Fucked My New Virgin Friend

Hello friends my name is Aston.And i am a regular iss reader.I always read stories whenever i feel erotic.This is my first story in iss so dont mind if any mistakes Well i am 20 years old and i am in sybba.I am from Mumbai. Without wasting anytime i will start the story.I was a virgin till this incident happened.It is my first and true experience,,,,,,,,,,

This incident happened in January 2013.My semester exams were going on.My exam was at 9 am.I reached college at 8 30 and i was searching for my class.I reached my class and i found my seat.Well i am not that scholar so was searching any of my scholar friends so that i can copy from them but found only 2 or 3. and that too their seat was very far,But my front seat was empty and i was expecting a scholar student but to my surprise i saw a beautiful girl coming closer to me and she sat ahead of me.I was just staring at her coz she was so good looking.She was of my age,fair,sexy, stats around 30-25-34.

Our exams began,the paper was not that tough so i was relaxed, writing my paper.Then the unexpected thing happened she wanted my help.And i was like so happy.I helped her by showing some answers.After exams she said thanks to me she was very friendly.I asked her name.Her name was neelam.We had a handshake and we came out of the class together where she met her other friends.We waved goodbye to each other and then we left.I came to my home and was just thinking about her whole day.No mood to study.But i realized that when she asks answer to me and i should b able to help her so i studied nicely.Remaining 5 days of exams went nicely.We became good friends.On the last day i asked her phone number so that we can whatsapp each other.

She was from other batch so our timings where different.Many days passed we used to chat with each other and we became more close.Like we used talk to each other for hours.One day she asked me whether i have any gf. I told i m single.She told me about her that she had a bf she broke up with her 4 months ago because her bf had affairs with other girl so she left her.Next day was sunday so i asked her out for a movie she agreed.

Next day i reached early and was waiting for her outside the theater then i saw her coming.OMG she was looking hot.She was wearing white t shirt and tight jeans.As we met she hugged me which i had not expected.We took tickets and went inn.

She was so open to me that anyone will say we are in a relationship with each other. Movie was good and then she asked me to drop her so we went walking as it was not too far.She was holding my hand while walking and she shared everything of her life with me.i was happy too

We reached her building then she told me to come upstairs.First i rejected but then i went.Her door was locked she had the keys, we went in. Her parents worked so she used to stay alone whole day.She offered me some soft drink and then we were chatting.We were sitting close to each other.While talking she just placed her head on my shoulder.Then she looked into my eyes and we were just staring each other for 2 to 3 minutes.i took the next step and took my lips closer to her lips and just gave her a sweet kiss.She started responding to it and we were just kissing each other madly for 4-5 minutes then she took me to her bedroom

I was little nervous coz it was my first time but then i controlled myself.We laid down on the bed and started kissing each other.I pressed her boobs which she liked and the i was pressing it hard.She removed my t-shirt and started kissing me all over my chest and now it was my turn. i took off her tshirt and bra and her boobs were awesome man.I had seen those type of boobs in porn but she had the best one. I pressed her boobs and started sucking her nipples very roughly.She was very excited she removed my jeans and underwear and took my 6 inch cock and started stroking it

It was feeling great and then i removed her jeans and made her nude and too my surprise she had clean shaved her pussy. it was first time i was looking at d pussy LIVE. We went to 69 ,she was top of me i was licking her pussy and she was giving me a good blowjob she was doing best.There were juices dripping from her pussy i started licking it and it tasted so good .She was about to cum and i started fingering and licking .She dropped all her juices on my face

But i was also feeling that i am about to cum i stopped her and took my cock to her pussy but she resisted and told me that she dont want to loose her virginity now. So the next step i took her ass.She resisted a lot but anyhow i controlled her i started licking her ass and then i inserted one finger in her ass and she was feeling a little pain but was excited a lot.I started finger fucking her then i inserted 2 fingers and she was just enjoying it

Then i placed my dick on her ass entrance and started inserting slowly I applied some saliva on her ass hole and then inserted slowly.She was just telling me to go on and she was moaning a lot which excited me and i started fucking her ass.She was enjoying it a lot.I fucked her for 15-20 minutes and released all my cum in her ass.She was so happy.I too had a nice fucking experience. After that she sucked my cock clean and i was hard again so she gave me a good blowjob.Then we kissed each other for nearly 30 minutes we exchanged our saliva and were just madly doing it.

We finished the session and then i left from her house. she messaged me later that night that she wants it again some other time and she was very happy………………….she was satisfied to was i.

After that we used to do erotic chats and we had 3 sessions after that which i will mention in other story some other time


Hope u all liked my first experience…….

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