Galti Se Ghusa Lund, Choda Puri Raat

Hi everyone I’m samraat from delhi. A typical fun loving delhi guy with 22 years of age . I really want to share some best part of my life with u. I hope you will enjoy it.

So one day my cousin’s wife swati came to our home for a family function. She was was a very friendly and easy to talk girl. She was very attractive and her boobs can give anyone a boner.Beside devar bhabhi we were more like friends. She used to share everything with me.

It was little boring type family function but I was excited because of her. After the party bhaiya went for some office work but bhabi stayed for night. I was very happy and excited to know that.I was alone in my room and bhabi and my parents were in other room. Bhabi came in my room to give me a glass of milk.She was wearing a black nighty and I could see her cleavage. I was watching a movie that time

She entered “Kya kar rhe ho samraat akele akele.” ..I said. “Kuch nhi bhabi movie dekh rha tha.”.. She was verg naughty type and likes to tease me .

“Intni raat me kis type ki movie dekh rhe ho he bhi to batao’.She said with naughty smile.

Me ” jaisa aao soch rhe ho waisa kuch nhi h “.Then bhabi sat beside me and we satarted to talk about each others life. She was very frank and open minded.She asked me about my gf, I said yes I have .

Abhi tak kuch kiya bhi h ya aise hi .She asked holding my cheks .I replied .’mika milta to bhot kuch kr chuka hota bhabi”.She started to laugh.

She ” acha itna josh h ?”

Me “Han bhabi bhot try karna ho to lena kabhi” . We both start laughing.

She ” tumhare bhaiya to bas raat me aakr so hate h..Me jagati hu uthte hi nhi”.

Me “(mazaj me) to mujhe bula liya she said “Next time pakka hahaha” we were coming closer and closer while talking. I we started to touch and tap each other while talking. Then I holded her hand and lied in her lap. She was also very comfortable with it.I started to rub my hand on her sexy lap..Then slowly slowly my hands were reaching the base of her boobs

But she still didn’t said anything.

I said ” bhabi aapka figure bhot sexy h….Me bhaiya ki jagah hota to kabhi sota hi nhi”..Bhabi “Aacha ji to kya karte” ..I said ” bhot kuch” and grabbed her boobs saying that. Bhabi “Bhot shitaan ho tum”Me ” abhi aapne dekha hi kaha h”. We both lied next to each other fir sleep.

But my dick didn’t let me do so.nt said anything.Though I was doing all this but I was alsi afraid that she will get offended but looking her sexy figure I couldnt stop my self. I holded her tightly from back. I thought she is sleeping .Then slowly slowly I put my hand inside her panty and started touching her pussy.She still didn’t make a move.I was so horney that time that I put my cock out and inserted directly into her pussy.

Not she reacted .” ye kya kiya tumne?”.

I was so afraid . I thought she didn’t liked it and will tell everyone about this.

Me ” sorry bhabi …Wo ..Wo.. Galti se ghus gya land andar”.. Hearing this bhabi started tu laugh loudly..

Bhabi” mazak kr rhi thi me…Mujhe sab pta tha jo bhi tum kr rhe the… Buddhu lund kabhi se nhi ghusta h ..Ab daal hi diya h achhe se chodo muhhe. ..Heheh”

Me ” tumne to dara hi diya tha …Ab fikar mat kro aisa chodunga tumhe ki hamesha ye chudai yaad rahegi tumhe.”

Then I started to kiss her lusty lips passionately , lying on her . She wrapped her arms around me tightly.My hands were on ger ass .. Pressing it slapping it.

She removed my t-shirtAnd I removed ger nighty and bra.

I wasted no time to put suck those boobs and nipples . Her tight nipples were in my mouth and I was sucking it wildly. She ” aaram se samraat aaj raat me tumhari hi hu”…Then I went down kissing her..Her belly then her panty. I removed her pant with my mouth her pussy was so wet. I said ” bhabi you want me to lick it”. Bhabi ” haan samraat plz”

I licked her clit ..And she was moaning. Now I couldnt wait and put my cock inside her n satrted to thrust her…She ” aah..Ah aram se samrat aaram se .” but I ddidnt stop and kept fucking her hard. It was my first time and feeling so pleasing to my cock… So I couldnt stop my cum filling her pussy. Bhabi told me not to cum inside but I couldnt stopped my self.

Bhabi felt asleep then .But after few minutes my cock was hard again I woke up bhabi again.

Bhabi then grabbed my cock and started stroking it ..Then bhabhi put my cock inside her mouth and started to suck it .

Her lips were wrapped around my cock and my cock was all wet with her saliva. Must say had great bj skills. Now I wanted to fuck her in my fav position “Doggy style”

She bent in doggy style for me and I grabbed her ass sliding my cock deep inside her. Ohh it felt great.

My one was holding her shoulder to thrust her back and one hand grabbing her butt . I slapped her white ass , spanked it..Making it red. She was moaning loudly and enjoying alot. She said ” ohh samraat ..Chodo mujhe ..I didn’t know that u can be so great in fucking”.This time she came early.

But my cock was still hard .

She started to suck my cock again. She took my whole cock inside her mouth .Choking on it. Then shoot my load inside her mouth .It was great moment for me .

That night I fucked her 4 times..She became tired but still denied because she also getting the fuck of her life . Though I also wanted to fuck her ass hole also but she didn’t let me to so. Maybe next time when we meet I will her like ass fucking also.…

That’s it guys ..If wanna chat, ask or share anything with me ..I would love to hear from you.. [email protected]..

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