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Hi SexStories readers, I am back with a new exciting story that you wanted. I am Dhruv’lovesx’ your very own playboy! As a very good response for my earlier stories i have decided to publish an another sensuous story based on a thrilling plot. Let me tell you about myself first , i am fair looking average guy with height of 5’11 feet and strong build. I am always aimed high in my life, i love to explore excitement and i bring my excitement to you by my thrilling stories. 1 year ago i had a beautiful busty girlfriend with a bomb figure for which every dick will lust for. She had perfect boobs and round ass which was mouth watering. Her figure was 36DD 30 36 , now you can make how hot was my girl friend. She lived with her mom only as her father was not there and guys her mom was hot to in every manner. Reema was my girlfriend name , she lives in the same locality as i live in and her mom was our good family friend.

Every day we used to roam here and there holdings our hand and both of us parents were aware of our relationship. We usually used to kiss each other for 15 to 20 minutes before saying goodbye and this was going on. One day in January 2012 she surprised me Reema: Hi dhruv ,how are you darling? Me: I am good my love. Reema: Today i want to do tongue smooch with you! (she was biting her lips) Me: Wow what happened to you today? Reema: I am feeling good and horny and i just want you!! (she was sweaty and deep breathing, i could see her erect nipples from her top) I took her to lonely place and just looked in her eyes for lust and i put my hands in her waist and pulled towards me, now we were stick to each other.

I kissed her lips first and bite it , she had her eyes closed , then i used my tongue to get inside her mouth and we kissed for long time till she was satisfied but Reema: That was very hot my boy, now listen i have no one at house and lets have good sex! I was stunned , i had nothing to say and was red faced but then suddenly she grabbed my hand and took me at her house Reema: I am sorry for this sudden desire but i couldn’t control my lust for you! I want you inside me my love! I was very happy in my heart, i decided to accept the offer and fulfill her lust. Reema: Will you fulfill my desire ahhh ohhh… I grabbed her again by the waist and by looking in her eyes i said Me: I love you, and i am yours! I planted a kiss on her forehead and kissed her eyes and also admired her.

I gently kissed her neck and cleavage and starting smooching her. She was sexy and was wearing mini skirt and tight half top, her melons were waiting to be fucked by me. Reema: Dont just look them tear them and fuck me like animal, show me your monster. By hearing her lust full words i picked her up and carried her to bedroom. There we kissed deeply with both of our tongues exploring in our mouth. I removed her red top and bang there was hiding in her bra was her big juicy melons Me: Wow , those are amazing! Reema: Just for you babe!

I removed her bra and started to press her white boobs which was driving her crazy. I took her left breast in my mouth while pressed other , i sucked her milk and sucked both melons with pleasure which i was enjoying like anything! Now i reached her navel while kissing and liked it with which she moaned and asked for more, so i took her too bed and removed my clothes except my underwear and then i started licking her navel again!

After some time she asked me to like her pussy, so i removed her red underwear and revealed her heaven like pussy! Her pussy is like jannat ! It was not shaved but it was beautiful and dripping for me to suck. Immediately i kissed her pussy and started licking like thirsty lustful dog ,she was enjoying every part of it . She grabbed my hair then she pulled me towards her cunts and yelled Reema: Go deeper , u naughty boy! Then with my tongue i liked it inside out and made her do her orgasms which i drank all of it , every drop of it!

Then without saying anything she took my underwear down, she was speechless and lustfully glared my monstrous cock that made her mouth watering. She holded my 8 inch cock and kissed its crown and started to kiss it all around and started to playing with it , then in no time she took my 8 inch monster in her mouth at once and she did that till i cummed on her face, she drank all of it and now asked me to bang her hard with my cock. I first inserted my cock from behind and made a doggy style position, her pussy was very tight so i spanked on her ass cheeks which made her moaned and asking for more.

I slowly started fucking her tight pussy which was painful but gave immense pleasure, i stroked it gently first but she lost her mind and became thirsty for more pounding Reema: maro na janeman ‘ bang me more’ aur tej ah ah ah oh oh ho ho aahhh ‘fast fast’ I forced my way into her and stroked vigorously which made her shout in lust and pleasure!

I was coming to climax and then we decided to change position so i picked her up and pressed her against the wall and then inserted my dick standing and then i started to stroke her. The pleasure and sex was intensifying we made more noises while fucking and was feeling the sex from our souls. I was about to cum and so i told her, she said to me that she wanted in her mouth so i dropped her on bed and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it, i could feel the warmth of her mouth and so i came in her mouth.

Finaly lust full evening came to an end . We cleaned our selfs as we made mess and also we together cleaned up the house. Our parents never got to knexe did this as we are trying not to tell them. After 1 year we are dating and finding new ways to innovate our sex. We are like married couple and are spending more and more time together. We recently decided to try have a threesome and guys if we do it i will surely post it here. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] And also please give me feedback, we will love to hear from you guyz. I am 21 years old . I am living in delhi, and is searching for adventures. For Girls only- If i like your feedback then i will give you a copy of a erotic story before i publish it! Thanking you Regards Lovesx

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