Fucked My Own Aunty (Chachi)

Hello everyone, I am Akshat Jain22yr old from delhi. Height 5.9’inches. Fair complexion. I like both girls and mature married womens with nice boobs and big asses. I am Currently staying in mumbai for my post graduation studies. I belong to a joint family of 7 members. My mom dad younger brother. Uncle and aunty (chachi) and their 7 yr old daughter. I have been with many other girls and womens. But it was my first sexual experience thats why i m sharing this as my first story. Please ignore i make any mistakes.

Now coming to the story, my chacha and chachi got married 13yrs back from now. My chachi’s name is Sanjana. She is 37 years old. Height 5.6 inches apprx. Fair complexion.. Her figure is 36-34-40.. perfect shaped boobs.. and huge ass. Which is the most seductive part of her body. She is an unsatisfied women, who has only 1 daughter to whom she gave birth after 6 years of her marriage. My chacha never loved her or showed any sexual desire towards her. But she never complained adjusted in his nature. As all marwari womens usually do. Adjusting in the family no matter what kind of husband she married to. It all started when i was in 12th.. at that point of time we all get aware of porn and sex. And eventually i started masturbating by imagining of pornstars and all..

One day. I returned home early in the afternoon because of my half day. And my mom was sleeping at that time. Both my brother and sister also used to come by 5.30. And my father and uncle comed by 8 pm together. When i entered my home i realised that chachi was washing clothes. I changed my clothes and came out in my boxer. After doing all my work i went towards washroom and the door was open, And chachi was still washing clothes.

As i entered the washroom. I got a view of my chachi’s curvy back..she didnt noticed that i had entered the washroom maybe because of the sound of the water flow. She was wearing only a kurti. And no pyjama. She was sitting down on stool like indian womens do to wash clothes. Her huge ass came into its shape under her kurti. Her white milky thighs were also visible because of the position in which she was sitting. All this made me aroused and i lost my senses for few seconds this gave me a hard on. But then i came into senses. And somehow manage to cover my tent in my boxer. I went towards the was basin which was just beside her and opened the tap, during this process she noticed me. And started talking to me.

She enquired me how i came early today. I told her that it was half day that why i came so early. As she was bend to was clothes her cleavage and breast were clearly visible. Which were almost out of her kurti.. she was sweating heavily. The drops of her sweat were passing from her face to her neck and then going down to her cleavage. Her boobs were shaking and juggling fiercely. It made me a complete hard on. I was unable to take off my eyes.

I took a very long time to wash my hands. And was staring at her breasts. Suddenly se looked up. I got scared and within fraction of seconds i truned my head and my body so that she can not see my hard on.. She asked my “Are you hungry” I replied “yes i am hungry need some food” but in my i was hungry of her boobs and ass. She said that “just wait for 15 mins, i’ll finish my work and then serve you the food” i said okay. Immediately i went into my room. And started masturbating by imagining of fucking her as hard as i can. It was the best masturbation i ever had in my life.

From that day, i started observing her. Whenever i got chance i went to washroom. To see her ass and her milky boobs. She always wear kurti and leggings which gives a nice view of her assets.

I used to stare her ass all day with my lustful eyes. One day mom went to shopping and asked chachi to serve me the food, which generously obeyed. She was making chappatis for me. I went inside the kitchen and stood behind her. She knew i was there and started asking what all sabzis i want and stuffs related to it without turning her head. At that moment i was getting a nice view of her legs and butts from the back which gave me a hard on.

I put my lower down so that i could take out my penis. I started answering her questions about the food. And was also masturbating seeing her huge butts. I dnt knw how i got this much of courage. I was scared to.. she noticed that i was doing something weird at her back which she told me later..

But at that moment my lust was stronger than my fear. It was my first time when i was masturbating in someones presence. I was getting excited more and more. And just before the climax i put my lower up. So that i dont climax on chachis back. And all my sperms started flowing out in my pant. I went out of there quietly and changed me shorts.

She enquired me why i changed my shorts. To which i replied “i droped some water on it, so i changed it”.. i could see that she was not satisfied with my reply.. but she still accepted it.

That day onwards i saw a change in her attitude towrds me. She started taking more care of me. Started talking to me in more friendly way. Days went on, i passed my 12th. And entered in first year of my college. My lust and infactuation towards her butts and breasts were at peak. I just wanted to seduce her and fuck her.

Then i got the golden oppurtunity, to spend some time alone with her. It was my uncles wedding, who is the youngest brother of my dad, he is an advocate and stays in banglore alone and his marriage was also in banglore. Luckily i couldnt attend this wedding because of my first semester examination in december.

My dad and mom were eldest in all of them. So they had to attend the wedding. And finally it was decided that chachi would stay back for me. And the rest of the family will go for the marriage. I was very excited. And the day came Everyone left for banglore in the morning. I returned home from the airport. I promised myself that i will seduce her today.

I saw chachi was cooking food for us. At moment i didnt do anything. In the afternoon after she washed all the clothes. We had lunch togather. Where i was observing at her breasts and a cleavage. To which she noticed me doing. She adjusted her dress. And asked me if i need some more food or not. I said ‘no, i am done’ she said okay.. and said that she is going to get some sleep. We have a 3bhk flat. And anyone her room is just opposite to the sofa of our hall. I sat on sofa and she went inside her room. And didnt closed the door. I could clearly see her lying her on her bed and using her cell phone.

I took my and turned it on. I got some naughty and creepy idea of seducing her. I wanted her to knw that i m a very naughty and lustful person. So i started a porn video. With a medium sound on my laptop. So that i can seek her attention. And i took my penis out and started stroking it slowly.

After 3-4 mins the women in the video started moaning heavily. She heard that. And looked out from there only. It was me.. whom she was looking. I too noticed that she is watching me.

But i pretended as if i m involved in my laptop only.. i was stroking my penins. She was watching everything from there. My hard on my actions and expressions..The moaning in the video was getting louder.. “Aaaahh Aaahh yeahh Aaah… Aaaaah. Yess… ohh fuck meee hard.. aaahhhh ….” she was looking all this in a astonished manner. Then after 5-6 mins i climaxed.. i didnt turned my head to see her. But i was her by tilting my eyes.. and she was in shock. I got up to wash. She suddenly turn herself around as if she saw nothing. I knew that i seduced her. But i wanted her to approach me first.

In the eveing it happend, we were watching TV together. She was in her deep neck cutting kurti through which her cleavage was clearly visible. And in thight leggings in which her fleshy thighs were visible. And then our conversation started (in hindi):

Chachi – Padhai kaisi chal rahi teri?

Me – Achi chal rhi hai. Almost prepared for my exms

Chachi – haan woh toh dikh raha hai. Ki tu Prepared hai ab apne exams ke liye. Bada jo hogya hai. (With some naughty smile)

Me (pretending) – bada hogya hu matlb? Kya bolna chahti ho aap?

Chachi – Arey aise hi. Yeh sab chhor. Padhai ke alawa college me masti karta haina. Karta hi hoga. Young generation ho tm log..(again with a naughty smile)

Me – haan chachi masti toh bohot tarah ki karte hai. But aap kaunsi masti ki bat kar rhe ho. ?

Chachi- arey matlb ladkiya ghumana. Girlfriend banana. Unke sath time spend karna. Smart dikhata hai aise hi tu. (I was shocked hearing this. She never spoke to me like this ever)

Me – Nahi chachi. Books aur padhai se hi time nahi milta. In sab chizo k liye kaha se time nikalu. Aur ab tak koi aisi ladki mili bhi nhi jiske sath time spend kar saku.(with naughty smile)

Chachi – Acha!! Toh kaise ladki chahiye tujhe. Jaise ladki tu laptop pe dekhta hai. Un videos me..

(I was quite shocked. She asked me dirctly)

Me – (with no reply)

Chachi – its okayy akshat. Tmhari age me sab karte hai. (Laughing loud) she again asked. Kaisi gf chahiye tujhe?

Me – Aap jaisi hi girlfriend chahiye mujhe.

(She was amazed)

Chachi – kya? Mujhme aisa kya dikh gaya tujhe. Jo meri jaisi hi gf chahiye tujhe.

Me – U r a perfect lady. Aap itni friendly ho. Mera itna dhyaan rakhti ho. And u r sexy too.. (with blushing)

(all this things were giving me a hard on in my shorts which was making a tent slowly)

Chachi – sexy? Umar dekh meri. Aunty hogayi ho. Sexy wali kya baat hai mujhme.

Me – sab kuch. Apke looks apke hairs. Apka face aur.

Chachi – aur ? Aur kya?

Me (acting) – nahi kehe sakta aap meri chachi ho.

Chachi – samjhle main teri gf hu. Ab bata mujhe. Mujhe janna hai.

Me (openly) – aapke boobs, apke thighs. Aur sabse zyada aapki gaand bohot pasand hai mujhe. I just love it. Kisi bhi mard ke liye yeh kafi hai.

(She was quite shocked and upset too)

Chachi – Achaa. Agar aisa hai toh tere chacha mujhse pyaar kyun nahi karte. Khush kyu nhi rakhte.

Me – Chacha chutiye hai. Unko apki kadar nahi hai.(she started laughing loudly)

You deserve someone who loves you and cares for you

(Chachi was looking at my tent now with her lustful eyes)

Then chachi – ab mujhse kaun pyaar karega. 1 bache ki maa hu ab main.

Me – Main hoo na. Main karta hu apse pyaar.

(I could see the lust flowing out if her eyes, she was desperate and unsatisfied from many years, she wanted someone badly in her, but always stayed, she was constantly looking at me like baby who is hungry)

Me- kya hua chachi? (Holding her hands)

Chachi – shayad yeh sahi nhi hai. (Breathing heavily)

Me – sab sahi hai.

I couldnt imagine i was talk all these things with my chachi..I stood up and lied upon her. She didnt stoped me. I starting kissing her on her cheeks.. then i went to her lips. She didnt responded for few seconds. And her lips started moving. Her hands were creasing my back.

We smooched for few minutes. And then she stood up and took me into the bed we were smooching furiously and desperately each other as if there is no tomorrow. She pushed me in to the bed and came upon me. And again started kissing me. My hands were exploring her back body.. slowly my hands went down to her butts.. it was big. I started pressing her butts hard. She start moaning “Aahh aaah” she kissing me hard because of it. And then i took my one hand in front and started pressing boobs..without removing her cloths..

Then after few minutes she went down and started rubbing my cock from above my shorts only.. and said i always needed a man like u. Who could fulfill all my sexual desire. She lowered my shorts and was amused after watching my cock. And gave a naughty smile.. she at first started stroking me hard. And then took my cook in her mouth.. and giving me a great blow job. My dream came true. The lady i desired the most is now giving me a blow job.

It went for next 10 mins. She was sucking my cock constantly without any break. I didnt wanted to climax soon. So i stopped her. And stood up. I removed her kurti and her leggings.. and to my surprise she wasnt wear her bra and panty..she had a nice pair of boobs.. her vagina was clean shaved.. and her huge ass was something that i couldnt take of my off. I asked her why she didnt wore her bra and panty. She replied ” maine tujhe woh video dekhte hue dekh liya tha aur tabhi se tujhse chudna chahti thi. Isliye maine deep neck kurti peheni thi. Aur apni chut saaf karli ” listing to this i was aroused. I started pressing her boobs she started moaning. “Aaah aaahh aaahaa ….. aaaahhh …..i started sucking it she was just loving it..

i sucked her boobs for 5-7 minutes played with them sucked them. Licked her nipples.. she had a hard nipple.. i started bitting it.. she cried out of pain.. “aaaaahhh. Ooohhhh.. aaaahhhh ” i went down then and licked her navel with my tongue. It was arousing her.. she was moaning “ummm aur kro… Uummm .. aur” after doing it for few minutes i went down to the ‘love hole’ it smelled very nice.. she had pink pussy.

As i put my tongue on her pussy.. chachi started shivering and moving her body.. i started licking her pussy and she was going out of control. And started making loud moan “aaaahh aaaah ummm aur zor se chat aur zor se.. ummm aaaahhh” i was getting horny and doing it very fast. Her hands were on my hairs pushing me towards her pussy. And my hands were on her boobs.. pressing tm hard.. i pushed my tongue inside her pussy which made her more excited.. she climaxed within 10 minutes.. i licked every single drop of it pouring out of her vagina.

I then took my tool and placed it above her vagina. And started rubbing my tool on her vagina.. she was getting me mad. And begged to fuck her. And fuck her hard.. i inserted my penis in her pussy.. she moan out very loud. “Aaaahh aahhh ” after few seconds my tool was completely in her.. and hold my butts. And started kissing me .

Now i started moving my penis in too and fro motion. And then after few minutes i increased my speed.. in between she started moaning louder and louder.. “aaaah aahh aaajhh aaahh aahh chood de mujhe puri tarah.. aur zor se.. ummmm.. aaaahhh aaaahh yeeaahh ooohh aaaahh .. aaaahh.. “. And then i was about to climax.. and asked her what to do. She said me to release it in the hole only. I want to feel ur heat. I released my sperms in her pussy. And lied on her.. and started kissing her

After minutes i turned her around. And told her to sit in doggy style.. i started kissing her ass.. licking ass all over with my tongue.. put my tongue inside her asshole. All this was making her horny more and more.. she was shivering.. and was breathing heavily.. and did that for the next 10 minutes

Then i said her that i want to fuck your ass. At first she resisted. But after pleading her she agreed to get her ass fucked.. and request me to fuck her ass gently.. i applied some lubricant in her asshole. To make it smooth and some on my penis too. I started drilling her ass slowly.. in the beginning she was crying out of pain.

But after few minutes that became her pleasure.. i was fucking her in doggy style.. she was again moaning. “Aaaaah aaah. Aaah aaahhh aaaahh .. ohhh .. ” she closed her eyes in pleasure.. and wanted more and more.. the whole room was full of the “pach pachhh pacchhh ” because of her huge butts..after 15 minutes released my sperms again.. we both got exhausted.. and started kissing each other..

From that day onword we fucked each other for the next 7 days. Aur every other day when get the oppurtunity.. wether my there is some is at home or not. We use fuck in the presence of my mom. In the washroom and in the kitchen.. this continued for the next 3.years.. we tried very different positions.. and in between i got involved with more womens and girls..

And now i am new in mumbai.. starving for sex. Need some sex partners . So girls and ladies can mail me at “[email protected]” love u all..

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