Fun With My Sister Husband, With His Brothers And His Father

Hi All, I am Bhavya and got name as Sult and Bitch Ramya. Let me describe myself. I am about 5.7ft, fair, average built, curvy body, and my vital status is 32 28 32. I maintained my curvy structure so well that many guys approached directly for dating. It was more when I wear body fit sexy t-shirt and skin tight jeans. In that dress my body structure was revealed and guys use to get disturb in my place and collage. I am BBM graduate and now pursuing MBA.

Let me tell you hint when I got fucked for the first time and Instead of my sister I was a first night bride to my Brother in law, to his brothers and to his father. My BIL got 6 brothers for your information. I was just 18 when my sister got married and my sister’s in laws are settled in village and house is very huge may be like constructed in an Acre land. It was time of my sister was going to her husband place and she ask me to go with her. So I did. But it was may be her unfortunate that she was on her periods time and she was asked to stay in separate room as her mother in law believe in traditional rituals very much.

In that time, I was very much bored and I asked my sister that I want to go out. She called the worker and asked her to give me brand new Vespa. He followed her words and gave me key. I took the vehicle and just went on roaming and found some known person taking some lady to the house which is constructed in in laws agriculture land. I just stopped vehicle at distance and followed them and found that it was my sister’s husband. Both were kissing each other and had sex too. I watched their act and without any word I came back and was thinking whether to tell to sister or not.

Again I followed him next day and this time It was new lady and I caught that lady after their act and asked about in law and she said, he got money and I am hungry for money and physical relationship and moreover he got monster which satisfy my hungry and left. Listening to that I was feeling to see that rod desperately.

Next day, he did not took any lady to the house and went all alone inside, I was not getting how come he is alone and followed him to the house. There were no one in that house and I try searching for my BIL. I did not found him and with sad face I just turned back and found my BIL was standing just behind me nakedly. I was shocked, I heard voice that, I know you were following me and even Soumya told me about your enquiry on me. So I decide to fuck you today, any how I am not having my first night with your sister. Let me enjoy me first sex with you and then I will make you first night bride then fuck you as my wife. Later I will keep you for my life time.

I was stunned not because of his words but because of his monster and I never seen such monster till then. It was may be around 9 inch long and 5 inch thick one. I was keep on seeing his dick, suddenly with loud voice and small spank on my face, BIL said, you bitch what you look their take it and he showed my hand towards his dick.

I was feeling amazing to touch such a big dick at the same time some kind of guilty feeling that I am cheating my sister. He asked me again have you not seen dick till now. What makes you think so much? I said, I have seen sex movies and scared of something wrong between us. In turns he said there in nothing wrong when we decide. I decided to fuck you when I came to see your sister and I was dreaming of having sex with you whenever I fucked other ladies. Many time I took your photographs prints from Engagement album and covered face of other ladies with that and fucked. Today I am going enjoy your…wait…are you virgin? He asked me. I just nodded my head, he again asked are you sure?? I said yes shy.

He was very happy and said I broke your sister hymen and now I am going to broke yours…wow I am lucky…hahaha…it’s a buy one get one offer for me…then by force he showed his dick in my mouth and his 5 inch thick dick was killing my mouth with slow and speed movement. I was in very high dilemma that whether I continue or not. Inside my mind was telling go and enjoy but heart was saying no because it’s a sin to have sex with BIL. One side I was thinking that if I miss this chance I may not get such a huge dick. Even my BIL was fucking my mouth by force I was enjoying it by heart.

He was fucking my mouth for 15 minutes and after that he came inside my mouth. I felt something hot and kind of saliva in my mouth. Initially felt something salty but after few minutes felt something good and sweet desert in my mouth. He was grunting so louder like an elephant grunting. I was very much shy and said wow you are really a hot bitch.

He said, I have never seen any girl taking dick for the first time in mouth and semen too. I said I was not knowing what is going to happen and feeling something wet below…wow randi, let me rape you first…now let’s play some role play. I am a villain and I am going to rape you. You need to shout for help and my brothers will come for help but could not help because of your sexy curvy and attractive body. In this apart from my brothers no one can hear your voice as you know that it is middle of our 150 acres of Land. I said no, I can’t bear it but he said, do you have any other option. No right…if not agreed I will call all my 6 brothers and we all going to rape you by force and gone throw you.

So better you become my keep and get enjoy fucking. I was thinking, I found that my t-shirt was not on my body….it was tore off…and my bra was in my BIL hand….in shock I shouted help me and my voice was not enough, he gave me tight slap on my bum and because of pain I shouted louder help meeeeeee….in next two or three minutes two of his brothers came asking what happened to him. He ordered nothing go out. They went and again I was running to get safe myself and caught by BIL and he took of my skirt in one go and left me, same way I shouted help me please, help me…in another few minutes I was caught by BIL and he took of my panty. He took me to bed where he use to fuck other ladies and threw me on that. I asked him to not fuck me on that bed and asked him to use other bed.

You bitch other than this there is a bed outside the home is it ok if you get fucked out. I said ok if that bed was not used for fucking bitches. He laughed and said you also become my bitch no no my keep, my prostitute, vaisya, sult…do you want new bed. I said yes…He tied my hands and goes out and ordered all workers to go back to home and come back on tomorrow. Their brothers came forwards and asked what you doing? He said brothers wait….after few minutes he said, brothers, we were planning to trap my sister in law and fuck her…do you all remember…all said yes yes. Now its time, come I will show the hot virgin prostitute. One of his brother said don’t use such words on her. She is so nice hot fucking babe. MY BIL said, she is real bitching brother ready get taste all our dicks. All said is it?? He said yes….all in loud voice said wow….let us see the fucking beauty…no no….bitch…one brother said no no she is our keep…one said no no we will make her prostitute…

I was shocked to listening to all their words…and was laying on table…all came inside and saw me naked, later everyone started praising me in their imagination. Someone praised on my waist someone on my flat and nice butter tummy, someone praise on my well-shaped round boobs…some praised on my neat and clean pussy, some praised on my bum…it was going on…My BIL said guys..its not time to praise her…it’s time to enjoy sweet 18 Bitch and her holes…all said yes…take her to inside. BIL said not inside but outside…that is why I asked everyone go out of work.

All were cheered and took me to the shed where bed was kept and BIL came on me started kissing hard my lips and started open my mouth then started spitting in my mouth, asked me to drink it…one by one all started opening my mouth and started spitting in my mouth. I ate all their spit again it was BIL time came on my mouth and asked his brothers to hold my legs and hands and hold hairs so tight so that I can’t move my head….all obeyed his brother words…two held my legs, two held my hands and one pulled my hairs and kept me not to move even a inch. My BIL sat on face and started rubbing his anal point on my face, later showed his balls in my mouth and asked to suck it harder. I did whatever he said. One after one all started rubbing anal on my face.

It went about an hour….again all started fill my mouth with spit and gargled water. All released me but in law fall on my body so hard that I was not breath properly for few seconds, later he started raising one leg and then insert his huge dick but it was not going Inside as his dick was very huge…he then released me and lift my both legs and try inserting but it could not going inside as I was virgin and was having tight pussy. But his brothers gave him hard push which tore my hymen and started bleeding, all are cheered for broking hymen and he started fucking harder and faster…I was not able to control and started begging mercy because of pain…and my noise was going louder then it turns to moaning like ah ah haaa … ummmma … ufff … ammmaaa ….. please don’t leave me…. ah ah ah ahhaa ….ufff ….fuck me don’t show me any mercy…ammaaa …. I was telling that Akka, nin tullu jagadalli nanna tullu ide kane please forgive me(Sister inplace of your pussy they got my pussy, please forgive me).

My BIL was very strong person he banged me for about 1 hour and then released his semen inside my pussy and took his dick showed it in mouth and asked to clean it. I did as told. At the same time I try to check my blood dripping pussy but shocked to see there is no blood in that point…after that one by one all his brothers fucked me and it went till 4.30 in the evening…But at the end of the day till my last fuck no one observed that father of my BIL is watching all of us getting fucked and fucked. When we all got up and I was not able to manage myself because of continuous fuck I was like dead body.

All were bend their head, FIL said, never seen such teen and hot bitch in my life, let me see how much she gave pleasure this night. I want this bitch for this night, my son mange your wife. BIL said tell your sister that you are going to be in Farm house this night and will be staying with FIL as there is cow which is going to give a birth to baby calf and which I wanted to see. I told as he said and stayed back.

His father orders his sons to clean me and clean the bed and arranged the first night back ground. Two took me to bathroom and help me take bath and gave me hot water bath. After that I felt some where I relaxed and was in deep sleep. When I woke up I found the cot with new bed, flower, sticks, fruits, sweets, bride dress (blouse and long skirt), thongs and lace blouse.

FIL came inside and said this is for me and you are going to enjoy real hard fuck. One more thing, I want to fill your all holes…You will not be having sleep in night for till you are here. I will explain the rest of my fuck in next part

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