she turned horny and said in very horny voice “oh yeah….Fuck them lick them and bite them fully hard” and as she said this I bit her boobs so hard that she was able to take that pain but enjoyed it.

Then we took off our whole clothes and she held my cock in her hands and then she smelled it and then took it into her mouth and just wanted to in this position for my life time. What a experience was that. She licked it for 5 mins and then gave me a blowjob and then I made her lay on bed and slowly pushed my cock in her vagina and I felt like I have got everything in my life and then started to fuck.She moaned louder and louder ahh.Ahh.Ah ….Ah .. Ah.. Ah.Ahh .. Oh.Ah oh .. Ha.Ah .. Oh.Oh.Oh. Mmm. Mm ahhh.. And then I fucked her ass and then I sat on her and starts fuck between boobs and suddenly I felt pressure of pee and I just peed whole on her face and boobs … great ..

Then she was annoyed and was trying to push me back but I kept on and then just shooted my cum on her boobs and face and then she said that I she will take revenge for peeing on her and she peed in my mouth I drank all and enjoyed it and then I started to lick her vagina and she moaned loud and then we kissed once again with our peed and cummy mouths for around 10 mins and then we took bath together and went back in the marriage hall and we got to know that marriage was over..

I took a great sleep that day and when I was leaving in morning, I said to mom that I am coming back in 5 min and I went in and took mausi upstairs and fully undressed her in 1 min and licked her pussy and vagina boobs and kissed and for last time before leaving and said thanks to her for giving me such a nice experience and then we leaved for our home ..Thanks for reading and sorry for any mistake and don’t think that the story is fake. Every single word in it is true and I will be posting my 2nd experience soon ..Comment anything and let me see your reactions…

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