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Hai All ISS Readers, I am very New to this Sex stories and i had been reading all the stories from last 2 months Especially related to Gay Sex Stories…I dont know how many are true…… But i would like to put my story which will reflect my feelings towards this…….No……… I dont know that i had love feelings towards gays sex or just sex… But i am pretty sure that i have got feelings towards sexxxxxxxxxxxxx……..

To describe my self, i am arun 5.7 ht and slim personality in Bangalore…,,,,, And as stated by many writers……. Yes i do have got those feelings……

Well To start my Story…… I am not a Gay basically….. But really desperate to have some Sex,,,,,, I use to watch many pron sites and like to masturbate myself all the day when i am alone…… I love to imagine myself in several ways but haven’t started imagining as one who loves to do sex with males until this incident took place……Well i live in Hyderabad (but now in Bangalore) in a single room which i took for rented…..

I do masturbate but after masturbation i do get feelings that,,, am i wasting time for just this 2 min of happiness.. this is just to brief my feelings…

Well, i do stay with one of my younger cousin who is as well slim as me. , I was 26 and he is 23.. I have the habit of boozing and on one weekend i brought some Liquor and started boozing and it was around 9 in my room…

My cousin (raghu),,, he too want to taste it and he expressed that he wants to drink,,, so we started drinking (Royal Stag) and played some horror movie. (As you all know that horror movie contains some hot scenes i used to enjoy it)….

And we completed boozing by 10:30 with lots of chit chats.. (not on sex of course)…….,,,,,, After watching the movie, i was little bit horny and i was just waiting for my cousin to go to sleep so that i can masturbate my self and sleep well……

Well we both went to bed and to say about my room,, it was a 1 bed room with a kitchen and toilet…And we have two beds one for me and one for my cousin…. and he kept on chatting with me ,,,,,,,, Where i got bored and left to sleep,,,,,,,,,

But later in midnight i got wake up to piss and completed and came back to bed… while turning off the lights i had observed his erected dick…….This is the first moment where i got a view of a male aroused dick……,,,,,, But of course i never though of having sex,,,,,,,,

And at some time in sleep, he kept his hand on my dick. My Dick got erected to 90 Degrees.

My cousin gunned towards me in full boozed state and i am sure that he is not in intention of sex but had been dreaming of some horny moments in his dreams.I was in unknown state,, but just took some courage to turn towards him but do nothing.. His hand was now on my back and its just like we are sleeping by hugging each other…..

I just moved little bit towards his and i could feel his breath out air on my chest….

Believe me or not, this was the first time i ever hugged a gal or boy….. But i was aroused like anything….All sexy thoughts were running in my mind….. But suddenly some thing came on my mind that its sin, so i turned to other direction and was trying to get sleep,

At some time, he kept one of his leg on me and his dick was toching my back… (its all that he was in sleep and not done intentionally)…

Now i could feel his dick moving slightly. Unintentionally i moved my ass little bit back so that his dick can touch my ass cheeks fully..Wow what a feeling he is hugging me from back…I could not control my feelings i again turned towards his face and now the position is like we are hugging and sleeping..My dick started touching his dick as well. After getting much confidence that he is in deep sleep i moved little bit forward and hugged him… A great feeling,, which i could not forget till day.

I placed my hand on his ass and started caressing. Probably this made him to wake up.. but he started enjoying without making any moments..His breathing speed is increased and i could feel the warmth on my chest.. Suddenly he hugged me tightly and crossed his legs around me.

Now this made me horny as well i started feeling that it was a wrong thing. But he started moving his hand on my ass which made me much horny.

I took the Action and kissed him on his lips. To my surprise he parted his lips and started playing with my lips,, This is the first time i amever tasking a guys or gals lips….

I suddenly got scared and stopped doing.. He whispered in my ears that,,, Anna it was good while u r doing this…. Lets just hug and sleep.I got much courage now and hugged him tightly. I took his cock in my hand and started moving it back and front He did the same as well. He came down and sucked my cock and i did as well.He turned back showing his back towards me on bed, then i started kissing his neck and pumping my cock on his ass.(No Anal)…after 1 min i cummed… later,,,, i showed my buttons and he did the same……

This was my first experience and of course we do enjoy but no anal…I am not sure if u might like my story, but this is what i had experienced.

If you want to share just mail me at [email protected]…

Thanks, Bye

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