Fun And Frolic In Goa The Other Way Round

Hello fellas, I am rohit 23 athletically built & possess an indian fair complexion hailing from pune. I have being reading some stories over iss for quite some time now and feel really excited and ecstatic to share my first story.

This happened over a course of time this winter (nov) when me and some of my friends had planned a visit to the party haven goa. As we are all bikers and have high end sports bikes people are generally allured to our biker brotherhood/clan and always have their lenses open for some good snaps if they tend to have our glimpse somewhere. They always feel to indulge into an conversation with us and knowing more about us kind of a stardom. Ohkk so coming back to the story we moved into goa in the second week of nov and me & my friends stayed in a posh 3bhk service apartment in the ‘bardez’ proximity/area of goa hardly a few miles from baga & calangute beaches.

The view from the 3rd floor balcony of our’s was just mesmerizing & breathetaking and that we often used to sit in the balcony after days fun & frolic play and chilling at the beach for drinks admist the cool breezes tall coconut trees and with a glance of the swimming pool right in front of us. Days & alike nights where going very good & all of us where having the fun of our lifetimes. It was not my first visit to goa it was tending to be one of the best one thoug yet. But there was a twist to it there were some planned unforeseen events planned which where going to make my trip much more spiced up & that I would cherish it for a long time.

One fine late evening by around 11-11.30 pm when all of my friends where very tired of the big day of paragliding, scuba-diving and some other water sports they tend to sleep early and refraining from drinks for the following night. I was the only one awake out of 5 of us and went into the balcony to have a smoke and relax in the cool breezes. Then all of a sudden just out of nowhere I got a glimpse of a white pretty sun tanned foreigner lady wearing cream coloured nighty and that was all I could see amidst a dark night regardless of getting any detailed view of her. I later came to know she hailed from Adriatic croatia a eastern european country. Her flat was just parallel to ours and quite close to ours from where we could have seen each others expression.

After having a quite decent stare at her even she was having a glance at me and returned back inside after quite some minutes and that was all for the night. But god did had some awesome plans for me lined up ahead. So as we where coming to an end of the trip and it had being a week since we landed up in goa it was time for us to leave. But just somehow I was not willingly ready to accept that our vacation in goa is over and we had to head back to pune. At last as all of my biker buddies had their breakfast the following next morning and getting ready to set the roads on fire again aback pune I strongly resented and was adamant staying back for a few more days to which my buddies readily agreed after some explanation.

By noon I was just alone at the place and was just lazy around surfing internet and watching movies, the night passed rather the same way in a state of lousiness and laziness next morning I woke up pretty early by my standards and was planning to head towards baga for a beer or two on my bike.

But as it came to my mind that I was running low on gas from the previous ride and there was hardly less than a gallon left for me to propel I rather insisted myself for a quick activa which was also hassle free and that I wouldn’t have to worry about my bike in the public parking. But alasss!!! I just couldn’t find one for an hour or so, so this is when I saw sasha (name changed) as she was all alone and introduced myself to her that I was staying in the very next parallel flat to her’s and asked for a lift … She unhesitantly got ready and said even she was heading for baga. No cruel intentions by then. But I could jhst feel the heat under my pants … My 6 inch mr. Little was just sooo allured and aroused to her silage that I just wanted to grasp her from behind.

But somehow I controlled by ecstasy. Though the locals are prone to see a lot of foreigners in goa I was in a sharp contrast was being looked up by the hawkers and pedestrians alike rather with a feeling of jealousy of riding pillon with a foreigner.

Finally we reached baga and that she undid her pink top & bluish shorts to have a sun bath … She asked me if I could join as even she was all alone. I nodded in affirmation. As she was lying with her yellow bra with some flora designed on her yellow panties coupled with that cute little belly piercing on her not so flat but alluring tummy (the type of tummy I like the most) my hormones where just raging and my bloodstreams where just fuelling my 6 inch fairly tanned indian cock to just pounder her with this 6 incher at my arsenal. But all again I just controlled my emotions and just sat quietly until we finally broke the silence after we were to the beach after the ride.

We then ordered a long island iced tea (cocktail) for her & a ballentines whiskey large for myself. We later on settled for some beers as it was getting hot with passing day and tend to refrain from hot drinks uptil further till eve. We started indulging in a very casual discussion and she was quite frank with me and admired me of my cute face. She also admired my way of conversation and how I portray myself in front of others. She was very impressed and started talking about herself & her family.

Earlier in the morning itself I had come to know that she hails from croatia and has come to goa to avoid harsh colds in there as well as to enjoy the warm goan weather & that she wanted to explore the Portuguese tradition here in goa and know more about its whereabouts since the Portuguese first came here. She was from Dubrovnik province in croatia and studied history she later exclaimed. She later said she had being to goa with her 2 friends who are not so fun to be she has realized coming to goa and was happy to be by my side she said.

A sudden anxiety on my face, as I told her even I was alone here in goa after my friends had left the day before. We later on summed up our drinks over sorbet as we both had this fetish for sweet-tooth paid the bill collectively and left. I insisted that I shall pay the bill but she refrained and said that you shall get a chance for it either. I was happy that she is going to be with me for some time now. She later on dropped me and went to her place and asked out to meet in the evening over poolside by 6pm she did not give her number and rather wanted to generate a curiosity in me of seeing her. Though she was equally interested.

As it was already 4.30 and that I had to catch up with her in the eve I went over for a quick a hour’s powernap. Later on we met in the evening over coffee and she asked me to join her for a 7 course menu she wanted to relish at one of the bistros in goa for some time (sorry cannot disclose the name of the joint). I got ready in a white collared shirt with jeans on coupled with the boots. She came down as I was waiting for her and her attire was just soo very mesmerizing & lucrative.

With her hair open extra small shorts through which her finely toned legs where visible a black top and her silver/golden contrasting stiletto heel to complete her attire. I asked her to give me the keys for the activa as she was doing the riding all day but she rather refrained and asked me to take out my sports bike as she wanted to ride behind my pillon and that she even loved riders back home. We refueled on the way to the bistro and reached quite in time.

The place was resembling the greek charm all over itself and that I myself started feeling being amidst all the foreigner’s as the place started seating guests by the start of the eve. There were hardly any indian locals. We ordered for some drinks and she ordered the food for us as I had no idea about the cuisine. We both shared a quick smoke after the dinner which was very filling and tasty and left the place. Our place was around 7 miles from the resto and it started getting quite cold and brash winds started hitting us as it was winters. Sasha had already appreciated me of my riding skills enroute to the place before.

She to my surprise suddenly put her arms around me and grasped me with full force with her gentle hands. For a moment I was just completely bewildered about whats actually happening but started feeling relaxed after some seconds. Even I started caressing her and trying to cover her legs with my hands just to feel her toned legs … Which were already making my 6 incher anxious since morning.

Somehow with this bare-closeness we reached our place and that she asked me to hold her hands and accompany her to her room as she was all shivering with cold. I did. She asked me to join in her 2 bhk room as even I was all white with cold. She made us some coffee and I lazily sat on the sofa checking chats & updates on my mob device. I asked her for her mob as there was no range for my concerned service provider and I had to call my friend at a immediate basis as I recalled I haven’t had contacted my buddies since the time they had left goa and whether have reached safely or not.

She readily gave it to me and I did had a word with em. And hyeeee!!! To my surprise as I was just surfing through her cell I just found a lot of porn videos and esp the instructional dido vids. I just didn’t say anything at the first glance but she made out that something was very wrong with me and asked me over whats wrong with me all of this sudden. I didn’t say anything to her firstly but later on as he pleaded and held her hands in mine, I asked her about the videos and why is it she has soo many instructional dildo videos. To it she became down and was just about to moan when I sympathized her with a warm hug. And just what a feeling it was … It was in ages I was hugging someone since my breakup. She later on said she had a serbian boyfriend …

All went good for some time before he actually used to sexually abuse her and would fume with all of his anger of office & work on me. And that all the eastern European guys are very brash & rude and didn’t respect women much.

So after her breakup recently she had being using this dildo to fu*k her own pussy whenever she feels horny. Our coffee was ready meantime and I was just to leave after it when she said, “You can stay here, my friends are outside” actually her (girl)friends had being to the spice garden 2 hours drive from goa for a visit and that they will be staying there for the next 2-3 days as they were not the party types and rather enjoyed calm places as such and asked me to stay with her for the night …. My testosterone where all fuming my blood pressure and heart beat increased after listening to this. I knew something was up for the night and felt lucky enough to grab a quick nap in the eve which was going to keep me energized for the long night about to come. I also felt very lucky not to have left with my biker friend’s and rather made a decision to stay. I asked her to leave just to change into my boxers and t-shirt and would come back in 10 mins … She smiled and said come soon honey.

I hurriedly went over to my place changed in and came back. And what I saw coming back was just soo heavenly and melo-dramatic. I saw sasha wearing a cherry red nighty seamlessly open enough for me to gaze at her cleavage with a floral night perfume she was wearing. I just cannot explain what all it looked like. I sat on one of the sofas and put on the tv when she just came besides me and sat with her nighty even more undid by her. I knew I am about to drench in sweat I some moments. There was this some adult movie going on and I happeningly asked her which type of sex she liked. She said she likes watching public pickups and cross-sexual. And we both agreed that we share such similar interests & habits. I asked if we can watch it together to which she with an evil smile on her face exclaimed yes and pulled my nosey and complemented it. I asked her to get the blanket for us and told her to lay on/or beside me on the sofa on my chest as we where to see the videos.

After a while sasha got aroused and started patting her legs on mine and we both started nodding our heads with each other. We both where enjoying the sense of touch of each other. Within no time and I am unable to recall somehow in a while we where into each others mouth … Our tongues collided in strong love and I slightly started dominating her even she responded with submissiveness … I kissed and caressed her on her forehead and said she is just such a cute ‘damsel’ and that how could someone even think to offended such a beauty. Also she was very good as far as I had judged her as a person. I again pit my tongue in her mouth and that continued for more than some 20 mins when I finally started squeezing her small perky nipples & boobs. All I can see was that she was enjoying it. I started un-dressing her and the vice-versa I unstrapped her purple bra and her satin undies. I squeezed her small but perfectly fit & round melons firmly with both my hands and started fingering her tight pussy standing.

I then carefully lifted her in my arms and rather throw her on the bedroom bed but quite softly and almost immediately lifter her legs and put my tongue inside her juicy pussy. I was constantly fingering her tight watery cunt and licking it … It let me tell you that was the best pussy I have had every eaten before. I even in my wildest of thoughts didn’t ever had thought of intimating with a foreigner. There is definitely something distinctive about their personal being. I then took her hand in mine and made her sit down and pamper and satisfy my 6 incher tool we immediately grasped it and started playing with her tongue over it. It was feeling just too good indeed … I just wanted to do all for my cute damsel to satisfy us both and a started giving some mean deep- throats to her … I rubbed my cock in her cleavage and again went back on sucking her yummy pussy in 69 …

I then kissed her and she asked whether I have a condom I said noo … But to our surprise she had a pair of em just in case as she told me that at the back of her mind she knew there was some sexual pleasures she was going to find on her expedition to india in her bag. I immediately kissed my damsel and pushed my cock slightly & slowly inside her tight pussy … But to my surprise the pussy was way tooo tight and I didnt knew why?? Probably I was thinking these foreigners have a much more tensed pussy in a sharp contrast to the indian ladies but as I asked her she told me that she never gave her serbian boyfriend who was sooo imprudent with her a chance to fuck her & and she was still a virgin …. To this I’ll tell you fellas I was just on cloud 9 and was rather surprised of the events coming in my life …

I was just feeling the most lucky person in the world as I had never ever broken s seal & fucked a virgin girl. As she was just 20 I first held her in my arms and hugged on for a while and explained it to her whether or not to indulge into sex as breaking her seal could cause her much pain and anguish … She kissed me on my ears and hugged me even tighter and thanked me for my warm condor of asking her permission and said you are a true gentleman rohit … I am just sooo gratified to meet you, I couldn’t have met a better person than you in goa.

To which I kissed the damsel for a while and again started putting my dick in her vag … She was just moaning & yelling and screaming to an extent I had to cover her mouth with my hands until I finally broke her seal pack and she was all drenched in blood …

But we continued to go onn for a while before I cummed in the condom. 20 mins past we indulged into another fu*king session and this time as she was very light hardly 45kgs I lifted her in my arms and started fucking her by piercing my dick from down under ….

Later on I asked her to come atop me. Later I put forward before I exploded with all my sticky semen that can I cum inside your mouth and she unhesitantly became ready and I exploded my wrath inside her mouth … I even asked her to swallow a bit …

The room was littered with my cum all over and also on her breasts. We had a quickie shower and slept together and this continued uptil the next 4 days with some exquisite ass fucking, shower fuc*s and even some bizarre sex fantasies until we both set off on our trail back to the home place. We are still in contact and she said she will also be coming to goa the next year. Also my sincere thanks to sasha as I asked her whether I can share our experience on iss to which she readily agreed.

Thats all folks this is my story of the unexpected set of events coming into my life within a span of 12 days of my stay in goa. Hope you all enjoyed my story.

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Untill next time …. Skoal

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