Fun With My College Friend

Hello, Indian sex story reader,This is my first sex story so kindly bare the mistakes and give your feedbacks to [email protected] so that I can share even more stories.

Myself Shreyas, 24 years from Bangalore a civil engineer with an athletic body, height 5 feet 11 inch and a tool of 6-inch tool. This story is a night where my friend with benefit had come over to my place when we got an opportunity such that no one was at my place.

Telling about my friend she has a sexy body with stats 34-28-32.Her name is Chaithra we used to have lots of fun sexting, voice calls and sometimes enjoy ourselves over video calls too.Chaithra is my friend from school. We were good friends never had thought we would enjoy our lives in this way.Coming to that night she came to my home, at first I welcomed her with a warm hug and sweet kiss on her lips. We had our dinner with a glass of wine.

After our dinner, we sat on my couch and put on a romantic movie. Slowly I started to play with her hairs and caressing her, pulled her on me started smooching her, we were enjoying our love session to make her wild and aggressive I slapped her buttocks hard and scratched her back she started to bite my lips and pull my hairs slowly our love session started getting wild I undressed her and she did the same to me. I lifted her and took her to my bed and started to kiss her entire body she was enjoying it.

Later squeezing her sexy boobs I began to suck her lovely pussy she was enjoying it and was pushing my head closer to her pussy with her legs.

I continuously sucked her pussy for 15 min making it all wet and enjoying the awesome taste of it. Later she started to give a blowjob it was like heaven her sexy lips rolling over my penis aaaaaaaaa it’s the best thing a man can get.

Then to hype our session, even more, I lifted her took her to my bathroom and had a chilled shower bath in the night. We were enjoying even in the bathroom later with the water dripping took her to my bed gave her love bites all over. She was tempted by now and was asking me to fuck her, instead of fucking her I started fingering at first slowly rubbing her pussy on the outside with my palm applying some pressure then moving my mid finger from the top of the clitoris till the bottom of her pussy and then pushed two of my fingers in giving her the best time she was enjoying and asking for more so I put one more finger in continuously giving a fuck simulation using my fingers and stimulating all her nerves in her pussy .

While fingering her I used to give her love bites she use to make me wild by biting my lips stroking my cock and squeezing it hard, sometimes she used to hold my balls to make me listen to her.

Then I put on a condom and started fucking her in missionary position she was shouting like hell calling out my name asking me to fuck her even deep and hard, I went full o she was enjoying by telling ” ya Shreyas come on your almost there you can do it ya baby ya ya come on that’s it you can do it your the one to satisfy me tear that hungry pussy it’s all yours fuck it baby fuck it hard …. ” later on we switched to doggy style holding her sexy tits and fucking her till she begged to stop it . Then she went all cowgirl on me hoping like hell feeling my hard dick in her sexy pussy she was like a sex angel come holding her hairs with both hands and hoping the view of her sexy tits her curvy hips those buttocks and that lovely pussy engulfing my hard dick I was a www struck I was just lying down and enjoying my best moments . We fucked for half an hour with some breaks in between.

She gave me a full body massage with her sexy tits which made me feel fully relaxed.

Later on we went 69 enjoying ourselves to the peak she was tired and was sucking my dick like it would be her last meal and even I was sucking and biting her pussy like it was the last thing I would get in my life the taste of her pussy was so good it was literally making me feel that I should be having this 3 times a day the whole year. Again had one more fuck session this time we put on some porn and was trying to imitate all the sex positions that they were trying like reverse cowgirl, tit fuck. It was a great fuck session with such a friend with benefits were making love and satisfying our needs is looked on with no strings attached.

Then we took a good night nap.

In the early morning I got up and was staring at her and slowly started caressing her she woke up we started a foreplay smooching her, squeezing her tits and buttocks. Sucking her boobs biting her dark brown nipples. And fingering her till she asked for a fuck again, to make it interesting this time we had fuck under the shower enjoying the fuck with a bath.

This is my first short sex story, sorry if I made any mistakes hope you guys liked it give your feedback and any girl if interested can contact me to my mail id for sexting, voice sex, video sex or real time. All your credentials will be safe and will remain a secret. Would be waiting for some feedback and ladies to give them what they like with no strings attached and the freedom to try everything.

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