Fucked Up An Indian Sex Stories Reader Bhuvana

Hi to all Indian sex stories readers after getting a huge response from my last 2 stories now I’m going to write my next real experience story which happened a month ago..I request all our members to send your suggestion and feedback through [email protected] even though I don’t speak English properly I tried writing my story in English please excuse me for grammatical mistakes

Now coming to the story….

I’m Arun from Chennai age 23 height 5.6 weight 75kg penis 6.5 inch

This story is about how I fucked an Indian sex stories reader…I got a lot of comments from my last story from that a reader asked me for a service her name is Bhuvaneshwari age 37 she is from chennai..First, our chat started through mail later we exchanged our numbers one fine evening got a text from her number

Bhuvana: hey are u free today? Let’s have a coffeeMe: of course we can

She asked me to come to Phoenix mall Velachery.I got ready and started before I reach she was waiting for me in a coffee shopI went shopping and gave her a dairy milk silk chocolate and hugged her we both were talking about personal taking selfies etc.. Finally I dropped Bhavana near her house she gave a kiss on my cheeks and thanked me[sorry forgot to say about this she has one child he is studying 5th std ]

After dropping her I went home and masturbated thinking about her I received a txt from her numberBhuvana: “Honey I love you”Me: are you joking?

Bhuvana: really I love u I need u

Me: Bhavana I’m younger than you how it is possibleBhuvana: I don’t mind about ages etc I realized that u can take care me of everything etcMe: finally agreed with a smile and said I love u too

She asked me to come to her home nxt day morning as soon as her husband and her son leaves from home I waited in a tea shop near her area and texted her

me: everything ok?

Bhuvana: ya fine come to second-floor ill be wearing a pink colour saree and gate will be kept open

I started from the tea shop and parked my bike in her apartment and took a lift to the second floor she was waiting for me outside her home she welcomed me with a warm hug and locked the door and said me to sit on sofa she went into the kitchen and came outside with a two glass of mango juice we both drank the juice and started to talked she asked me arun can we start?I lifted her and she directed me to her bedroom she kept everything ready the ac was kept on already she came closer and hugged me kissed on my chest and I hugged her and kissed on her forehead she was crying and saying about her drunkard husband I tried to console her bt she didn’t stop..She suddenly removed her wedding rope(in Tamil we used to say thaali kayaru)

After that she came closer and gave a kiss on my lips nearly she was sucking my lips more than 20 mins we both exchanged our saliva hugging and rolling each other in bed we both were semi-nude I gradually removed all her clothes and made her nude I started to suck her nipples and finger her pussy she was moaning in a pleasure her pussy was hairy and asked her to shave she went to restroom and trimmed all the hairs and came back I started licking her and my tongue was inside hers…I lifted her up and licked her asshole she was moaning aaaaahhhh arun fuck me please I can’t wait!!!I took my dick and kept on her mouth she gave a good blowjob and made me cum on her mouth she drank everything

While going I got 3 packets of condom I removed one and gave her and asked her to wear it on my cock she agreed and did I stretched her legs and went between it and inserted my cock I her pussy she was crying in pain I didn’t leave her I started rubbing slowly and after that rubbed it harder she was moaning and was shouting “Fuck me fuck me hard oh yeah”While fucking her I was playing with her tits finally she cummed

I asked her to take a doggy position I inserted my cock into her ass hole it was very tight so my cock started to pain..Even though it was paining I didn’t leave her fucked her asshole nearly 20 mins and released my hot sperm inside her nearly we fucked for 3 hours we started at morning 9 and finished our 1st session at 12

I asked her for an another session she agreed and said to start at 1 pm and finish at 3 pm because her son will be coming from school at 4 I ordered afternoon lunch from a hotel and we both ate and started our session

Before that we both took bath in the same bathroom while bathing I asked her to keep one leg on the tap and inserted my dick into her pussy by standing in front of her I fucked her for 10 mins and released my sperm inside her she was really happy with my service

After that, I took her to bedroom again and fucked her at different positions

This one of my best services to my reader she thanked me and gave me some money I refused to take the money and I gave her 5k for her expense she came near me and hugged me for 10 mins I gave a kiss on her forehead and left her home

Before reaching home received a text from her numberBhuvana: don’t go away from me I need your service often I miss uThat night we had an another session on Skype and made her cum

Hope everyone liked my story

Anyone need sex ideas feel free to contact me, unsatisfied women widowers and girls also contact me your privacy will keep secret …send your valuable comments to my mailbox and anyone need sex or sex chat also contact me …send your feedback and suggestions to “[email protected]

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