Fucked My Neighboring Aunty While My Parents Were Out To My Native

Hi all today, I’m going to narrate a story that happened to me two day back with my princess my neighboring aunty my darling…

All character names have been changed for the purpose of security..

Let me introduce myself I ‘m ajith from bangalore 22 yrs I ‘m doing my final year engineering in bangalore and I ‘m staying with my family in bangalore

Coming to the story we were staying in a rent house in bangalore from past seven years. Three years before a couple with one young daughters shifted to my neighboring house, the couple were ok average looking aunty was average looking with not soo big boobs and with enough fat in right places and to my surprise aunty got convinced before two years and gave birth to daughter she was pretty good looking and all.

I had not developed any sexual feelings about aunty but one day by mistake and due to shortage of place in the corridor she had to brush her boobs against me and I had a hard on instantly I ran to bathroom and masturbated quickly.

From that day I noticed that she had become fat after giving birth to her younger daughter and her boobs had grown big than before..

Then three to four times the same incident happened and was sexually aroused and wanted to feel her boobs and get her on bed.

Later one day after completing my B.E I was searching for jobs and was almost at home only as most of the companies took my resume and they would say we would call you for interview and later no calls or emails.

My mom dad had been to native for some function and I was left behind to look after the house and feed the fishes at house and was feeling bored so I started to watch porn movies and started to masturbate in my bed but my darling aunty came and knocked the door to call me for lunch I had a hardon and covered it to avoid it from her and went to her home for lunch

While having lunch I watched her cleavage opening and got aroused and wanted to badly get those melons in my mouth and my penis in her cunt..

Her daughter had been to native for vacations and her husband had been on a trip with his boss.

I felt that this is the right time to get her laid.

So while leaving her home after lunch I brushed my hardon on her butts she did not say anything..

She called me for dinner and she made me watch tv and was preparing dinner I was aroused by her body structure and by seeing her boobs so I went behind her and held her boobs and I started to pinch her nipples she resisted not to do as I am like son to her I told her that your my dream girl and want to make love to her she managed to escape and ran into her bedroom to lock herself I ran behind her and entered the room before she locked it and bolted the room door and pushed her on to bed and started to kiss her on her lips she was resisting …

Later she slowly reduced her resistance and was enjoying my kiss and opened her mouth and I slid my tongue into her mouth and kiss lasted for 15 mins.

Then I removed her nighty bra and panty she was wearing and my princess was nude in front of me I could not resist myself and got nude and shoved my dick into her mouth she refused as she had not done it before(which) I got to know later but after constant persuasion she started licking my penis like lollipop I started to squeeze her boobs

I told her that I want to fuck she accepted and told me not cum in her as she would get pregnant I started to insert she was tight she told me that her husband had not fucked her after birth of younger daughter I pushed inside with all force I was inside her with single push she screamed with pained I covered her mouth with mine to stop her screaming.

I fucked her hard for 15 mins and by this time she had cummed 3 times due to my boobs sucking and anal fingering and after fucking for about another 5mins I was about to cum I informed her the same she begged me not to cum in her so removed my dick and told to suck mine so that I can unload my cum into her body.

After unloading my cum I laid on her for some time cuddling with her when I woke up it was 11 pm after seeing her from the dim light coming from street light I was aroused again and started to kiss her violently like a beast she woke up as she could not breath she broke the kiss I told her I want another round of session she smiled wickedly she started to kiss me and I started to squeeze her boobs like there was no sun we broke the kiss

After 10 mins she was aroused sexually she begged me fuck her so I made in doggy position and started to tease her with my dick she was moaning ah ah ah ah ah ah ple…..Se don’t dooo that fuck me please her pussy was already lubricated with her precum with single stroke I entered her and she gasped I remained calm for few seconds and started to move in and out slowly and held her hairs like riding a horse and started to fuck her wildly she was moaning and scolding me like fucker ass hole fuck me hard give me all your seeds and listening to her speaking like this aroused and I banged her really hard and was about to cum so I removed my dick and squirted above anal crease and she collapsed and fell on her and we slept hugging each other

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