Fucked My Neighbour Bhabhi Leena

Hello everyone and my name is Jigar and I am from Mumbai and the story and I am going to narrate about is between me and my neighbour bhabhi Leena it was 5 years ago when she got married to my neighbour named Tejas from the time and I saw she was the object of my fantasy.

I used to dream about her and masturbate taking her name but never imagined that it is going to happen in reality. I was doing last year of my graduation when this event happened. I used to always talk to her related to my studies college and all such general stuff but while talking to her

I used to always admire her body and she was just adorable but her body was not the reason and I got attracted to her it was her personality and her maturity that made me fall for her and still maintaining that relationship once I went casually at her home as there was no one at my home.

The spare keys here with them and she was watching TV even she was alone and this was the day which changed everything about over relationship. I would not say that she was sexy and she is a typical educated Gujarati housewife and so back to the story. I went to her home to get my keys.

I greeted her asked her for keys she immediately gave me the keys and asked me to give her company for sometime till my mom comes. I was more than happy to beside her it was Two and half men coming in the TV a very famous English series many of you people must be knowing as it is.

The character in the series was a playboy and used to bring chicks and used to fuck them and the Leena asked me that whether people are that lucky abroad that they get anyone on the bed. I said yes it does happen and we were quiet frank with each other it was ok with her to talk about any topic.

So I asked you do anything naughty when you were in college. I am sure lot of boys would have lusted for you and she said no I was not that beautiful in college days rather I would say that if was a scholar that’s the reason why I have done M.sc wait I will show you my pictures when it was college.

And after seeing the pictures I said are you mad you were so much beautiful during college days it’s impossible that boys would not have noticed you then she asked what’s so beautiful about me” looking into my eyes. I was feeling shy so I said ask your husband he will definitely tell you.

She said I am asking you what you find beautiful in me. And my husband is always busy in work so he has not time to pamper me love me so tell with sweat on my head I said everything what everything?

I said your beautiful eyes your re bond hairs when you leave it open your sexy waist when you expose you beautiful navel. I don’t know I should tell this or not but since we have started the conversation then I want to confess that I have a huge crush on you from the day I saw you.

You have been the object of my fantasy and she was quite none of us spoke after some time and I started to leave but she held my hand and said I was waiting for you to say this from so long time. I know you like me very much. I can say that from the way you see and talk to me and slowly.

We melted in each other’s arm and then my life most amazing and passionate kiss started and we were so much engrossed in ourselves that we started to unbutton each other in the living room itself and she said let’s go the room and I smiled and said after you darling and she too my hand and threw me on bed.

She went so much wild that while kissing she bite my lips and started to suck on my nipples. I was a virgin then and being the first time and I was very much excited though I have had some foreplays it’s my girlfriend but being with the older woman is so much fun in the process.

I started unhooking her blouse and bra and there it came, sexy big tits seeing that I started to suck on it and she was moaning and yakking suck it baby suck it. I wish this would had happen earlier and now I will never let you go baby ahhhh hmm do it bite it and I was licking each and every part of her body.

I was sucking her navel like anything later she said me that she loves to get sucked on her navel it is her biggest turn on side by side and I had taken off her saree it was just panty left on her body. I would not say like everyone does but I don’t have a 7 inches and 3 inch hard cock and I have a normal one like all normal people have.

It’s personality which attracts women and not his dick size and she started to suck on my cock and I was more than excited getting a blowjob. I was telling her ohhh Leena its feels so good aahhhh come on. I have always dreamt of you giving me blow job ohhh yes and she was looking at me with evils grin.

I liked that and I laid her on the bed and started to lick her pussy and her inner labia and she was going mad ohhh baby it’s so good your tongue is driving me mad darling come on. I am coming with that she cum a lot and I was more than horny after drinking her cum. I laid on missionary position and started thrusting my dick in her love hole.

We both were panting and sucking each other’s lips and I was licking her armpits and she liked it very much after 7-8 minutes of fucking she was yelling ohhh jaan do it fast. I am feeling so good make this day the happiest day of my life ohhh my god yes ahhh fuck me cum inside me baby.

I am going to cum ohhh I am coming ahhhhh with that she cum heavily and I was on the verge cuming and after a minute and I cum inside her and rested on her breast giving soft kisses on her cheeks and lips. I said I will never forget this day darling. I wish this happens again and again.

She said I wish this thing should have happen long time before. I feel so satisfied but now I will need you more than ever and I want this regularly you are my husband on my bed with that I gathered my clothes and went home waiting for this opportunity to come again and so how do you like the story friends? And if you lie it then comment and any lady want to have fun then contact me.

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