Fucked Robins Mom Part – 2

This is Rajesh back with the second part of Sudha’s fucking session with me at various places like the mall and at her home.

To those who don’t know about the first part. Sudha is my friend Robin’s mom. She belongs to a very rich family. Her own flats at ECR Chennai with beach view. Women at the age of 45 still look like at her early 30. She still used to visit beauty parlor regularly and does all kind of makeup activities and keeps her body slim and fit by regular exercise.

She has a perfect body of 34 28 32. She just looks like Sunny Leone. She always wears saree and tattoo low hip saree. Her complexion is so so fair. Even heroin will fail near her. She has strained her hairs and will always wax her body hairs. Her hip n back are so sexy. She always wears a low cleavage blouse. Giving a glimpse of her boobs.

Ok so now coming to the story. It had been months since I visited her home because they have vacated their old home and since I have finished my college I have lost my friends contact too. So I couldn’t get hold of Sudha. I was daily roaming around for a job. But with no luck. One day I and my friend were in a mall. My friend saw a very beautiful aunty and he informed me that in the chudi section there is a super sexy aunty. So I and my friend ran to see her. We were seeing her back. It was so sexy. She was in a black saree. Her hip area was so whitish was just feeling to go and rub her hip. And we just went far to see her face and I was just shocked to see her face. It was Sudha… I was like oooooooooommmmmmmmggggggggg……

She too saw me and she noticed me very soon. I really don’t know how to react. We both were a stunt. My friend asked me what happen man isn’t she super sexy. I said yes and I said something to him and Meade home to go from that area. She then started to leave soon realising the danger of me. I then went near her.

Me – Hi Sudha aunty. How are you?

Sudha- Sorry I didn’t get you.

Me- aunty I am Rajesh.

Sudha-I don’t know any Rajesh

Me- I am Robin’s friend. I have come to ur house before.

Sudha- sorry I don’t know

And she started to leave.

Me- at least do u remember this. And I showed Robins video to her.

She now went pale. She came fast near me.

Sudha- sorry Rajesh. I just wanted to ignore u because I don’t want to start it again. Don’t spoil my reputation.

Me- I am not going to spoil any of ur reputation. I was happy to see you.

Sudha- even I am happy to see you but only as my son’s friend.

Me-ok no problem. But u had been longing to see you for such a long period. I really something real quick now.

Sudha- oh no. For God sake don’t say like that. I beg you.

Me- please Sudha only a short fun. Please come to the trail room and let’s discuss there.

Sudha-are you stupid. That is ladies trail how can you come there.

Me – there is no crowd so there should not be any problem. Come fast. If u fail to come remember the video and I left the place.

I was waiting in the trail room and there came Sudha so sexy in saree.

Sudha- crying… Please leave me Rajesh. If you need money I’ll give but please don’t spoil my peace

Me- see I really don’t have time. We can start and end soon and leave.

Sudha knew she had no other choice and that I will not leave this opportunity to enjoy her and started to go with me.

I just went near her and touched her hip it was so sexy and creamy. I just bent and kissed her hip and came front and navel was just at my mouth. I kissed her navel and she started to mourn a bit now.

I know got up and removed her pallu and there she was in her low cut blouse. Looking so sexy. I just kept my hands on her blouse.

Sudha- please Rajesh don’t remove my dress someone my come.

Me- no one will come I just want you to cooperate.

I then asked her to hug me.

She came forward​and hugged me. She very well knew that she had no there choice. That was a perfect hug. She doesn’t​even have a belly such a flat stomach and good size boobs.

(Guys you will only feel the hug when you hug a woman who has good size boobs and zero belly)

And the same was Sudha. Her boobs just got crashed on my chest.

Me- I feel like a childish hug. Hug me tight.

Sudha- ok ( and then hugged me tightly, she was hugging me by hands around my neck and I let my hands on her ass)

What can I say, guys, her ass was so perfect. But still, she had saree on her body. So I had removed it completely and she was in blouse and petticoat. Now I hugged and started pressing her ass. And it was so nice. She was also hugging me tightly. I don’t know if she liked or wanted to get this done quick.

Now I pressed her blouse and fear started growing in her as she knew next I will remove her blouse.

Sudha- please Rajesh done remove blouse. It very wrong and that too in a public place. What will happen if I am getting caught?

Me- nothing will happen dear. I am so eager to see your boobs. Don’t you consider me? Please Sudha

She knew as argue with me is a waste of time. And she started to remove the blouse buttons. Her boobs very juggling to come out.

Oh gosh, wat a scene it was. My dream lady opening blouse buttons for me to suck her boobs.

She now removed her blouse and was standing in her bra with the head bow down.

Me-you don’t have to bow down your head. We are not doing anything wrong.

Sudha- Yes, showing my boobs to my friend’s son who is likely my son is not wrong.

Me don’t think me as your son. Take me as ur friend a man just it.

Sudha- (In mind.. it’s a waste of talking to this guy) ok now what.

Me- come near me and hug me. I also removed my shirt.

It always seducing when a woman does everything to you. She then came near me and hugged me with her bra.

Me- please remove ur bra dear.

She then removed her bra too and stood. I then started pressing her boobs. (Guys you will not believe those boobs quality you cannot even see in any actress. Those are just so creamy and whitish)

I was praising her boobs and pressing and what I saw I got shocked. She had a slow smile on her lips.

Me- What happen smiling???

Sudha- nothing…

Me- say na plz plz

Sudha- nothing. Even my hubby has not praised like this.

Me- oh really. But I can’t just sit without praising these gorgeous boobs.

Sudha- (smiling) enough is enough. Now, will you leave me please sir?

Me- what happen calling me sir.

Sudha-you are the one who is controlling me now so just called.

Me – ok now please press my bottom.

Sudha-are you crazy. We cannot get till that. You asked and I gave my top entire body. No way of that.

Me- see bloody. Don’t make me angry and I can even now do a lot of trouble with that video. Do you understand?

Now she just sat on the stool and had hands on her head.

Sudha- oh gosh. Because of my son, I am paying for this idiot.

Me- what you said.???

Sudha- nothing sir…. Just come near.

I came near her and stood. She now kept her hands on my jeans and was pressing it. Woooow it was like heaven. She was pressing for a long while.

Me-pressing is enough now take it out.

She opened the zip and took it in her hand. And was now rubbing. I just closed my eyes and was feeling. Slowly after sometimes, I felt wetness on.my cock. I opened my eyes and was shocked. She was sucking my cock.

Me- wow… Without saying u r sucking.. good girl.

Sudha- anyhow u r going to say that later so why waste time. And started sucking.

She was sucking for a while. And then I lifted her petticoat and started to finger her pussy.

Sudha- hey idiot wat are you doing. Aahhhhhh

Me- are you liking it…

Sudha- idiot…….

She was now in full mood I think. I was finger fucking her more and more. Then I stopped.

Sudha- what happen. You stopped.

Me- do you want me to suck you there.

Sudha- I have not experienced it. Does it feels good sir???

Me- u will like a lot and I lifted her petticoat and went inside and kept my lips on pussy. It was so shaven and so awesome. And so fair.

(Guys pussies like that you will not see. Never since she has much money. She used to care about her body parts so well?)

I then started sucking her pussy. She was like enjoying…

Sudha- hey idiot… Wat are doing. Something is happening… Ohhhhhhh

I just kept sucking and finally, she got finished. We were just sitting on the stool exhausted.

Me- how was it. Did you like it?

Sudha- yes da..

Me- ok shall we start another round,??

Sudha – wat round.

Me- direct in your pussy…

Sudha- ( she was still exhausted and silent)

I then took my limp cook near her mouth.she understood what I was up to. Without anything she just took my cock into her hot mouth and was purely sucking my cock for her pussy.

And when everything was done someone knocked the door saying it had been a long while since you went in trail room and please come out.

We both very sad.

Me- wat to do…

Sudha-probably we can continue some other day. Now we have to leave.

Me – okay let me dress and I started wearing a dress.

She also started wearing a dress. And we dressed and when I was just about to open the door.

Sudha-wait Rajesh. You have sucked me I got an orgasm. But u haven’t got one time. Come here.

Me- why

She opened my zip and took my penis in mouth and started sucking my cock. Took deep in her mouth.

Me-. Am bout to come.

Sudha- no problem I will take in my mouth.

I loaded entirely in her mouth and she swallowed the entire cum.

Me- thanks, aunty.

Sudha- what aunty.. you did everything with me and now calling Aunt. Call me only Sudha.

Me- (smiling) ok sudha.

We both bid goodbye. She gave me her address and asked to visit some day.

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