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I’m back with feel good story, those who not came across with my stories for them I’m going to introduce again. This is Hemanth from Hyderabad if you want to know more about me then jump to my previous stories (I don’t like to waste your time so that I said like that), I hope you like them please give feedback on those stories. In this story I’m expressing the fun happened between me and my uncle’s daughter when we are in school.

Her name is Vineeta, good looking brownish colour, long hairs, growing body, both are same in same height but she is lean and I’m perfect weight to my height. I attend tuition in uncle house (my father and vineeta father are best friends, uncle is govt. Teacher) as I was not good at studies in school, It was routine for me in tuition 10 students are there in that 6 girls and 4 boys, vineeta and her sister mouni also come for tuition (we sit in open place under the tree in their house) we all are good friends in that age I don’t know what exactly sex means but I have feelings like my dick stands 90 deg. sometimes (I don’t know at that time for what it is standing like that), i feel like to kiss girls, suck boobs, see pussy bla bla…

On Sundays also we attend for tuition but as we complete our work in Saturday itself, so we use to play in Sundays. Like that it was going on but on one Sunday my feelings are out, in our group I’m the eldest one after vinneta only and remaining all are younger to us. In childhood we play hide and seek, kabbadi some other games like that, so we are playing hide and seek game (in this game police should caught all thief’s, we try to escape from police) also called as thief and police, if any thief is find by police then he will become police and he should caught thief’s it continues like that.

Game started after finishing 10mins. Game I tried to hide in bathroom, to my shock when I went to bathroom inside already Vinni is there (I call Vinneta as Vinni). I was shock she kept hand on my mouth to don’t make any noise and saying please don’t talk police may find us, we both getting sweat I looking to her and she too started looking to my eyes. In game if police find any thief all thief’s also should gather once and again we should go to hide from police. So police find theif and we all should gather, all are calling us name for that we came out to this world and we went out. From that situation we are going to same place why we don’t know I felt that is the safe place, mouni also came once we 3 people are there vinni is standing beside me touching her body to me and I too started touching her and I put my both hands on her shoulders she said nothing our heart beat increased and pulse rate is increasing, our hearts beating fast we looked each other, when I’m going to move my bottom to her ass they all called our names soon we went, that day went like that.

From that day, when we play we do like that and in tuition also we sit side by side and chit chat bla bla…. days passed on one day when we are playing hide and seek, we both went to bathroom soon when I saw her I started hugging her, starting she tried to loosen her from me but later she to hug me. We hugged tight and I’m caring her ass with hands, rubbing her ass and lifted her, she was in shock and pushed me and ran away. I got worried lot what happens? She will tell to uncle or aunty? But to my luck nothing happened from that day she is not talking with my like before and not even sitting beside me in tution hours. I tired lot to become normal and make her normal, after 2 months she behaved normal wow I’m happy with her she moves very friendly. We didn’t that game again as our final exams are near we concentrated on studies and finally we completed our exams successfully. In holidays, no tuition even though I went to uncle home to talk with there family and spend my time with that family as in my house I get bored. Nothing happened wrong in holidays as we don’t remember about that, we are moving in a healthy relationship no bad intentions on us.

After a year, in these year I went many times to their house and I even saw her in bottom nude like after bath she came out with top cover until knees and wipe her hair with towel but I didn’t had any bad intention on her. Our relationship continued i tried once to kiss her but failed, when I went to her house she is alone and looks sexy in shorts and t-shirt. I hugged her she pushed me and nothing she said and went to other room I followed her she closed the door, I waited for 10min.s I called her many times but she responded like please go I will not come, I leaved her house.Years passed we are not in contact because I went to hostel and only uncle is in contact I asked about vinni he said that she is studying well, we talk only about studies. I joined in bachelors; I was no more contact to her after 3 years shock to me….. She is also joined in my college (luck, because she not qualified her exam due to medium effect, our faculty is relative for them so faculty suggested to join in our college) but streams are different. After many years we got in contact, we don’t remember much about such kinky (fun) things which we had in childhood, generally we are talking we exchanged our id’s and numbers and started chatting. Soon we became close as we are friends in childhood, we shared all I shared my secrets too like girl friend,

Vinni -don’t have any boy friend.

I-teased her like don’t worry vinni I’m there for you.

Vinni -stop kidding idiot

Like that, our relationship is back and happy on one day I asked

I –Vinni can I ask one question?

Vinni –ask

I –you should not feel bad or you should not stop talking to me

Vinni –ok, sure

I –did you have any idea which we did in childhood

Vinni –nope

I –sure

Vinni –ya, what we had tell me? If you have any idea?

I –nothing I had

Vinni –then why you asked? Will you tell me or not?

I –ok, we enjoyed in playing games hide and seek, I even hugged you in your house

Vinni –really? I don’t have much idea? I think I’m child at that time so I not remembered all

I –hooo, ok (in sad)

Vinni –ok what else bla bla………

After many days I forget to say uncle are shifted to my hometown to Hyderabad for children studies and he to transferred. I started attending to house also in college and house and in phone all these media’s made us to move close and became very close. We share all what happened every day in our life, no bad intention have between us, we went movies, hangouts when we are bored our relationship is strong now.

On one day, we went to *****, were water games are there we enjoyed lot accidentally we hugged rubbed hard, my cock change its size I don’t whether she find out that are not and I don’t know whether she had any feelings like that. After days passed on one day vinni called me to home, I reached home no one is there in home all went to some trip for 2 days.

I –Why you not went vinni

Vinni –I had interview tomorrow

I –ok, tell me any problem

Vinni –nope, why you asked me like that

I –nothing you asked to me come right

Vinni –idiot I’m alone boring

I –ok tell me what we done

Vinni –you tell me

Bla bla…… happened

As she sat on floor and I sat on chair she wore T-shirt it is clear to me her structure and cleavage, accidentally I was caught to her after many views ( I was staring at her body),

Vinni –idiot go out

I –why?

Vinni –what you did?

I –nothing watching TV

Vinni –achaa good please get out

I –why idiot what I did say?

Vinni –what you looking


Vinni –hooo nothing then that? I saw your watching me

I –I watch you too when you’re talking to me I should watch to you right

Vinni –yes, but you looked in different way and staring at my body

I –as I was frank I said sorry vinni

Vinni –as she know about me, she took light and we continued

As she looks pretty today openly I said Vinni you looking good abba, what’s the reason?

Vinni –nothing, took head bath, so it may look different

I –may be I don’t know exactly

We are watching TV, remote is in my hand I’m surfing channels and I like English movies so we are watching romantic scene came I saw her she is watching screen only after long 2 mins of continuous seeing her, she looked at me and said idiot why you looking at me

I –you are looking

Vinni –stop idiot, lets have lunch get up wash your hand

I get up and followed her and hugged from back, she said stop hemo what happened again, I’m not in a situation to listen and starting kissing her neck now she stopped talking and started enjoying my move. I licked her neck and made totally wet, her neck is red with my sucking and eating my teeth marks also there on neck. Now she is screaming I took chance and started kissing on face soon she responded well we started kissing her forehead, chicks, ears, nose and looking at her she closed her eyes when I stopped kissing her she opened her eyes then I kissed on her lips she looking at my eyes, our eyes met soon she closed her eyes and enjoying kiss, kissed for 10min.s I lifted her and took to bedroom and started kissing on her neck from back and pressing her boobs she is screaming heart beating increasing. I biting her neck for which she is saying please haaaa hemo please bite slowly, after sucking her neck for 5mins

I left and went to her boobs pressing them from top it was really smooth I never touched such boobs ever, soon opened her t-shirt, she is with inner wears I cared her body on inner wears itself I kissed on armpits and licked them for that she is shaking her body with Goosebumps I caught her hand and licked sucked them hard I even bite skin over armpits with her sounds I got full in mood and opened her short and now she is only in inner wears I pressed all parts and licked her body. Tried to open her inner wears with my teeth and finally I succeed opened her inner wears she is nude little dark at pussy area. She opened my dress and she too tried to open my inners with teeth but it was not opened so she removed with hands now we both are in nude, we kissed and licked our bodies with my tip of tongue at all parts went to neck started licking, kissing and sucking her neck she is screaming like haa haaaa haaaa na her heart beat started increasing her body is shivering and moving like snake.

I went to armpits slowly I licking and sucking it tastes salty but i like that different taste slowly massaging her boobs it was in perfect shape i licked lot started kissing her nipples and biting slowly she is feeling that pain and enjoying that kind of pain, started sucking slowly increased my speed and rubbing her boobs she is in pain saying please leave me it hurting lot please I didn’t listen to her had sucked her mango and made them red.

She got angry on me and started beating me she is in hurry with angry sat on my stomach and pinching my nipples, stomach and making me to hurt and then she was cool and started enjoying my body with lot of kisses, she licked like dog I really enjoyed with her she eaten my armpits I love it went to cock and she given kiss, started licking slowly and sucking she felt it was like banana, lollipop and sucked for 8min.s and we went to 69 position which favourite to me I kissed licked her whole bottom part, she licked and biting my ass and she is sucking my dick I was about to cum, but I enjoying that move and I was about to cum she left my dick and I cummed we lost our energies we took rest for 30min and we had food I feed food to her and I too had.

We slept for 2 hours I woke up she is in still sleep I started enjoying her body I licked her whole bodies when I’m licking her pussy with that pleasure she is moaning haa hmmm haaaa hmmm with that sounds I got in full mood and kept my cock at pussy and tried to insert it was very tight as she is virgin after long effort for 5 mins with her help I inserted my dick in her pussy but she is shouting with pain like stop it I can’t take it anymore further, remove it please. Control vinni later you will enjoy this pleasure,

After 5 mins it was easy for me I fucking her she is moaning with opened mouth what a expression ha hmmm nooo hemooo haaaa hmm haaa haaaa with loud I increased my speed and started fucking her in missionary position for 4mins and then changed to doggle style and fucked hard by changing different positions for 20mins she is screaming and shouting ha haaaa haaa hmm yes yaaaa hmmm by seeing her face expression in sexy way and that sounds, words I cummed soon on her ass. We took rest for 10min.s and again started next round and then went to bathroom and fucked there also, we bathed together and later in evening I left her house. From that day onward, we started enjoying lot we moved like husband and wife, we roamed overall city on my bike we had lot of fun.

She said later that she had idea what we did in childhood, we are happy with our relationship. I hope you guys enjoyed with my narration hope to be happened soon in my life, I didn’t took Vinni’s virginity because she just want oral sex from me, she would like to keep her virginity for her husband I expressed because to make to happy and enjoy with my feelings.

Please give your valuable feedback on this story if possible so read my previous stories too; I narrated many stories by that you people can understand how much passion I had on sex. Waiting for healthy relationship, don’t hesitate to ping me I don’t think in a bad way. We have a right to do whatever we like and willing to do. Trust me (this is the only word I can say) Opening ourselves is not mistake I think so. I’m the guy who came from good family just due to interest in sex I started reading following ISS, by reading all these stories I got inspired to put and share my feelings with you. So I became an author and posting my feelings. *Stories which I posted in ISS is just my narration not happened in my life {waiting for you friend (ISS reader)}.


Sending off – waiting for your valuable feedback and feelings.

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