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This is an incident happened a couple of years back. I am a male 5ft 9in in the thirties living in Bay Area (east bay) and the female colleague Preeti 5ft 3in in this incident was 42. we used to work in the same software company. I was a software Engineer and she was a director in another engineering group. She is pretty and attractive for her age. In fact, she joined a few weeks back only. I used to interact with her with work related issues. We gradually became friendly with each other. I used to help her in the beginning in finding her rental apt. She told me that she was a divorcee and had two kids studying in the east coast and they visit her during their vacation. Her husband left her many years back and how she had been managing on her own. I asked her if she is dating anyone. she told me she has in the past but she is single right now. I also told her that I am married and also asked her to visit us.

A few months later she bought a 4 bedroom home in Los altos (expensive area). Life was going on as usual. Once my wife and I were in costco where she greeted us and invited us to her home. I asked my wife and she agreed as I had already told her about preeti. We visited her on next weekend. She was wearing a nice top and jeans. she had invited one of her female friends too there. As I was talking to her I noticed that the top was a little extra deep with two top buttons loose. I had never seen her like that in office. Occasionally when she would bend I could see her boobs. She noticed me staring at her bosom but didn\’t seem to mind it. She showed us her gigantic house, served nice food. Nothing much happened and we came back. I had no bad feelings towards her.

we continued interacting with each other over a period of few months and she became more open in conversations telling me about her personal life, her past dates. I would just listen and give some suggestions if she would ask. One day when i went to her office during the conversation she said that she has pain in her lower back. When I asked her how she said that she developed a sprain yesterday picking some stuff at home. I closed the office door and asked her if I could look at the sprain. she moved her top a little up and showed me her lower back. I pressed my fingers on the spot and asked her if it hurts, she said yes. I felt a little hard-on when i was pressing her back but controlled myself. I pulled my hand back and said just apply arnica balm(homeopathic remedy) on it when you get back home.

I just left from there. The thought of having to touch her lingered in my mind for a while.

A few weeks later my wife had to go to India to attend her cousin\’s wedding. I couldn\’t go due to the office project I was working on. Preeti came to know about it. She said in her absence if you need any help let me know. Two days later she asked me if we could go out for dinner tonight. Since I was free in the evening I said yes and we met a restaurant.

She was wearing tight black top and black jeans. I could see the curves of her boobs at the top.

We dad a good dinner and I casually asked her if she wants to come to my place. Not sure why I asked her, she agreed. We come to my apt. I asked her if she wants any drinks, she said yes.we sat on the sofa next to each other and started sipping scotch.I also put on a movie. As she was sipping scotch, she said I am feeling a little cold. I brought the blanked for her. she said let\’s share the blanket. I was a bit hesitant but agreed. I could feel the warmth from her body. we were conversing and suddenly she said my lower back still give me a problem.

I said: again..she kept quiet.I: ok let me take a look at it

I turn her back towards me. I pull her top from behind to expose her lower back and start massaging it. she closes her eyes and starts enjoying it. then I said: kya karwaana chahti hein aap ?she is quiet …

I moved my hands up underneath her top and unhook her bra and start massaging her boobs slowly from behind. I hear her low moans. I press them hard and start twitching her nipples.she closed her eyes. I kiss her neck and rub my face on her shoulders. She is clearly enjoying it and picks my index finger and middle finger and puts in her mouth. I remove her top and bra and lie her down on her back and start squeezing her boobs. This goes on for few minutes and then I put my mouth on her left nipple and still squeezing her right nipple. she moves her hand to unzip my jeans and brings out my tool and starts massaging it. I am hard as a rock by now. I remove her jeans and start rubbing my penis on her panty. Her panty is already wet. This goes on for few minutes, then I asked her to take my penis in her mouth. she hesitates first and then takes it in her mouth. I was pounding in her mouth and she was squeezing my balls with one hand. I was about to cum when I pulled it out.

I cum on her breasts. I clean them with tissue. then I remove her panty. she had well trimmed pubic hair..all wet. I start rubbing her pussy with my two fingers. she is now moaning loud. I put the same two fingers in her pussy and keep fucking her with fingers. In few minutes she came. she had tears in her eyes. she was quiet.. not a word since we started fucking. just moans … I lied on top of here for few minutes. then I again started getting hard on. I put a condom and started going in her. Her pussy was tight. later she told me that she didn\’t has had sex for ages although she used to masturbate frequently. I fucked her in the missionary position for few minutes and then asked her to get in doggy pose.

I wanted to fuck her from behind. I enter from behind and start squeezing her breasts from behind. loud moans … she came again in few minutes and me afterward. we lied there naked for and hour or so. then she got up and said she has to leave. I didn\’t say anything. We kissed each other and she left.

In few days my wife came back and we never got a chance to do it again. Then the company reorg happened and she was let go. Now she is in a south California and we are not in touch with each other. If you liked my story please send your feedback to [email protected]

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