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In my previous story I had written how Senthiani Bandarwal was fucked with her daughter Kitti by chodu khan. Senthiani Bandarwal had a cousin sister named Fusichatsenthi who has turned a whore and married in the same Bandarwal family.

The mother of Fusichatsenti was a great whore. She used to call several man to fuck her in her own house that to in presence of her small kid. The kid was called Muni but when she was seven years old a man came withhis penis full of Smegma.

Probably he had not washed his penis since ten days. He asked Muni to lick his smegma but when the kid took her mouth near it due to very bad smell she refused but that man gave her a very strong slap to which she even could not cry for a moment but later on cried helpless.

Her mother asked her to lick his penis and out of fear she could not do anything. That man asked her very harsh to lick saying Fusi chat Senthi mean lick my smegma you pussy.

Her mother was very much fascinated by that calling and since they all used to call the kid by that name Fusichatsenthi and her mother used to remind her fucker the name and all used to call.

By her mother the kid’s name changed from Muni to Fusichatsenthi onher maturity that girl Fusichatsenthi married in Bandarwal family as her elder cousin sister Senthiani had married.

Her husband’s name was Pudiram Bandarwal but many people affectionately called him shortly Pudi Baal means pudi cunt ball pubes. Many others called him banduram huge penis pudi cunt.

He was working in a bricks factory where many woman labourers were working. Both the husband wife was fucking from their childhood and they became famous as very good fucker.

Fusichatsenti had many fucker with very long penis which she liked very much and she was fucking daily by two to three persons since her childhood and lost her virginity when she was just a twelve year girl but her body

I was like a young woman every man seeing her boobs were attracted towards her and when they used her pussy they desired to fuck her daily.

But she was very cunning and was not allowing anybody to squeeze her boobs except fondling gently so that it do not get loose. Shewas only allowing suck her heavy nipples.

After her marriage also many man were coming to her when her husband was in his work place. He was a supervisor in a bricks factory. He was going to his duty from 8 am and returning after 6 pm

There he used to fuck the female workers in seriatim irrespective of their age and they were also insisting him for the fuck. So he was not in a mood to fuck in his wife but as every husband fuck his wife so he was fucking his wife daily three times and satisfying her as far as he can but his wife was different.

She was never satisfied with her husband and was fucking with other man all the day as she was getting ample time for fucking with her regular customer and was earning a lot of money and gifts.

So there was sufficient money for her daily needs and purchase of gold etc. She had brought all the household necessities as dowry from her own earning as from her daily fucking with so many persons before marriage.

After marriage her husband fucked her thrice a night with his 8 inches penis but one of her fucker had a ten inch penis while the other had a nine inch rod.

She was not getting so much fuck from her husband as she was getting from her regular fucker.

She was taking contraceptive pills before marriage to avoid pregnancy but after her marriage she stopped taking the pills and within one year she was blessed with a daughter.

But to her luck her husband got injury while supervising in the bricks factory and with long treatment his wound recovered from his penis but it got damaged and he becomes important.

He was not aware that his wife is being fucked by several other men but out of pity one day he told her wife he will not mind if she fuck with other guy even in his presence.

Their daughter was growing and now a kid of seven years when she was enjoying fuck with her fucker her daughter was sitting with them and observing their huge penis entering her mother’s cunt.

The kneading of her boobs and sucking of her tongue and pussy and she was also enjoying asshole fuck and in the later days her daughter was being forced to lick her cunt and ass with the penis when they were spraying their juice and wetting their genitals.

All was going without knowledge of her husband. One day he again sympathize her and told if she require he may sent one of his worker who has a very long penis and is fucking daily four to five female worker.

He extolled his worker so much so that she agreed and he sent him the next day but by that time her regular fucker had also arrived. She convinced both to allow her to enjoy their so long penis in her both hole.

She gives both of them sufficient food but she took very little food least she may feel tired early as her main door used to remain closed all the time she took them to her bed and naked them.

She sat squatting naked and hold both the penis in her hands and sucked alternately from their penis balls to tips hole and after sucking for half an hour she asked the longest penis to lift her and fuck standing while she remain hanged in his neck.

The other man was told to apply sufficient oil in his penis and in her asshole and fuck. They fucked in this position for half an hour and she ejaculated five times while her daughter was asked to lick and swallow all her juice.

Sometimes one of them was sucking the child cunt lifting her to his shoulders. After that they fucked her lying on the bed in her cunt and mouth.

She was receiving the penis in her mouth in total though it was entering her throat in this position also they fucked half an hour and she was asked to be doggy but she expressed tiredness and one of them slept below her boobs

And sucked her udder like a calf giving jerks after jerks while the other man fucked her in her cunt and ass alternately and they turned the position and the other man fucked in her mouth and cunt one by one in this way anotherhalf an hour passed.

Lastly she collapsed but both the man fucked her till they ejaculate and lunged their sperms in her mouth while she shared with her child. Days passed on and her child grows like a beautiful young whore.

Her boobs were also like her mother very fleshy and round in shape as she had also learnt from her mother not to allow squeezing her boobs. Till date boobs of her mother was straight and tight.

Her nipples were lengthen by sucking which she allowed till satisfaction of the sucker then people coming to fuck her mother used to fuck her although her charge was thrice than her mother. She used to shave her pussy unlike her mother and was allowing licking and sucking her cunt all through the day.

Her labia became long to enter the mouth of the sucker like long choco bar. One month she failed to take contraceptive pills and got pregnant after which her father could know their affairs. He became happy as his daughter also turned to be a good pussy attracting several men and earning a lot.

He asked her if she will marry but she refused as she is getting sufficient fuck daily. Her father then took retirement and arrange fucker for her as a mediator. The art of fucking descend from generation to generation and that family were famous for fucking.

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