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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope everyone is doing well. I am great fan of ISS and love to read other’s experiences. If any lady interested in discreet relationship or massage then email me at [email protected]. I want to share one of my experiences which happened around 6 months back. My Name is Aditya, I am currently working in a MNC and located in Singapore. I am writing this for the first time and would like to apologize for any mistakes.

When I came here around 5 years back I was amazed with the amount sexiness present in this country and the way Ladies carry what they wear. I was really happy to be placed here, as usual didn’t get much attention from local women as I am average looking. Another thing that I noticed that everyone here is very workaholic and spend most of their time in the Office. It took me some time to get used to the local working style.

Everything was going on smoothly till one day I had an interaction with a Girl in the Partner Team, she is beautiful but there was something different about her which struck my eyes. Her name is Stella (Name Changed) and has a figure of 32-28-36, she is a local and has an amazing smile.

After that we met few times because of work and had lot of interactions but most of it was related to work. One fine day we had a meeting with one of our Customer and had to travel to , I called and asked how she was planning to go to the Customer site ? she said that she was going to go from her home. I took the train and reached the customer site. I go to the meeting room and see her sitting alone and waiting for everyone to arrive.

She waved and then when I entered she gave me a warm hug which took me by surprise but I accepted that and embraced her. I touched her waist line and was mesmerized how soft it was. Slowly customer came and we discussed and bid them goodbye. She asked if I would like to have coffee and I readily agreed to it.

We went to the coffee shop downstairs, ordered and sat down to discuss about Customer’s requirement. Then we started discussing about other things, and then I came to know that she is 38 years old and married. I was surprised and expressed it to her.

Me: Are you serious?

Stella: Don’t joke man, I know that I look Ugly

Me: I am seriously surprised that you are 38 years old, you look quite younger than that. I must say you are quite beautiful.

Stella: Shy Smile: Thanks

Me: You are welcome.

We sat there for few hours and spoke about all kinds of stuff and didn’t know when clock ticked 7 PM. It was getting late for us and then we bid goodbye and walked our ways to home. We kept in constant touch for the reminder of the Project and finally won the Coined the deal.

We were really happy about and were a good cause for Celebration. We organized a party for the whole team at a bar which was going to start at 7 PM. I called my wife and informed that I would be late due to the celebration.

I don’t consume alcohol and was drinking mocktail and she was drinking red wine. She enquired about why I was drinking mocktail and I told that I don’t consume Alcohol, which she made fun off by saying that I am small Kid.

Party lasted for 2 hours as next day was working slowly everyone started to leave. I enquired as to how she is going and she said that she will drive, then she said : oops I can’t drive as I am drunk, would it be possible for you to drop me ? I agreed to it. We moved together towards the parking and located her car. I took the wheel and buckled her up beside me. I asked her about her address and fed that into the GPS.

We did not talk much on the way as I was trying to concentrate on the driving and she was smiling the whole journey. I forgot to mention that she was wearing a short black formal dress which was nicely showing off her toned legs, and the show was giving me tingles down my underwear.

We reached her home in 20 minutes and as a good gesture I asked if she will be able to walk to her apartment or need my assistance. She said that her husband is not home and it would be better if I could walk with her. I helped her to unbuckle and accidently touch her boobs which she didn’t mind at all.

We took the lift and stopped on 5th floor. She unlocked the door and invited me inside. I went in and sat in the living area which was quite good looking. She asked me if I would need some coffee and I accepted the offer.

She came back with 2 cups of coffee and sat just opposite to me. I was getting a nice view of her pink panties and it was very difficult for me to make eye to eye contact with her. I also noticed that she was trying to twitch her neck every now and then and I asked if it was paining. She said that it has been paining from few days and she was thinking of going for a Professional Massage.

I asked if I can help and she reluctantly agreed to it. I kept the coffee mug on the centre table and went behind her and started to massage her neck slowly. I almost got a shockwave when I first touched her neck, had never touched such soft skin. I asked her if she was getting some relief and she just shook her head in affirmation.

I would have done it for 5 minutes and heard little moans, then I started massaging her head slowly and her moans were getting a bit louder. I loved the feeling and my dick was giving me grand salute from below.

I asked if I should stop but she asked to continue. I said if she wants I can give her a body massage and waited for her answer. She paused for a sec and said that she would like to go for it. I advised her to change to something comfortable and lie down on the carpet below. She went inside her bedroom and came back wearing a night gown and by the looks of it I felt that bra was absent. I could see her hard nipples popping out of her satin gown.

I advised her to lie down on the carpet facing down. I started with her back and was going until her protruding ass. I could hear her moans and they were getting louder and louder.

I then started to massage her lower logs and played a bit with her feet, my urge to fuck her was uncontrollable now and my dick ready to tear my pants. She was enjoying the touch and massage and not saying a single word.

Then I slowly started massaging her thighs and her pink panties were on view. I could see a small patch at the glory hole. I started touching her inner thighs till the crotch area and she was not objecting at all which gave me confidence to advance. I asked if she can take of the gown and she just removed it in a jiffy facing away. Now she was just in her skimpy pink panties which were unable to contain her heavy ass.

Now I kept my hand on her ass and waited for her reaction but she did not react at all. I climbed on top of her and started massaging her ass slowly and she was constantly moaning with pleasure.

I slowly parted her panties and her saw her hairless dripping pussy for the first time. I touched her pussy lips and saw her shiver. She was extremely wet down there; I massaged the pussy lips for some time and then inserted my middle finger into her pussy. Can’t describe how hot she was. I kept fingering her for some time and I saw her shudder and she had her first orgasm. She lay idle for some time and turned over to face me, we had an eye contact and she was smiling in pleasure. I lifted her up and kissed her passionately which she accommodated quite nicely.

We kissed for about 5 minutes and I held her handful tits and sucked her brown half inch nipples for some time. Then she said that this is not fair, I asked what? I am naked and you are all dressed up?

After saying she undressed me hurriedly. She took my dick in hand and said wow that’s a nice prick you have and took it into her mouth. She was nicely stroking it and sucking it from tip to balls. I couldn’t control it anymore and unloaded in her mouth, which she readily drank.

I told her that now it’s my turn and took off her panties and started licking her pussy. She was moaning ahhh … ahhh …. ahhhh …. yes … oh…. amazing, fuck where were you all this while… and forced my face into her crotch. I was licking her clitoris and inserted my middle finger into her and was fingering her which continued for some time.

Meanwhile my dick was ready for the action, I wore dotted condoms and slowly inserted my dick in missionary pose and she gasped. I started with slow strokes and then increased my pace, we continued for good 10 minutes and then we changed into doggy position. We kept fucking for another 20 minutes and we both had our second orgasm.

It was an amazing feeling; we lay down for an hour or so. She said that it was the best fuck of her life.

I asked her permission to leave, but she requested me to stay whole night. I called my wife and informed that I would be staying at a friend’s house tonight and would return in the morning.

We fucked for 2 more times in the night and slept naked. In the morning we had a quick session and I left for my home. After this incident we are still fucking around whenever we get a chance.

It’s nice to share my experience with you all and I would request you to provide feedback/suggestions. I will try to share my other experiences as well.

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