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Hi All, this is Sundar and I am a big big fan of ISS. My favorite sections are Incest, Maid Servant and Office/Teacher.

I have been following this site since last 4-5 years and always wanted to share some of that hot sessions that I have experienced. I am 27 years old, moderate height of 5’6″ with fair complexion. I have a very athletic body with broad shoulders, good biceps and moderate waist. My eyes are the most beautiful part that has helped me get so many chances. I am an expert foreplay player complimented by many of my girls. I get them exhausted just with foreplays 🙂

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Coming to the incident which happened very recently when I was travelling back to Bangalore from Mumbai in UDYAN EXPRESS, I started from Dadar and this girl (Divya) boarded the train in Kalyan with her mother. She was wearing a yellow round neck t-shirt and a red track pants. It is due to this bright color that my attention shifted towards her. To add it more she was very fair with nice boobs not huge but fairly visible and a wonderful ass. The moment I saw her I felt like pressing her Ass. OMG…

My berth was side lower and hers’ was lower. She was sitting just in-front of me and I could not resist looking at her. With-in just 30mins of travelling I started to get positive signal from Divya, she noticed that time and again I was looking at her and admiring her beauty and she started to give smile; as if she is acknowledging my compliments conveyed by my Eyes.

After this initial positive signal I started to test her by getting up and moving towards rest room and stood near the door for some time, to my surprise she followed me in few minutes. Now this gave me confidence to move forward. I initiated the conversation with Hi and all and we started talking for a while that’s when I came to know that her name is Divya and she is going with her mother to Bangalore.

Now that we have started we went back to our seat and started looking at each other. Now my desire on making love to her was getting intense. The same has started showing in my eyes. It was noon and most of passengers started taking nap post lunch. She just finished her and when to wash her hands.

I did not waste any time and followed her and stood just behind her in the wash basis. She could see me in the mirror and was giving me naughty smile. I got green signal and went even closer to her and started brushing my cock against her Ass. It was an awesome feeling. She was not restricting and stood there and we were syncing with the movement of train. It was noon and hence we did not go any further and parted back to respective seats. I was unrest and I could sense the same was with her too…

I was just waiting for the night and something good is going to happen.

Almost all went to sleep around 10:30 PM and I was burning inside and was not able to sleep. I just covered my face and body with my blanket to hide my anxiety and suddenly I felt some was pulling my hands. I just uncovered my face and saw Divya, she just pulled, pinched and went towards rest room. It was dark and I followed her. She entered the western toilet and kept the door unlocked. I just screened briefly to check if anyone is looking and zipped into the rest room.

Once inside I just hold her tight from behind such that my 6″ cock was pressing her beautiful and soft ass. She gave a slight moan. My hands were on her stomach. I was aware that I had to make it fast since we had very little time.

I slide my right hand into her track pant and was caressing her pussy over the underwear; at the same time I put my left hand insider her t-shirt and went uphill to hunt for her boobs. They were soft and very hard nipples. I pinched her and she shouted in pain. Her panty was drenched with juices and I was pressing her panty with my middle finger into her pussy.

I was making her go crazy with my act; simultaneously I was pressing my cock on her ass, finger fucking her over the panty, caressing her boobs and kissing all the sensitive parts. Within 2 minutes she screamed and got her first orgasm. Her legs were trembling and took some sight of relief.

Now she turned towards me and gave me a kiss of my lifetime. It was one of the most passionate kiss that I have ever experienced, while kissing she was moving her right hand on my cock over my jeans. Same time I was pressing her boobs and with my left hand was playing with her pussy. Now she could not hold any more. She went down just bending her legs, unzipped my jeans and started licking my cock over my jockey. I was very excited coz this was the first time that someone has licked it over my underwear. After licking and massaging for a minute she took my jockey down and reviled my cock. She did not waste any time and took it into her mouth. Now it was my time to moan. It was great pleasure. I hold her head and was trying to control the motion but she was in different mood. She has gone crazy and was making me crazy.

She was stroking my cock with her left hand and was sucking as the same time. This was awesome and I was nearing my climax. She realized and signaled me to pump it in the toilet since any stain on cloths would have put both of us in trouble.

I was not done yet. Now I went on my knees and got her track pant removed from one leg. Put her leg over my shoulder to face directly her pussy and licked it over her panty. Pushed my tongue into her pussy and now it’s time for me to see her sweet spot. I did that same with panty, removed one leg out of it. I parted her pussy lips and saw her glittering pussy. I was in utmost ecstasy.

I hold her left leg with my right hand for support, pushed my left thumb on my clitoris and was licking. She was not able to hold and was caressing her boobs. She was just lifted the t-shirt and was pinching her boobs vigorously. She was in pain and at the same time was in pleasure. It was awesome. I was licking, pushed my tongue into her pussy. Now moved my right hand towards her bottom part of pussy and tried entering my middle finger. I took it deep inside and touched her g-spot. I was moving my finger over her g-spot and now she was over joyed and grabbed my head and pull out. But I was determined to give her the pleasure of her lifetime. She would never have felt like time and will never feel the same.

I was playing on her clitoris with my left thumb, licking and my right middle finger has started doing its magic inside her pussy. She pulled my hair; I was in some kind of pain but did not let it got. She cried in pleasure and climaxed. She literally trembled and was falling. I hold her till she got her breath back.

I could see complete satisfaction in her eyes. I gave a nice kiss on her forehead and said “Thank you” to which she responded “THANK YOU – This was my best”.

I had some 6-7 incidents before but this was my best and hence decided to share this with you. Hope you all got wet reading this 😉

Any girls willing to enjoy foreplay of their life time; contact me on <[email protected]>. I would be happy to serve you.

Note: my promise – you privacy will always be guarded. Cheers!!

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